Copic Marker Announcement and Giveaway


I’ve got some cool Copic news and a giveaway today! But, first, this is a card that was recently published in CardMaker’s Sketch Book: Christmas Celebration. I love this gnome image from Kim Hughes‘ set, Forest Friendzy. He’s colored with Copic Markers (YG93,YG95, R59, E31, E34, E00, E02 andW1). This Sketch Book is a great idea resource with tons of beautiful samples. I was very excited to be a part of the book.

I’m posting really late this evening. I’m usually up late, but tonight I returned home from a few days of meetings at Copic’s North American headquarters, Imagination International Inc. (Triple I, as Marianne likes to call it!)  Great discussions, good friends, a visit to the warehouse to see all those markers and an opportunity to meet the wonderful folks that work so hard at Copic, including the ROCKSTARS who focus on packing orders and shipping product. (Debbie has a few pictures. :))  Many thanks to the wonderful staff for their warm hospitality.

On with the announcements, right? Copic is excited to announce their 2010 Blog Team, as well as Regional Copic Certification Instructors.

Copic Blog Team now includes:

Debbie Olson
Michelle Wooderson
Sharon Harnist
Sherrie Siemens
Sally Lynn MacDonald

Copic Certification Regional Instructors-US:
Northwest: Sherrie Siemens / Marianne Walker
Southwest: Marianne Walker
Northern Midwest / Chicago: Kathy Sanders
Central Midwest: Lori Craig
Southern Midwest: Sharon Harnist
South: Colleen Schaan
Northeast: Sally Lynn MacDonald

Copic Certification Regional Instructors- Canada:
Western Canada: Sherrie Siemens
Eastern Canada: Sally Lynn MacDonald

Debbie Olson & Marianne Walker

I’m excited that I will be teaching several Copic Certifications in the coming year, mainly in the Midwest.  If you are interested in receiving information about any upcoming certification classes in your area of the country, you can sign up at Marianne’s blog (large green box on her right sidebar).


So, what you really want is the info on the awesome Copic giveaway, right? To celebrate the new team, we each have some blog candy to give away!  Winner gets their choice of either an ABS-1:

or their choice of any 12 Sketch Colors!!

Nov09-12 new sketch

Please leave us a comment letting us know either:
1. How you use Copics
2. Which Copic products you use
3. Why you love them or why you wish you had Copics

There will be 2 ways to win:

1. One winner from each blog will be randomly chosen.

2. In addition, we will be reading through comments as well. If we find a testimonial that we really like, we will contact that person to use their story for our CHA booth. You would then be given an equal prize to the random winners!

Make your comments good! There will be 2 or 3 “comment” winners chosen total. These will not be announced right away (please give us a little time to read through them all!).

Blogs to visit:

Marianne Walker
Debbie Olson
Sherrie Siemens
Sally Lynn MacDonald
Sharon Harnist
Lori Craig
Colleen Schaan
Michelle Wooderson

I will be taking entries here on my blog until this Saturday, November 14 at 8pm CST and I’ll post the winner soon thereafter.  Please note, we’ve each set our own blog giveaway cut off times, and they will vary by person. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about your Copic products … Good Luck!!

417 responses to “Copic Marker Announcement and Giveaway

  1. I have long since admired the beautiful results you can achieve when colouring images with Copic markers and am getting very close to purchasing a set! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, Lori!

  2. I can imagine you were “in heaven” seeing all those Copics at one place…like a dream come true! I don’t own any Copics..yet…I would love to get some before the Holidays and try my hand at it….my friend keeps incouraging me to “jump in” and give it my best…..she just recently started herself….but we too far apart for me to try hers…..I would be “honored” to win a set and learn how to use these…I have seen so many wonderful cards with these…thanks for the chance!

  3. I have been watching Copics for about 2 years and finally took my first plung and purchased 6…now I want more! I would love an airbrush…and I would share my new found love with my friends because it is all about the sharing!

  4. Hi.
    So great give-away.
    I have been a sworn Copic fan.
    Do not hold on so long with the ink, but have become totally dependent on them.
    I spend most Copic Sketch –
    Really like these because of the brush tip.
    Also there is so much nice colors.

    HegeT, Norway

  5. Hi Lori,
    Your cards are a real inspiration to me as I live in a small village with no acess to craft classes.
    I am learning watercolour painting from a DVD and how to go from light to dark. Seeing all the beautiful colour shades of Copics I would love to give them a try…it’s just deciding which colourway to choose first.
    How lovely to have a chance to win some.

  6. Cute little gnome! Great card! It is near impossible to go wrong with a great stamp and copic markers! I love to color the stamped images with my copics!

  7. Why do I love Copics? Because they give me the ability to color easily and are very forgiving. The fine tip makes it effortless to color in tiny areas and shading becomes rewarding. I nearly always use only my Copics, now, because I can achieve the results I want that other coloring mediums did not allow.

  8. I’m an art supply junkie, if it paints, draws or colors, I must have it!

  9. The Copic markers are wonderful. The colors all stay fresh and vibrant. I just keep looking for more things to color.

  10. I love the video tutorials! I have just started playing with my goodies and I LOVE learning from the greats.

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  11. Your card is just Adorable, I love it!

    I would be in seventh heaven to win a set of copics because I do not have any. And I sooo wish i did. I read alot of blogs and love the artwork done with copics, they’re awesome. I have not seen a copic in real life, but I would really love to, as I love to colour. Thanks for the chance.

  12. what a sweet card! Do you ever come to Nebraska to do classes?

    I only have a few copics. I used them for coloring stamped images, but have been inspired to try them on ribbon as I have seen Michelle W. do and love that I can create my own colored ribbon to match my project!

    Thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize!

  13. I have never used copic markers but have seen the beautiful creations from Debbie and want to learn to color like her! I like the idea that more instructors will be available across the country. So maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to take a class or two. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Although I do not have many, I find myself reaching again and again for my Copic Sketch markers to add dimension to my cards. I just LOVE them!! I appreciate the opportunity to add more Sketch markers to my collection! Thanks!

  15. Wow, what a wonderful Card. I love my Copics so much. I use the Sketch and the Ciao, at last i color with prismacolors. But the copics have so many wonderful colors, i can’t have enough from all :-)))…

    Big Hugs

  16. I love the sketch markers!! I love how you can just have even one marker and do shading with it…but I love all the oclors that copics offers in the sketches so I HAVE to have them ALL! LOL! One of these days, lol!!

    Your little gnome is just adorable! Such fantastic coloring Lori!

  17. I’ve noticed that every time I am drawn to a card on the blogs that I visit the coloring if always done with Copics. The richness of the colors and the blending produce such a work of art. It’s almost as if I can reach out and touch the cards on the computer screen because the Copics make them jump off the screen. I can only imagine what the images look like in reality because I do not own any Copics yet. I say yet because when I save enough money I am going to purchase a set and I can’t wait to start creating with them.

  18. What a wonderful offer! I love to color, & my copics make it sooo easy! No lines, like I have using water-based markers. No fancy techniques, just quick application of color, a little blending, & I’m done! So relaxing… I use the sketch markers, because I’m a little “detail-oriented” and like the way I can squeeze into tiny spots with the brush tip. Congrats Lori on this new achievement!

  19. Wow – look at all those copics!!! I LOVE my copics – they’re so versatile. You can color and blend, airbrush, color ribbon or prima flowers, and countless other techniques. They’re just plain awesome and one of the favorite tools in my crafting collection. I would love the ABS1!

  20. Congrats Lori on your “teaching tour”!! Your card is absolutely adorable!
    I joined the Copic world several months ago. Even though I am a hobby crafter (rubber stamper), I loved them so much, I took the Certification course so I could learn EVERYTHING I could about these fabulous markers! Sketch markers are my favorite as they are easy to hold and fit in the Copic Airbrush system, which I also use. The Copic gradient system is so user friendly. It takes the guesswork out of what to use to attain the right shading and hues on your card or project.

  21. It would be great to learn how to use these fabulous markers! I have not yet been able to invest in any, so to win some would be such a nice treat.

  22. Copic markers are the bomb diggity to me! I was first introduced to them over the summer while living in Anchorage, Alaska. From the very first mark on the page, I was hooked! I so want to become certified and can’t wait to take another class using these fantastic markers!

  23. I love Copic because of the color possibilities! I love how I can blend colors to achieve such a dimentional effect. Your blog is so helpful and such great instructions!

  24. Congratulations on your card publication…it’s adorable.

    I don’t own any Copics but I lurk on all the blogs that have tutorials on how to use them so that when the budget allows, I will have some idea of what to do.

    It’s amazing to see how they make images come alive! The shading possibilities, airbrushing option and the color choices are the best in the business.

  25. see mary stamp

    Copic Sketch are the marker of choice for me. I’m very new to them and am hungry for instruction of all type about how to tap into the endless possibilities they hold in store. Love the opportunity for increased personal instruction, in addition to the awesone online tutorials that already exist.

  26. Copic markers are my favorite colouring medium. I use classic, sketch and ciao markers and sometimes airbrush with them. The new serie of 0000 markers is not available overhere in the Netherlands. I would love to have them and use them for blending and skincolours or shadows. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Congrats to all the DT memebers!
    Love my copic markers!
    Got my certification last spring and then purchased my first 36 ciao set. Love them!

  28. I bought my first Copic markers 2 weeks ago. I bought 3 skin tone colors and a “0” blending marker. I just love the way they colored so smoothly and blended together. I was amazed that I had “NO LINES!” I have watched some of the Copic tutorials that are online so I am not so intimidated. I would love a chance to win some.

  29. I have just started with copics. I didn’t know where to start, so I joined a club where I get 6 markers each month that are chosen for their ability to blend well together. I am loving the rich, vibrant colors!

  30. I was a frustrated stamper trying to color with pencils. I just couldn’t give away those childish images. Then I tried sketch copics. I love the results. Now I send my cards with pride.

  31. Ronda Corriher

    I love my Copic Sketch markers! They color and blend so beautifully. I am slowly adding to my collection, but I have the basic colors for right now.

    Ronda C.

  32. I’ve never had or tried the Copic markers, but after reading the card making blogs, I’m thinking I’m really missing a wonderful opportunity to enhance my cards. When there’s been a stamp to color, I usually use my watercolors or colored pencils with mixed results. I’d love to be a winner, learn to use them, and become a Copic advocate!

  33. Every blog I visit I just want to get more markers in the colors that I see. So far I have 4 of them and can do anything I want as long as it is blue to aqua. ha ha. … hoping to add some greens to my life soon. Otherwise all my Christmas cards will have to be snowflakes.

  34. I discovered Copic Markers in May of 2009. I’ve never looked back since! One copic creation and I was in love!
    The colors are so rich and vibrant! I have colored pencils, H20’s, etc..nothing can compare to the vibrant colors and shading you get with Copic Markers!
    I was so in love, in June of 2009 I started a group called Copic Buzz. Our group is now 345 members strong! We share information, our creative projects, color combos, anything Copic related you can find there!About a month after that our group started a challenge blog also called Copic Buzz. Yes, We are all hooked!

    I became a Copic Certified Designer in Oct 2009. Not because I wanted to teach but because I wanted to know all the little details I could learn! And..boy was it worth it!
    The minute I saw the Airbrush System in the class, well yep you can guess! I had to have that also! It is amzaing! I have said goodbye to all the dirty sponges and messy fingers I used to have!

    Why you ask do we love Copics..well besides the vibrant and rich colors, did you know you can color just about anything? Buttons, ribbon, metal, wood, fabric, you name it Copic Markers will color it!
    To show you what I mean, here is a card I created where all the embellishements are colored with Copic Markers!
    The button, ribbon, and pearls were all colored with my beloved Copic Markers!
    Isn’t it awesome that you can buy all white embellishments and simply color them with your Copics and the whole project will be color cordinated?
    Simply Amazing!

  35. I have been having a ball coloring in images for cards! I never like images that needed to be colored because they were so much work- now I enjoy it. Copic Makes it fun!

    Now that I’m “certified”, I am even teaching classes.

  36. Dolly/scrapthat

    Oh man your little fella is too cute!
    I don’t own any copics but I am really really wanting some because I have a ton of stamps that could use the bump up in color with these beautiful vibrant markers!

  37. I’m chalked out! I want to play with markers! I’m loving all the cards that I’m seeing that are colored with the Copics. I have not had a chance to try them yet. Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. How exciting!! Marianne mentioned that they’d be adding someone to manage part of the midwest – how wonderful that it’s you!! Congratuations!!

    And, BTW, I adore your card! Love that image and the coloring is fantastic!

  39. Congratualations, Lori! I’m so excited for you! Your card is absolutely gorgeous!!

  40. Love Copics!! I use them for coloring my stamped images. I’ve tried other markers but these work the best. I really want the new pastel colors. : )

  41. I love my Copic markers for coloring in my stamped images, but also for ribbon, etc. And who wouldn’t love to add to their stash of colors?

  42. WOW!! I am so happy that you are going to start classes for the midwest area. I am close to Wichita and have been so wanting to get maybe I can…A big Congrats to you are well for joining the Copic team…it has got to be amazing!!

  43. I never thought I would get the chance to win some of these great markers and now my chance is here. I haven’t really had the means to purchase these for myself, but I would truly love the chance to win to get my collection started. Thanks for the opportunity.

  44. Janice Whiting

    I am new to copic but once I saw how these amazing markers worked I was hooked! Ninety-something markers later I don’t regret the investment! I use my copic markers to color in line images for cards I make. I have sketch and ciao but prefer sketch since they have more colors! The thing I love best about these markers is their amazing blending capabilities that gives such depth to the image you color. AWESOME!!

  45. Just getting started with copics…what’s not to love. enjoy all the blogs and am amazed at the potential…..looking forward to have more time to learn blending techniques…………

  46. Congratulations Lori, I am so happy for you. What fun you will have. I love this card, so cute. Hope you had fun in Oregon. Besides the meetings and our rain, did you get a chance to see some of our beautiful State? I only have a few Copics, but would love to have more. My biggest fear is that I would buy them and never get very good at using them. I am a colored pencil girl and that took me a long time to learn to add depth thru layering, etc. Maybe Santa will bring me a few.

  47. What a cute card! I’ve only been using Copics for a couple of months and could use some instruction! I love the color selection but still need to master the art of color choices for blending. I also love how fluid the colors are to work with.

  48. I wish I had some. I am sure my projects would just look so much better with copics!

  49. I am a big stamper and I used to use colored pencils, watercolor pencils, etc which looked great but were a bit lackluster. I discovered Copics and I’m totally in love! They really make an image stand out and they are fun to use on top of it – I feel like a kid again waiting until I get the chance to color 🙂 I’m not an artist by any stretch but they sure make me feel like I am!

  50. OMG!! I totally love that card…that gnome is a definite must have. I love the soft color choices you made. I have to admit, being a guy, that I tend to use much darker colors…so I love checking out blogs to see what other people are doing, and hope to take more of a “can do” attitude towards softer color combos. Thanks and congratulations!

  51. I don’t have any copics yet, but I love the endless color combinations and how well they blend together.

  52. Copics are pure magic. I’m a relative newcomer to Copic markers, and it is simply amazing to me how easy it is to create one-of-a-kind images for my cards and layouts. Being able to coordinate stamped images to patterned paper is incredibly fun and addicting. It has added a whole new dimension to my papercrafting. Thank you Copic!

  53. Congrats, Lori. Hope you have a blast with your new position. Loving my Copics and look forward to my new purchases every month. I’ve replaced all my other markers with the sketch and couldn’t be more pleased.

  54. Yeah Lori! I am SOOOOOO excited that you are a teacher now! I just wished I lived close to you so I could take a class!!

    I first purchased a set of 12 Ciao to “get my feet wet” with Copics, and after a few attempts, decided to stay in my comfort zone of watercoloring.

    I finally decided to give Copics another try and I guess the second time was a charm! I LOVE my Copics and rarely make a card without them! I find myself, late at night, watching instructional videos on YouTube and I love to practice practice practice!!!

    SO happy for you!!!

  55. I only have 4 copics and they are not in the same color families, so I have not had the chance to learn how to blend. Since I am unemployed I really need to win some. I am tired of missing out on all the fun. Thanks for a chance to win.

  56. YEAAAA for you being an instructor! I may have to re-certify just to take one of your classes! wooHOO!
    Anyone who looks at my blog knows I rarely (and I mean rarely lol) create something without using Copics and/or Spica pens and the ABS. My job stresses me out at times and coloring is my therapy! Cheaper than a visit to the head Dr. :o)

  57. I love my Copic markers! I use Sketch, and they make me feel so happy (that’s what an addict always says). They just produce a nicer colour and blend than the other mediums I’ve tried!

  58. Oh I loved my copics and don’t know how I ever managed w/out them!
    I had about given up coloring images… but now…no streaking! And beautiful blending! Thanks COPIC!

  59. I use copics to color my illustrations. I also use them as a quick mock up before doing an image in Photoshop. I also love using copics for creating my own christmas cards. 😀

  60. I only have a couple of actual copics and I love that they are actually the color on the cap, they don’t leave lines in the coloring and they have the dual tips. I wish I had more copics because the color selection is so great and the light colors are especially nice to use!

  61. Tracey Kuzniak

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my Copic Ciao’s. I was introduced to them my by dear friend Kathy one month ago. She MADE me try hers….I had been resisting all weekend at our girls retreat…I was afraid to LOVE them and start a new addiction. Finally she got tired of my drooling over her shoulder at her amazing creations, so she told me to sit down, be quiet (not her exact words), and shoved one in my hand…..oh my, the rest is history. Thanks to her peer pressure…My name is Tracey and I am a Copic lover :)))

  62. Copic markers are great as they are so versatile and can be used in many different projects. The certification classes are great and all the tips from the blogs are extremely helpful.

  63. I love Copic markers because I can color in images and make them look professional even though I am not ;o) because of the ability to blend and the awesome classes/tutorials available. And it is important with my family. We are a biracial family in a white world. I have been coloring in images in books and on wrapping paper for years. Now I love that I can easily make cards and images for scrapbooks for my children that look like them (be it african american, biracial, or caucasian…or any race at all!!) Thanks Copic, for recognizing that peach and dark brown doesn’t cover it all!!

  64. Lori- ooo la la FREE MARKERS!! I am new to Copics. I have seen them used but have been afraid to try them! A friend finally convinced me to purchase a few just to play with- I think I’m in love! I only have 6 (at the moment) but I have had so much fun practicing and blog surfing to get new techniques and ideas using them. I’m saving my pennies to build up my collection! Thanks for your inspiration!

  65. I love the beautiful colors and wonderful realistic shading you can get with copics. I mainly use Sketch markers but love Ciaos as well.

  66. I would do almost anything legal to get my hands on some free Copics! I just love the few I have.

  67. I love your blog! As a copic newbie, less than one month into ownership, I am totally in love with them. I recently bought some Gina K Luxury card stock and life in copic land is much better. I am so glad that I invested in these markers. I use the sketch markers for coloring only. I have not even looked into the airbrush system, yet! These are the most addictive craft item that I have ever owned! Thanks for this great giveaway too!

  68. I use my Copics to color images and change the color of accessories to make them coordinate with other aspects of my cards. I own Sketch markers and the lovely Spica clear. I love to color, although don’t do a wonderful job, so I love my Copics plus I love to add a bit of sparkle. A girl has got to have some bling you know!

  69. I don’t have a great story… I just really liked the cards I’ve seen using the markers and it sounded like they would be easy to work with. I started out with Chiaos so that’s what I’ve been getting… I am still learning and trying to make them work. TFS!
    Fabulous card! I love that cute image from Kim… great lay-out. TFS!

  70. Love your card! The biggest difference between Copics and my old waterbased markers is the versatility of the Copics. Although I took a Copic Certification class last year, I still consider myself a novice at all the different techniques that can be used to create subtle and more dramatic patterns on the images.

  71. wendy mcgaffey

    first off I want to thank all you inspiring artists for all your inspiration and technique advice I am fairly new at colouring with copics but find that I am totally head over heels in love with them , my collection now consists of about 40 sketch markers, and would absolutely love to try the airbrush system out…it’s on my wish list for christmas, thanks for all the hard work and to your dedication to crafting

  72. I love my Copics because they make me look like I know what I’m doing – seriously! No lessons (yet), and I’ve never had so many compliments on my colouring – the markers do most of the work for me. Alright, so the tonnes of free “lessons” and “tips” available have helped a bit 🙂 It’s no wonder they’re the “(Co)pic of the crop” when it comes to art markers!”

  73. Hi Lori!!! This card is so cute!!! As far as Copics markers goes… let’s just say enchantment. I love how images come to life!!

  74. I will love to have Copics. I have used them at my local stamp store and just love them! I also love my prismacolors and i am looking forward to make both work together. Can’t wait to start playing!

  75. What a darling card Lori! I love the colors you’ve used.
    I have long admired and envied people who colored beautifully with markers. I just never could get mine to look like theirs. I always had streaks and it would end up looking like a child had colored! Then someone told me to use another alcohol based marker and while I had a little better results than the regular markers, my coloring was still pretty awful. I gave up and just colored everything with colored pencils or water colors. When I started seeing all the beautiful cards being colored with copic markers I was sad that they were done with markers because I just knew I’d never be a marker user. But, the lovely work I kept seeing pulled me in and I finally decided to try out copics myself. I bought three markers just to practice, but I didn’t have much faith they’d be any different. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw how beautifully the colors blended and NO STREAKS! Finally I had found a marker that let me color like a true artist. Needless to say, I was hooked. That was about a year ago and I now have over 100 markers. I love them all, and I’d love to win!

  76. I would love to win these beautiful Copic markers! I don’t own any (*yet*) but am really looking forward to owning some. The colors are so beautiful and appear smooth and vibrant on all the cards and projects that I have seen them used on. I know the quality of my cards will improve vastly if I had a good set of markers. (Also, thank you for the gnome stamp card–I was looking around for something with a gnome for Christmas cards! Your card is great!)

  77. Wow! I have been drooling over Copics for quite awhile now! I only have 7 Copic sketch markers and it’s so hard to see those beautiful packs of them and not get them. I working on saving up to expand my collection although then I’ll have to save to have more room to display and use them. ; ) Thanks for the great give away!!

  78. I love Copics because of their beautiful colors and no streaks when you use them. Looks like you are the regional instructor for my area. I would love to take a certification class. Hopefully you will be in the Wichita, Ks area soon. I look forward to taking a class.

  79. Most often I use my copics when making cards. I love to color with them – I like the way they blend and the variety of colors. I am collecting the sketch markers and the air brush system is at the top of my list so I would love to win it. thanks

  80. I have actually never used Copics. I have always admired the way they looked and have always wanted to try them, but have always been a little scared to take that first step.

  81. I have always loved the cards with a colored image
    but when I saw an imaged colored with Copics I was
    hooked. I found Marianne’s blog and found out about
    the “sketch” marker. I bought some of those and then
    a few “original”. I love both but I think the “sketch”
    is my favorite. Actually I would love to have all the
    colors in both!! I color my images and also color my
    ribbons to match my card. I can’t wait to take more
    classes and learn more about color combination. Thank
    you so much for a chance to win more markers!!!

  82. I love my Copic Sketch markers. I mostly color stamped images but also color digital images with no smearing. I like to color rhinestones, brads and ribbon to match my card. I love the large variety of colors and how they all blend so well to give dimension to stamped images. I have learned a lot from all the Copic Designer’s blogs, but I am so anxious to attend a certification class.

  83. I love my Copics. I have a few originals, some Ciao and Sketch. I am giving my daughter my Ciao as I get to replace them with Sketch. I have only been using my Copics since this summer, but I would never go back to any other kind of marker. These are the complete compliment to any project. I use mine to make cards. I started a blog to share everything I could about Copics and just how wonderful they are. I love them!!! I want to get the airbrush system, but that may have to wait just a little while longer. Have a great day, Lisa G at [email protected]

  84. I just love copics–congrats to the new reps. I was at a certification class with Sherrie–she’s one amazing girl. Love her work, and she taught me alot. The class was tons of fun and now I’m practicing. I love copics–they are so versatile and have so many possiblities. I’ll never get bored of them.

  85. Can I tell you first how much I LOVE your elf card?
    My girlfriend bought Copic Markers recently and I am quite amazed and a bit envious. She uses digital stamps, prints them out and colors them with Copic Markers! These markers are AMAZING! I think I would use my stamps a lot more if I used Copic Markers! What a wonderful opportunity this is. It sue would make my birthday/holiday very special this year! (I’m going to be 50). Thank you and congratulations to the new Regional Instructors!

  86. Nathalie Beaudoin

    I love my Copic Markers and I wouldn’t live without them. I buy new colors every month, its true I am an addict of the Copic Markers. I use to do regular cards now I use my Copic every chance I get and find the regular cards look so unfinished. Thanks for giving me the chance to win so I can add to my collection.

  87. I am new to copics, but love them. After my first order of a small set to work with, I very quickly did a second bigger order, as I needed more colors to work with. They are so fun to use and great to coloring in the detailed stamp images that are so popular right now. I would love to take a class to learn to use them better or even become certified!

  88. Blendability is the fascinating part of Copic Products! I use both the Caio and Sketch markers & love the depth it creates on my projects. I’ve never played with the airbrush system, but I can only imagine the fabulous blending it can do with the Copic inks! Thanks for the chance to add to my Copic Collection!

  89. The results are amazing! I only have 5 markers (more are on their way – Yahoooeee) so my shading practise has been limited to only two colors. I just can’t get these darn markers off my mind! I can understand why everyone is saying how addictive they are. Let us just hope that the dear husbands/significant others don’t decide to start a Copic Anonymous club for all of us that have become addicted to coloring.

  90. Love my Copic Sketch markers! I love the fact that they are alcohol based for better blending and color saturation. I teach card classes at a local scrapbook store and have introduced customers to the Copic’s. It is so rewarding to get people all excited like I am about these markers. It is easy to convince them to purchase a marker at 6.49 because they last longer, they provide awesome results, and can be refilled. What’s not to love?

  91. I feel like im saying the same story , but its worth a chance at copics …I can only dream to win as i never win anything …But maybe this is my chance this is a wonderful surprize ..I love my copics for my stamping and card making and I can never ever go back to Pencils again they are it for me ..There smooth and delious…I have sold alot of things to make money , but NEVER will my copics be one of them …Blendable and once you get the hang of them there like heaven for a stamper like me
    Thanks alot

  92. I salivate when I see the airbrush system – I’ve been pining over it for a year now! Sad, eh?

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  93. I love the look of watercolor prints, but I am not an artist (can’t draw them from scratch). So, that is what appealed to me about stamping, using line art images in particular. I love how my Copic Sketch markers allow me to be an “artist”, and shade my images without having to use watercolor paper and paints. I would love to get the airbrush system to make beautiful backgrounds on my cards. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  94. After seeing so many blogs with copic markers, that’s on my wish list … cards are so beautiful.

  95. This WimsicalWishes card is so cute. The elf is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    And for offering up this wonderful contest for Copics. I haven’t yet been able to get any but I hope maybe Santa will bring me some for Christmas (*wink*)

  96. I became a crazed COPIC Sketch Marker fan about 1 1/2 years ago, when I become frustrated with fuzzy marker tips and expensive markers that dried out after a few years. I noticed the beautiful results obtained with COPICS on a few blogs, loved the fact that they are refillable and have replaceable nibs. Since then, I have been acquiring as much knowledge as possible on how to use them and am delighted to see that some of the people whose blogs I frequent daily for their beautiful work have been added to the COPIC team. I am sincerely hoping that new certification team members means more classes open to the public, so that I can attend one. It’s always a happy moment when I open the craft closet and reach for my COPICS!!

  97. Lennie Hartwell

    I am new to the joy of Copic Markers, but I have admired other people’s use of them for a few years. I finally purchased a few last year and bought the dvd to show me how to use them. I was instantly hooked. I then took a Copic’s class at the local scrapbook store and have been coloring every since!

  98. Woohoo Lori!! (Sounds like I’m talking to myself! LOL!!) I SWORE I wasn’t gonna get these markers. Actually…I think it was a chant “do not get these markers…do not get these markers.” But there was a hidden message in there “go get these markers!” When I couldn’t find a good skin color for my people images…I caved and got my first Copic E00. So it’s actually E00’s fault that I have become an addict! I LOVE them. I Pet them. I Play with them. 🙂 I would love to have all the colors. OH..and Sketch are my favs. OH….and the Spica pens are da’bomb! OH…and the coloress blender is my magic wand!! “GO COPIC. GO COPIC. GO COPIC.”

  99. Oh I LOVE how you colored this adorable gnome! Check out the highlights on the boots! FABULOUS job! 🙂 Great design!

    After seeing all the wonderful creations colored with Copics on the designers blogs, I HAD to jump in! I am slowly building my collection, and each time I get a new one, my inspiration grows! They are the MOST treasured tool I own! The different techniques I’ve learned using them has made me feel like a true artist! There is NOTHING that compares to their blending and coloring capabilities. They truly make any image come alive! I only wish I had found out about them sooner! 🙂
    [email protected]

  100. I have been following many bloggers that use copic markers. When I see a card that I like on these blogs it usually (90% of the time) was made using copic markers. I bought 3 of them from Papertry Ink and love them. I hope to add to these soon and have them on the top of my Christmas wish list along with the ABS system. I so want the ABS system but I guess I need to add to my collection of markers first. So thankyou for giving us the opportunity to win a set. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping that I will be one of the lucky ones.

  101. I love sketch copics, well that’s what I have, but I think that little brush tip can help you go through little images. I want to take a class and take more advantage on owning these fab markers. Thanks Gina F

  102. Ooooh…I love copics….I only have about three of them though. They color so beautifully and I need more!

  103. That card is way too flippin’ adorable!!! Congrats on it being pub’d!!! I started my Copic love affair a couple years ago but only really learned how to use them this year for blending and creating the amazing effects they can! I have a handful of markers but adore each and every one of them hoping to someday have the entire collection – yep, I dream big! I use them for all my card making and scrapbooking needs and have even used them a time or two in my jewelry making!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  104. I recently began stamping again. The biggest change that I noticed is how professional the cards have become. I think this is due in large part to the Copic Sketch markers. They let people who are not professional look like they are! I love using mine!

  105. CONGRATS, Lori!!! How exciting! Let me know if you ever need a flunky to help you and I’ll be there! 🙂 As for Copics… I love how bright and smoothly blended my colored images look when I color with my Copics. Everything else looks dull to me now. They’ve spoiled me!

    Also, LOVE that card with Kim’s sweet gnome. Perfect balance of simplicity, elegance, and cuteness — that’s hard to pull off, but you did it! Way to go, Miss Thing!

  106. I do not have any copic markers but they are on my wish list this year (hope Santa is listening)! I was always the child in class that wasn’t happy with just the 8 crayons in a box – I always wanted the box of 64 colors!, which makes me LOVE that copic has so many shades of the color spectrum to choose from. Thanks for the chance to color my world !!

  107. Ooooh, to see the inner sanctum at Triple I, what a WAHOO moment for all of you. I use my Copic Sketch and Spicas primarily for card making. I’m in the process of getting my home studio set up and can’t wait to branch out and see what else I can ‘spruce up’ with my supplies. I love that they are so versatile and give such clean, vibrant color. Still learning which papers work best and which Copics play together the best, but it’s a wonderful adventure!

  108. When I discovered Copic markers I was a little apprehensive, but once I tried them, I was hooked! The colors are rich and vibrant and when I received a card one year for Christmas that had been colored with Copics, I swore it was a store bought card! The colors are perfect!

  109. Lori~
    CONGRATS on being a Copic Teacher…what exciting news! That would be my dream job! I am a TOTAL Copic Addict! I am well on my way to housing every color in my marker family! I never realized how much I LOVE to color until my venture with Copics began a little over 1 1/2 years ago….now you can’t keep my Copic markers out of my hands, I think I would do the dishes with a Copic in hand coloring if it were possible! hee hee! The colors Copic has are absolutely amazing and the blending and hues/shades you can achieve with the markers is phenomenal! I am so proud to say that I am Copic Certified and can’t wait to share my excitement with others someday while teaching about these wonderful products! I am hoping to add the ABS to my collection VERY soon and then will probably be air brushing EVERYTHING in site…my hubby better look out or his new garage workbench will be airbrushed pink!
    BIG HUGS~ Kim

  110. That little guy looks like the Roaming Gnome. Too cute!

    I LOVE my Copic markers. I have always loved to color and now I can have the grown-up version and just color away. They were a teeny bit intimidating at first, but once I got going realized they were not difficult to use at all. I wouldn’t be without mine now. Copics rock!

  111. Love the markers I now only need more of them!!!I have to say that I am officially addicted to my copic Markers!! I love to sit and color. It is very theraputic! I play with different color combintions I now have over 100 images colored now I need to do something with them!!

  112. So far I have just used the Sketch markers – I love them because I absolutely love the brush tip.

  113. I just started using copics and love them. I use the original markers and have to drive 100 miles to get my markers. I just learned how to use the airbrush system…I am lovin it.

  114. Congrats on being part of a great team!! Being a novice to copics, and only having 12 markers – I was amazed at how easy it was. I go thru all your websites and practice and experiment – but would love to one day take a class. Figure need to add a few more to my collection before that happens!

  115. I have a few sketch markers and think they make my projects look awesome even though I am a beginner using them I hope to some day be really good at them like all of your design instructors are.Talk about dreaming LOL
    Lana Edwards

  116. I do not own any copic markers, but am very envious of those who do. They are definitely on my wish list for Christmas, as I love the awesome color selection, how the colors allow blending to look so natural, and how it brings an image alive. Thanks for the opportunity to start my collection.

  117. First of all I want to say…I love your card…. the colors are awesome….

    I love my copics and so glad that I finally gave in and got some and now I am totally addicted…. I am building my collection a little at a time … I use them everyday…

    thanks for the chance to win ….

  118. I love Copic! It took a bit to figure out a method that is comfortable for me to get the results I want…and I am still learning.

  119. What a great little card. Love the little Scandinavian figure. Love copics and would love a chance to win.

  120. I am a Copic wanna-be! I haven’t purchased my first one yet, but I think about it every time I check your blog. I just wish I had the TIME to really learn how to use them!

  121. First off, congratulations! Love this adorable card and your fabulous coloring!!

    I love my COPICs! I’ve got some Original and some Sketch – they were what my LSS was offering at the time. At first I thought I was getting a particular model because of the available color, but I’ve learned that each type has it’s own advantage. I like the bullet nib on the Original because bullet nib can get into small spaces, I can write with it and create highlight spots on items, it holds more ink and I can use the broad end with my COPIC ABS. I even have a Clear Blender in Original and Sketch but no duplicate colors…yet! The Sketch nib (my favorite) is like a paintbrush and works better to fill in larger spaces, and with no streaks!

  122. Girl, congratulations! Awesome!!!!! I absolutely love your cards. I’m pretty sure this gnome card was published??

    Anyway, been busy remodeling my craft room (sigh) and am at work right now, but wanted to drop by and wish you a heartfelt congratulations! You go girl!


  123. I am a dedicated card maker and absolutely, positively LOVE the craft and all that it entails. I don’t have Copics yet [financial constraints, ya know…] but would truly appreciate winning some so I could add another dimension to this wonderful craft!

  124. I wish that I had Copic markers because of all the wonderful projects I’ve seen using them. They seem to have the best colors and blending abilities of any markers on the market. I would really love to win my very first Copic markers on this blog!

  125. Pretty colored markers??? Who would NOT want those?? I have never used one, but Oh do I want to try them!

  126. I’m totally in love with Copic markers, their color variety is an inspiration for every project I make. They are so easy to use. They have sparked my love for stamping. Thanks.

  127. Congrats Lori! I am a confessed Copic addict! I too have been Copic certified by Sherrie here in Canada this past summer and I have just taught my first Copics related project class here in my home town. I would love to add a few more Copics to my ever growing collection. Thanks for the chance!

  128. This little card is adorable! Love my copics! Gotta get more!

  129. I’ve been learning how to use the airbrush system. Love it for backgrounds and 3D things (like flowers and snowflakes)!!

    Congrats to the new team – I’m always inspired by these ladies!

  130. Since I have started using copics I rarely use anything else. I love how they blend so well together and the colors are just so perfect. I also use the airbrushing system and love it!!

  131. I think what I like about my copics is the fact that I can use them simply or very intricately. The choice is mine. They look gorgeous using a very small stamp of a very large complicated image. Once you find a paper you are comfortable using, and there are a ton of different papers each claiming to be the best, the key is to just keep practicing. And from that practicing will emerge beautiful cards.

    thanks much

  132. What a cute elf! Great inspiration for us all.

  133. I am such a newbie when it comes to Copics. Even though I’ve read tons of tutorials and went to one class (which wasn’t very good!), but when you only have 2 Copics it’s difficult to make progress in learning to use them. I’d love to win these and promise to put them to good use if I do! 😉

  134. What a wonderful give away.

    I love my Copics. I used to give my husband a list and have him find art stores when he traveled to buy them for me. He didn’t quite get why I needed special markers until one of his friends commented on our Christmas cards and said that he thought the images were already colored and couldn’t believe that I made the cards on my own. After that, my collection suddenly grew.

  135. Congrats to everyone! Love the Copics because of their versatility and the ability to airbrush just makes them that much more fun!

  136. Cute card! I would love to have some copics to add to my stash and increase my color selections.


  137. I’m so happy this giveaway brought me to your blog – gorgeous colouring! I will be adding your blog to my reader for sure. I love Copics for their versatility & the way they bring stamped images to life. They really add another dimension to stamped images.

  138. I am so excited I am new to using Copic sketch markers. I just started really getting into stamping and making cards and using the markers. I really like the ease of using them and the wide range of colors. I also like how the how the cap color match the actual color. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  139. Congratulations, Lori! I’m so excited for you! I couldn’t think of anyone more perfectly suited to help others learn about Copics!

    Give me a shout if you’re in the STL area… we need to get together. Miss you!


  140. sounds like y’all had fun – congrats to all! your card is so cute

  141. I have been a crafter and Scrapbooker for MANY years. Copics make me feel like an Artist!

  142. Congrats on the additional instructors, I know that you have needed them!! My copics are on the #1 grab list now. It used to be my prismacolor pencils and gamsol but they have been used less now and the copics have been used more. The colors are just so saturated that I love them the most!

  143. I LOVE to color on my cards. I have tried many mediums before, but now after trying Copics I will never go back. The ease of coloring, shading and blending thrills me to my core. I am so grateful that I finally gave in, took a beginner class and am now on the way to owning some! Thanks for the knowledge you provide, and share freely! It makes it so much better!!

  144. Hi Lori: Congratulations on the regional instructors. I’m in the Chicago area, so Kathy will be our rep. I guess, but maybe I’ll see you for classes somewhere. I’m looking forward to learning more about my Copics. I’ve got some that I play with now, and I am totally hooked. Got lots on my Christmas list. These markers are awesome, from their ability to be refilled and have the tips replaced (nothing worse than working on a big project and having your marker dry up on you!) or running your tip down so far it’s not worth using anymore. But mainly, I just love how they color, the depth you can get from each marker, and the ability to have one color and layer it so that it looks like you have several shades. Other markers don’t even exist for me any more.

  145. Jessica Germain

    What pretty stuff! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  146. I am sooooo in love with my Copic markers (I have both Sketch & Caio)! One of my favorite childhood pastimes was coloring with Crayola Crayons. That passion has been replaced by Copics (although I do miss the crayon smell…LOL).

    I am mainly a cardmaker. I began rubber stamping with friends over 15 years ago & had tired of the usual ways to color my images so my stamps just sat in boxes…….unused. Then about 2 years ago I sold them all…..well over 1,000. I thought I would never stamp again.

    A few months ago a dear friend introduced me to the wonderful world of Copics & I was hooked. It has renewed my love for coloring images. Copic markers blend so beautifully together & bring my images to life. No more crayons for me. My Copics are the only way I “color”. They make me feel like a “real” artist!

    Since then I have been buying both clear & rubber stamps as well as digi images. My collection of stamps & Copic markers is growing fast (a girl can never have too many of either one). Some day I would love to own the airbrush system. It would be a perfect way to give my cards that beautiful finished touch.

    Thank you so much for the offer.

    Huggies ~


  147. You do great Copic work Lori. I have a handful and am just working on my technique. I know I need more blending colors. I love the possibilities.

  148. I own a tonne of Copics, got certified at CHA in January 2009 and right now, I use copics as a colourful display on my desk!

    Sad, eh? I love them tough… just need to be inspired to colour! And I wish I had more confidence to play with them… and do it well!

  149. Ahh… Copic markers…

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about these markers that I make it my goal to own every color available. The joy that hand crafted cards bring to the receiver is only enhanced by the beauty created by of markers.

    Thank you for all your inspiration on this blog – you do an awesome job.

  150. Only have a few copics but would love to have more. The versatility and colors make them a must have for crafting. Hope I get to meet you sometime because I live in the Midwest and would love to take a certification class.

  151. Can’t wait to take my Copic marker class and start using them. I have a tough time finding them but I just found out my LSS just got some in. Yeah!!

  152. Sharon Margiotta

    I’ve only been exposed to the sketch markers … and haven’t figured out why I would need anything else … colored pencils, water pens, chalk, other markers haven’t seen the light of day since I’ve discovered and started a collection of Copics. They are awesome. Love the color selection, the way they blend, how well they cover … i’m just having a blast playing with them. How lucky are you to go to the warehouse!!

  153. Please pick me, I would love to try Copic markers. I have heard and seen great things made with these markers. I really want to try them.

  154. I love the feel of copic markers on paper. THe colors are so brilliant. I am just learning to use them.

  155. I resisted Copic’s for so long then I bought 25 in a Ebay auction and the ‘Obsession’ started. I started playing with these and begged everyone I knew for images I could color. That’s when I realized you need a special ink for the Copic’s images but that didn’t stop me I continued coloring and following Marianne’s blog. I took certification classes in April just a few weeks after major back surgery. I learned so much in that class just fulfilling my obsession even farther. I now have 169 colors in Sketch, Ciao, Original and I even have one in Wide. I dedicate at least one hour a day to Copic’s coloring, blending and technique’. I may not be the best but I love coloring with Copic’s and guarentee once you work with them for a while you’ll feel the obsession also, I cannot endorse Copic’s enough, its the best thing to hit the Craft world.
    God Bless,

  156. I use my Copics markers to color my stamps. I love using digital stamps and found that when using a copy printer the ink doesn’t bleed.

  157. C is for Colour – and there are so MANY colours in the Copic lines.
    O is for Outstanding quality and richness of the colours.
    P is for the Pained expression on my husband’s face when he sees I bought more markers.
    I is for I love Copic markers!
    C is for (you guessed it) COPIC – yay Copic!

  158. i would love to win some copics. they look like such fun. i have one copic, the med skin tone. i would love to play with some more.

  159. The Copic Sketch markers brought me back to the blissful days of childhood. Coloring books kept me busy and content for hours. Now I step back in time when I can stamp an image and bring it to life with Copic markers. I love the vibrant colors and their ability to blend and shadow brilliantly. With the number of colors available, I can match most of the patterned papers I use for cards and gift sets. Copic markers are a reach away on my craft table. The airbrush system is so easy to use and I love what effects I can create with this tool. Someday, I hope to be a Copic certified instructor so that I can introduce these wonderful art materials to others…and remind them about the joys of coloring! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and the wonderful products.

  160. I don’t have any Copics yet but they are on my Christmas list. I love the beautiful coloring that people are doing with Copics. I can always tell they were used because the color is so vibrant. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!

  161. I have resisted using Copics until Summer CHA where I had the opportunity to color with them and just fell in love with them….Now I am saving my pennies for my first set….Who knows maybe I could win my first set of prized babies!!!!!!

  162. I fell in love with these morsels of ink just over a year now. And through a good friend, started buying and using (although that sounds like a drug addict – it somewhat is!!! Bwhahahahaha!!)and I now own over 100 of the vibrant colors. I love the professional look you get from using them, and all the blending capabilities! This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Sherri S. in the certification program. She was an absolute hoot to work with and part of a fun filled day! Copics are da bomb!!! MWAH~

  163. It is because of Debbie Olson that I am a Copic lover. I owned a bunch and decided that they just weren’t the marker that everyone said they were. I posted on a forum about my dislike of them and Debbie responded very kindly and told me to give them a chance and it took practice. I emailed Debbie several times with questions and she very kindly answered all my questions and every single email I sent her.

    I had decided that I was going to sell my markers on an auction site because I just wasn’t getting the hang of them. I finally took a class at a local rubber stamp store and it literally changed my stamping life. The woman teacher was so thorough with instructing us about how they work differently from other “typical” markers.

    I am so glad that I hung in there and learned how to use them. They are the best thing out there. I am so pleased now with the results that I get with the markers that I have.

  164. I’ve been using the Sketch for almost a year now and I can’t go back to anything else! I’m a card maker and the colors that copics have just makes the images I color come to live! Thank you for a chance to win! I need ALL the colors!

  165. Hello from Idaho. I LOVE MY COPICS! They make me feel artistic – even when I know I am not. I love how well the colors blend together – and the blender pen is my lifesaver when I go outside the lines. Will never color with anything else ever again!

  166. I adore my copic markers. The brush nib feels like watercolor, only without the mess and the clean-up. I love the different line weights that I can get with the brush nib, and the inks all blend and layer beautifully.

  167. congratulations on being a regional instructor, your talent, no surprise. I use my copics for creating greeting cards, do not have the airbrush sy. Copics give such a vibrant bending of colors.
    I need more copics to play with

  168. I love the effect Copics can have. Right now I only have some pale gray & blue for shadows and pale skin colors for skin. I hope to add to my collection as I learn more!

  169. What a cute card! I love the effect Copics can have. Right now I only have some pale gray & blue for shadows and pale skin colors for skin. I hope to add to my collection as I learn more!

  170. Lori, you are a wonderful example of what I want to achieve. The Copics are a great product, but the way they are utilized really demonstrates the value. Your blending and color choices are so dynamic. I hope to be able to create the same level of final product after I take the certification class in a few weeks. Ok, I know it doesn’t happen overnight, but i look forward to applying all I learn. Thanks for sharing!

  171. I love my copic markers! I have both sketch and ciao makers and the Spica glitter pens and I use these to make cards. I have tried so many different coloring mediums and although I have a long way to go to become proficient in it, these markers have proven to be the best choice for me. It is fun to work with and even at the beginner stage that I’m in, this is the first time I am happy with my coloring and feel confident that with more and more practice, I can be even better (whereas with the other mediums I would give up using them very quickly and not even feel motivated enough to continue using). My wish list is very short now—my list from 1 to 10 starts with 1st choice: copics and ends there!

    I love your card–so cute!

  172. I make my own cards and I love that my Copic markers will match any cardstock or pattern paper. The colors are rich, true, and soft if needed.
    I have 2 sets of Ciao
    Karen S

  173. sherry trojanowski

    i just love the Copic Sketch markers and have been buying them when I can over the last year…the colors are so wonderful….I just love ’em and probably won’t stop til I have every one!
    thanks so much!

  174. How do I love thee (Copics) let me count the ways. I cannot find a thing I don’t like about the markers. I inherited some from a friend and ever since then I have been in love with them. I never stamped an image that had to be colored but now that is not the case. I am not an artist but Copics make me feel like one. I dream about the air brush system. Maybe Santa will accomodate me.

  175. Copics give me the tools to show people how much I care when I make them a card or project. They are professional grade and quality, but easy to use.
    Copics make crafting fun again!

  176. I was so excited to discover Copic markers. I’m a colorer from way back!!LOL I’ve always loved to color but crayons never really did it for me because I always wanted to blend colors and have brighter colors on paper. Now I have my Copics and I love using them. I don ‘t have very many because of limited budget, but I buy one when I can and slowly I’ll have a good selection. I use them now to color in stamped images to use on cards. Several of the cards I make now go to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan through friends that have family members there.

  177. I have been slowing adding to my Copic sketch collection and have had fun practicing blending/coloring Santa, pumpkins, and trees. I need A LOT more practice aiming with the canned air brush! Love the effect though for a soft background. Thanks for the chance to win, and I love your card with that cute gnome!

  178. Lori, that gnome is ADORABLE! Second time we’ve seen him today & that just goes to show why we LOVE Copic Markers. In just a few blog visits, we’ve now seen 2 very different ways to color just 1 little gnome to achieve 2 very UNIQUE looks! With ALL the gorgeous Copic colors, we simply LOVE having the quality, variety, versatility that they bring, enabling us to enjoy our relaxation time, stretch our creativity, and hopefully bring joy to family and friends through our handcrafted projects!

  179. First I would like to say AWESOME card at the beginning of this post…next I would like to say I LOVE copic markers. I have used several different kinds in the past but since using the copic sketch markers I don’t use my other markers very much…these markers are amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win some. I know they tend to be a bit spendy but the are WELL WORTH the investment…..

  180. I’m sure you had a wonderful time with Marianne and the other instructors! My Copics are at my fingertips at all times. I use them all the time and love how easy they are to use, and how rich and vibrant the colors are. No streaks, no paper pilling, just smooth, beautiful color. I am practicing with blending and shading – I have seen so many wonderful examples online!

  181. My reason for wanting Copics is very simple- the shading and color they provide an image even as simple as a snowman is incredible. They are the difference between a beautiful image and one that looks like it was beautifully and professionally designed and printed.

  182. Congrats to Copic for adding new instructors & area! How exciting! I use Copics for cardmaking. I enjoy them because they make my work look truely artistic & I’ve never had an art lesson! It’s all in the blending! Plus, they glide like butter!!

    Linda C.
    leenda1 at cox dot net

  183. I like how easy it is to blend the colors, once I learned the right way 🙂

  184. Congratulations on making the Dream Team. How exciting to be working directly with such awesome product.

    I love to color. What better way than to Copic Color. I am new to these markers. Only bought my first ones early this year. Took my certification class with Marianne Walker in April. Awesome. Now I am slowly learning by trial and error. What fun it is to experiment to see what I can create using these markers. I use them to hand color and airbrush. I color on anything, from paper to aluminum cans. The journey is endless. I hope to get good enough to teach locally so others can benefit from such a great product. Thank you.


  185. I use the sketch markers and just love the two tips…it takes you to many types of coloring/shading. But I still have a LONG way to go with them…I’m having fun!!

  186. Lori, I am so excited you will be the midwest instructor! I am in minneapolis and recently had the chance to try Copics at Scrapfest. (also met Debbie and Maryanne) They are really neat and I would love to own some.

  187. Hi Lori,
    I only have a few Sketch markers, but I love the way they color! As my skills improve – maybe with a class or two – I can build up my collection. The colors are amazing! I like to color images for making cards.

  188. I first found Copic work on Spiltcoast and feel in love with the colors. So I went and bought my first set of Sketch markers. I was in love with them. Now I can’t get enogh of them. I am a stamper moving into mixed media. There are so many colors so little cash on hand. I am looking forward to teaching near me soon.

  189. I don’t own any Copic’s but would love to get in on the fun. As a 30 something I am known to pull out a coloring book and crayons just for my own coloring pleasure.

  190. Would love to win some Copic markers! I do not have any currently but have been eyeing them for awhile.

  191. These things are like potato chips. Ya can’t have just one!
    Shsron L

  192. hi, Bad things happen when a stamp addict finds Copic markers? I am hooked. I will not be happy until I have the entire set.

    I would really like to take a certification class but have not had any in the area and without a store I will not get a chance for a spot for about ten years. I will wait impatiently. I will just keep on collecting until the entire set of Copics and refills live in my stamp room.


  193. These markers are just too much fun! I wish more local stores carried them so I could sneak a few more into my stash whenever I find a few bucks lying around…

  194. Hi Lori! So glad to have found you. Yet another blog to add to my list of resources as I learn to use my new Copics! I am quite a newbie, only discovering these wonderful markers a few weeks ago. But since then, I have been trying to devour all the information I can and practice, practice, practice! I have started a small artist’s portfolio to keep sample images in, as well as trying my hand at an original drawing using my earthtone Copics (an image of four deer I needed to draw to illustrate a blog post about them). I just love these new markers! I can’t wait to read more on your blog and learn even more! Thank you!

  195. I love my copics, and hope to be able to take a certification class soon…. Congrats!!

  196. The Copics are fabulous because of the range of beautiful colors! On top of that you can blend for the perfect shade! Just learned you are the midwest rep and hope to see you in WI soon! I am hoping to win my first COPIC markers, all the samples have been gorgeous.

  197. I would love to have the Copic markers. There are such lovely shades. I am a 65 year old grandmother that has just started making cards. I went back to school and got my GED at age 62 so I think that I can learn to use the Copic’s to color my images that I stamp. I only have 2 markers but I sit at my computer and look at the beautiful cards that all of you make and it makes my mouth water. I bought the 2 copic’s at Hobby Lobby and used them to help me finish the Denim card that Debbie Olson posted in June. HL did not have the other one that I needed but I made do with the 2. I do so want to win these.

  198. I have heard people rave and rave about copics but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet myself. No local stores carry them so I can’t just purchase them on a whim and I’m so afraid to just order them to try them – one of these days I am going to have to just go ahead and do it and order myself some fabulous copics and jump on the raving bandwagon!

  199. I now own several Copic marker combinations. Blending them has changed my world. Just holding them and letting the ink flow provides a relaxing time for artistic creating. I’ll admit that I was stingy with them at first. But now I use them with reckless abandon. I dab off colors between markers to make beautiful new shades. Receiving new Copics will increase my joy!

  200. I love the versatility of the copics, and you don’t need a lot of them to have a wide variety of colors. Just a few basic colors in deep and light shades to blend and you have practically any color and shade you might need. Of course, the colorless blender is an absolute must 🙂

  201. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!

    I love my Copics and have never regretted purchasing them. Blending, shading, brilliance and love….aaawwwhwhhhahahhhh Copics.

  202. Congrats, Lori. It will be wonderful to have more Copic classes in the Midwest. Must have been fun to see all that product in person!
    I encourage everyone to give the markers a try…they will be addicted immediately, even as a beginner! The blogs are very helpful and what Marianne shares is fantastic. Practicing is fun! Now I need to try the air brush system…sure adds depth to the images colored. I love Copic!

  203. I just have a few Copics and am still learning to use
    them. Love using the light gray for shadows. I have
    stencilled for many years, so would love a chance to
    use the airbrush system. Thanks! Diane H.

  204. After seeing beautiful cards on SCS and different people’s blogs I decided I had to get some Copic markers because my colored pencils were NOT doing the trick. I purchased a few at my local Hobby Lobby store (they carry the sketch kind). I have been adding to my collection and playing ever since! I love to color in my stamps to create dimension and richness to my cards. I had forgotten how much I loved to color as a child. I find coloring very relaxing. Thank you Copic!

  205. I love how copics have made me a better cardmaker and scrapbooker. They blend so well, make it so much easier to highlight parts of images and just give a more polished look to my products. I am so happy that I discovered them!

  206. I don’t have very many markers but what I do have, I just love. They blend so well with each other and the way I can blend 2 colors together to make a new one is amazing. I didn’t know what I was getting my hands on when I first bought the few that I have, but I wouldn’t trade them for any others. Thanks for the chance to win!

  207. I only have a few Copics so far but I love how easy they are to blend. They make me feel like I actually have some talent in coloring in images! Of course, I’d love to win some more and be able to expand my options when it comes to coloring images. Thanks!

  208. I don’t have any copic markers, but dream of some day having them as part of my crafting stash! perhaps Santa is listening…… 😀 until then I will read and watch on all of your wonderful blogs about the fantastic things you do with yours! and congrats on being a part of the team! 🙂

  209. What a team that has been put together. All the ladies are so talented. I do not own any copics but the coloring results that are acheived with them put my coloring to shame. I feel I need to start learning to use them if I want to take my stamping to the next level. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  210. Michelle Michael

    I can’t say enough about the fabulous remarks I get whenever I use Copics for my images. They are well worth the investment for the richness of color and ease of use that provides the ‘Wow’ factor on my cards!

  211. I love my Copic sketch markers, they color with such smoothness and vibrancy!
    [email protected]

  212. My obsession with Copics Sketch markers started after taking a holiday card making class at a LSS. I LOVE THEM!! The colors are so vibrant and rich and gives you the look of a laser printer, or better!! I love blending the colors, also…I am still very new, so experimenting a lot. But, so far, I am in LOVE!! Thanks for this opportunity to win your drawing. I hope I have some luck!!

    Sincerely, Sara
    [email protected]

  213. Cute Gnome!!

    I have the Copic Sketch Markers and I love them. I love being able to blend the colors to make them just perfect and look *real.* I also love the different techniques that there is to color with them. They just plain rock ok?

    Thanks Lori!!

    Katie Skiff
    [email protected]

  214. Congratulations! Your gnome is absolutely adorable!

    I love my Sketch markers! Copics have such a fantastic and forgiveable learning curve to them – perfect for the non-artist such as myself! I really want to try my hand at the airbrush system – the effect is stunning and looks so much easier to me than sponging.

  215. Your card is adorable! I wish I had Copic markers but non of the stores here carry them.

  216. Congrats on the new title and your ideas.

    Copics let me have the fun of coloring as I did when I was chold. Now I get to be an adult-ok sometimes we don’t like that word-but the Copics make it so much fun.

    I love making my cards and crafts. Sending them off to family and friends to enjoy makes me Smile. That is my fav thing to do is Smile so why not bring the fun in all areas of the life.

  217. My Copic Story.
    I was doing some DT work for a stamp company {I will not mention} and the company had promised to reimburse me for the purchase of some Copic markers. The day I submitted the purchase information the owner started to be very rude.
    So I decided to reigned. I only asked for the reimbursement and forgot about the stamps that the were to send. I never posted on my blog or contacted the other DTs to say what happened. I just slipped away.
    Well the truth was I could not afford the Copics and got no reimbursement. So I tried to sell them on-line since I had only used them 2 time for the DT. I thought I live near an art school and a Animation college thought it should sell fast. Well, it never did, in 2 months i got 1 inquiry.
    I started to use them again. And the images looked so great! Now I am IN LOVE with COPIC but I still can’t afford to buy any more… I would totally appreciate the gift if I was chosen.~thanks

  218. Congrats on being a new instructor!!

    I have not yet taken the copic marker plunge because of the price point. I believe they are good quality markers, and I love that they blend so nicely and can be used on non porous surfaces, but they are just out of my budget right now. However, I do have the glitter pens and absolutely LOVE them. I use them on lots of my cards and projects and I love that the sparkle provides such great coverage, and contrary to glitter or other sparkle options there is not chance of the glitter coming off the card all over your hands.

  219. I just LOVE how easy my copics are to use!!

  220. I think I would have died seeing that robust array of Copics all in one place. I adore the blendability of Copics and the professional look they yield. Sadly, I don’t own a single one, but a girl can dream can’t she?

  221. I do not currently own any Copic markers but would absolutely love to try them out. I’ve seen so many gorgeous projects boasting their beautiful color schemes and love the shades of vibrant color they create. I’d also really love to try etching into them with a blender pen… such a neat technique! Thanks for the chance to win!

  222. Lori – I love this card – it is adorable.

    I am relatively new to copics and to be honest, they intimidate me. I see so many beautiful creations using them and when I try, it just doesn’t look that good; however, I am signed up to take a class next weekend and can’t wait to get started.

    Thanks for the chance to win


  223. I don’t have any copics and just tried them the other day at Stamper’s Ink. Love the way they color and how vivid the image looks. Am wishing I find some copics under the Christmas tree this year!!

  224. Congrats on your appointment! I love my Sketch Copics! They give me professional results with their exceptional blending capabilities and the wide assortment of colors makes shading, highlights and shadows so easy to accomplish! My cards are so much improved since I started using these markers! Thanks for sharing your talents!

  225. Super cute card, Lori! Very cute! Congrats on being on the Copic team!

  226. I started collecting the Sketch line in December of 2008 – I’m up to 70 of them now. The more colors I add to my set, the more I fall in love with COPIC markers. They’re just so easy to use with such AMAZING results that I can’t gush to my friends about them enough – in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve started a few addictions because of my gushing! ;-} I read Marianne’s blog daily & have learned so much from her that in less than a year, I can see improvement in my own work & I can’t wait to learn more!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  227. Congratulations on joining the Copic Team!

  228. I bought my first Copic markers because I loved the vibrant colors and the fact that they blend seamlessly, without lines, and don’t pill the paper, unlike water-based markers, no matter how much you color over the same spot. They also have less of a chance of getting muddy compared to watercolors. My cards look so much more professional when I use my Copics and the range of colors is unmatched. My artistic coloring ability has really blossomed from using my Copic markers and following the Copic designers’ blogs. They are undoubtedly one of the best investments in my stamp room.

  229. The work done by those who use Copics is gorgeous – it makes me hope my work will be able to stand next to theirs.
    carol b.

  230. I am new to Copic markers so I can only say that “Once you’ve gone Copics, you’ll never go back!” ElleK

  231. That gnome is so cute! You did awesome Lori! Glad you are going to be with COPIC, you are so kind and sweet and SO deserve it!

    I use the copic ciao markers, because I am a beginner, but I love how smoothly they go on the paper, how easily they blend, and how awesome and vibrant my finished projects look! Copics are AMAZING!!!

  232. I love using Copic markers on all my crafting projects from scrapbooking, rubber stamping, color coordinating embellishments and just making the ordinary EXTRAordinary! The huge variety of colors is like a grown-ups big box of crayons…I’m so glad to see the new set of colors has arrived, too. I check out lots of blogs on a daily basis and the best ones always use Copics!

  233. I’ve been eyeing Copic markers for months, as I see so many wonderful cards so artfully complemented by the assortment of colors. I’m intrigued by the ability to blend colors and would love the opportunity to try out a set of these markers.

  234. I can’t believe I used to use colored pencils to color in my stamped images. What a difference my Copic Sketch markers have made!! I love everything about them… the tips, the wide variety of color, blending, everything! Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. I am completely in love with my Copics. This came as a suprise to me, since I swore that I wasn’t going to buy them. And now, here I sit, with probably 75% of the colors, and more on the way! I love the way that the colors blend, and the fact that such a wide range of colors are available.

  236. What an adorable card! Love it! I love my Copics to color and blend and it is so fun to use the Spica glitter pens to add a little sparkle and highlight my images! What an awesome product!

  237. I use Copics to color stamped images, and ribbon, and Prima flowers and eyelets and dew drops and rhinestones and……, well, you get the picture! They seem to make my work come alive and my cards and altered things are no longer one dimensional! I would love to learn to airbrush. That is my next project! Thanks for the chance to win!

  238. Cardmaking is my passion but, to date, I haven’t been able to purchase any Copics; I’d love to win some so that I could have another technique to use on my craft. Thanks for the opportunity!

  239. I am a novice with Copics, and have taught myself through Marianne’s and others blogs plus YouTube!! I worked with watercolor and with Prismacolors for many years, primarily coloring in stamped images. But my true love is illustration, and I hope one day to produce a line of digi-stamps designed for coloring, so I recently purchased the 10-pen Multiliner SP set. I have the 36-color Sketch set plus about 12 more colors purchased individually, and I need MORE!! All 24 colors of the Atyou Spica glitter pens are on my wishlist as well!

  240. Oh how I want to learn how to use the markers I have! I have some of the Ciao ones, but don’t really use them. What a shame! I need to take a class.

  241. I grew up loving coloring books. All you had to do was give me a coloring book and a big box of crayons and I could easily entertain myself for hours. When I started stamping, I thought I would love to color in images – but to my surprise, I didn’t! In fact, I hated it! I tried nearly every coloring medium available, but I just could not get the look nor with the color range that I wanted. So, I restricted myself to buying solid imagine stamps or ones that needed very little coloring. After reading all the rave reviews about Copics, I was convinced that I needed to give them a try. A few weeks ago, I attended a short 2-hour Copic class and fell in love! Not only do I have plenty of options with 334 colors, but I am also learning to get the exact look that I want with their awesome blending abilities. I have finally found my perfect coloring medium!

  242. Jannette Davis

    I love using my few copics I have. Even if I’m not very good, I keep on trying and all the tips I’ve been reading have really helped.

    Jannette D.

  243. Are you afraid of copics, don’t think you can accomplish what all these other crafty people have? So was I and then I decided to take the plunge, about 80 sketch markers later I am on the road to reacting great results. Am I a professional..far from it, just a novice learning the tricks of the trade and enjoying all the information available. I couldn’t do my cards without my copics, they sit right next to me on my creative bench. Try them, you will love them!

  244. I use copic sketch markers to color all my images when making cards. They are the bomb!

  245. Love my Copics! What an addiction!

  246. Cheri Mosgrove

    Hi Lori. . what an adorable card!!!! Oh how I would love to sit with a rainbow of Copics around me while I work! They are so easy and fun to use. . . quite forgiving for a beginner too! Thanks for a chance to win, Lori!

  247. I love copic sketch markers because they make it so easy for someone (like me) to show some artistic ability. They really do add pizzaz to all kinds of images and the colors choices are endless. Of course, due to budget reasons, I agonize over which few to purchase next because I want them count.

  248. I would really love to tell you what I do with my copic markers but I don’t have any. 🙁 I have heard really great things about them and would love to give them a try.

  249. I am new to copics, but love them already. The colors flow on nicely and the selection of colors is amazing. They really make my handmade cards look like professional made ones. Thank you for the change to win such a great prize give away.

  250. I do not have any Copics markers, but I am ALWAYS impressed with how awesome they are. I’ve been dying to make the investment into these professional markers, but I want to learn to use them right. So glad to hear there are more instructors out there to teach us.

  251. I need to win the Copic markers! 🙂 I only have 1 marker & I love it. I’m researching the copics to see which ones I need to buy & can’t wait to get more. They are the coolest markers! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  252. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE Copic Sketch Markers! I’m still experimenting with the ones I have, but I don’t think I’ll ever have enough until I have all 322 of them. The colors are so luscious, I just want to “lick them”. Copics have the transparency and beauty of watercolors, but are so much more convenient, and portable. No water to spill, or brushes to clean (the brush is already built in). I won’t leave town without them!

  253. Lori,
    I am so proud of you. I have been a follower of your blog for so long. Wish I lived in your area I would sign up yestereay. Love your cards, your tutorials and I like the fact that you are married to a Goose hunter. It always caused me to giggle when I saw that statement. Enjoy your well deserved appointment to new team. enjoy, enjoy and keep enjoying. MaryAnn

  254. What would I do without my Copics??? Cry! I just love using my Copics on my stamped images…the vibrancy and dimension just cannot be beat! And the smooth transition of color you get using family colors and the blender makes the images jump right off the paper! What can I say…I think they’re great!

  255. I love the SKetch markers. If money was not an object I would have them all! I am a senior citizen and love to color and this makes me a very good colorer. I would love to try the air brushing as well. I have never had this much fun!

  256. I kept reading about how great the Copic markers were and looked all over for them locally. I finally found a place with a small inventory and add a new one to my stash whenever I feel the need for a treat…it beats indulging in a chocolate binge…and I have something left afterward besides more inches on the hips. I love the fact that you can color without obscuring the stamp detail

  257. My best friend introduced me to Copics. I was reluctant to try them…another expense, so many colors. She talked about the brush tip and no streaking and how easy it was to shade. Okay, already, I will give them a try. I bought a few to try out. I was sold! The barrel is such a nice shape, it gives you a good grip. THe brush tip is wonderful. It can get into little corners and sweep over a large area, as well. Now if I could just get some lessons and then get into the airbrushing! Of course, I see the need for some ink refills in the near future, as well!!!

  258. Most people would agree they are the best marker out there. I say I deserve the very best.

  259. I’m a newbie copic user. Love these for cards and scrapbooking!

  260. I have never used Copics before. I’d want to, just to see what all the fuss is about! They always produce such amazing results, as you always demonstrate!

  261. What a great giveaway. I have some of the Ciao Copic markers because of their price point. I use them mostly for colouring in my stamped images because all the cards I fell in love with were coloured with these markers. I would definitely love to add more to my colleciton.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  262. Love that card!! Love Copics, too! I use them mostly to color digital images.

  263. Wow I am just so impressed with the copics and how they blend and are just so much fun to play with. I loved coloring as a child and now as adult I am loving it even more. The copics actually make me look like I know what I am doing LOL !!! I never thought of myself as ever having any artistic ability but now I think I just may have a little talent here thanks to copics. Would love to have some classes in the Phoenix
    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome goodies
    and conrats to the new DT members.

  264. I am so impressed with all the talented designers and artists using copics. Someday I hope to be able to figure them out.

  265. I love to use my Copic Sketch because they just add so much punch to each project I do with them. I love the blending capabilities, and the colorless blender is phenomenal. My Spica pens add just that little bit of glint, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  266. Love the card! I’d like to learn how to effectively use Copics!

  267. Copic markers are the ultimate to use in making cards! Thank you for the chance to win some!

  268. I only have a few right now, I try to add one or two when I can. I really like the way they blend with out leaving lines.

  269. Shelly Schmidt

    Such exciting news! Congrats to you for being chosen on such a great team! I am very excited to see more certification classes in the works- I really would like to take the class to learn more about coloring with Copics! I finally broke down last year at Christmas, and bought some Copics…I do not have hundreds, but also have the airbrush and compressor- Oh they are so pretty!!! I love the Copics and how they make my cards look so much more vibrant. My Mom teaches China painting and has such an eye for color- I cannot paint freehand, but when I use stamps and the art is done for me I am excited to find ways to make my cards look pretty! Thanks so much!

  270. Congrats on your appointment as a Regional instructor! How exciting it must be! I mainly use my Copics to colour my stamped items. They allow you to layer, shade and blend colours until you have them just right. Even though I’m not experienced in using the markers, my stamped and coloured items look wonderful. I’m always amazed at the end result. My colouring never looked as good with watercoloured markers. There is nothing better than Copic markers!

  271. I follow many blogs. And I have noticed that the card(s) are done with Copics. They are all beautiful and I hope that I will be one of the lucky recipients to finally own Copics. My family and ESA sisters would get all handmade cards this year for Christmas done with Copics, of course! Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    In His hands,
    Dawn Womble

  272. I {HEART} my Copics for so many reasons, but mostly because they make me look like a much better colorer than I really am! They are easy to work with, the mistakes are easily fixed and the finished product really has a professional look to it.

  273. I love playing with my copic markers – they are so easy to use and blend, and create such vivid images with subtle shading – you can’t get that with anything else out there! And to add an ABS to my collection? That would be fabulous!!

  274. SO well deserved!!
    HUGE congrats sweetie 🙂

  275. Congrats to you too, on becoming an instructor for Copic. I have seen your wonderful projects and ideas often. All of you truly are amazing. I don’t own any Copics, but I have been dying to try them(maybe this would be a way). I have several friends who are starting to use the Copics, and they just love them. We all like to get together and papercraft. It would be like a little girl getting that big box of crayons, LOVE all the colors.

  276. Tonya Davidson

    I use my copics for paper crafting, stamping and changing colors to embellishments. these markers make images pop off the card and are so easy to blend and work with! Thanks for the chance to win more great product!! Tonya Davidson, [email protected]

  277. Up until a few short months ago, I thought I might never take the plunge and start my Copic collection. I would comment on this blog and that blog about wanting to get started and what would be the best colors to start with. My co-worker at work had a few makers that she let me “test” out. that was it…I had to get my collection going. I waited until Hobby Lobby had 40% of coupon going. I printed 3 and the cashier said as long as I paid in 3 different ways I could use all 3 coupons in in one visit. Hot dog…I am there with a “bright set of primary and secondary colors!!! then I went over to Dick Blick and added a few more. Each time I get a coupon it has been used for Copic, Copic & Copic. I now have 36 colors and climbing each time I have a bit of extra in the paycheck! Now I am adding to my stamp collection, just so I can practice my extension to my years of Crayola 64 and coloring books! Did I happen to tell you…I love using MY Copics!

  278. I’m a recent Copic convert and so far have a very small selection of 6 – I definitely want more because with Copics I feel like an artist. The blending capabilities are amazing and I’d love to try airbrushing in the future as well.

  279. I have about 20 copic ciao markers that I’ve picked up at scrap expos over the past couple of years. Now I’m ready to get serious about my collection since it has really been wonderful to use the copics to get the most out of my stamp sets. They are so versatile to use on any surface, and make matching embellishments a snap! I’d love to try out the airbrush system!
    ~Rachel in Sacramento

  280. I manage a LSS store in my area in Michigan. I formerly used my ciao Copic pen for ink the edges of my scrapbook paper. At the end of October, I was sent to the Copic certification class in Grand Rapids, MI by the owner of the store I manage so I could be the expert and teach classes. I was a bit reluctant b/c I’m not what you would call an artist, not a true artist like Marianne. I can be creative and produce nice work but I can’t even draw a convincing stick figure so I was afraid this would all be wasted on me. However, after mastering some blending techniques and Marianne’s tutorial on shading, my coloring and shading looks fantastic. I can’t wait to start teaching about these markers and ramping up our inventory at the store. Thank you Copic and Marianne!!!

  281. Oh where oh where can my copic markers be??????? I know! sitting on my desk in pride of place waiting to be used for my next project, but alass they are lonely… they need friends and i so would love them….. may be some copics need a holiday to austraila? do you agree? we will see!

  282. I love the way you can color over color to deepen, blend or even change the color. I also love coloring ribbon, buttons or other medium with my copic markers.

  283. cute cute cute!! I am having a love hate with copics…love them all,, hate that I don’t OWN them all!! lol

  284. Wow, this Copic blog hop has been great! Everyone brings something different to share. I have been dying to take a Copics class. They fill up so quickly! It is amazing how the colors blend, and the images are so vibrant, jumping off the page. Just love your “Sweet” card. I’ll need to be brave and purchase a few colors and get started!

  285. Copic Markers are great! The colors are nice and they blend so well. I’ve colored some amazing images using Copic Markers – everyone’s always so impressed with how nice my images look!

  286. I love my copic markers and am learning new stuff all the time. I love finding new ways to use them and color embellishments and ribbon with them all the time. Versatile!! Thanks for the chance to win I could really use the airbrush system!

  287. Being 70 years old and with sore hands, I find the Copic originals just my cup of tea! My coloring is smoother, faster, and a real pleasure to do…can’t wait to add to my collection! The tutorials are soooooo helpful. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration.
    Jan Castle

  288. I love my copics for just about everything. I love dyeing ribbon with it. I often order white knowing I can colour it with Copics.

  289. First off …. Congratulations !!!!

    I love my Copic markers and blog hop to find new and exciting inspiration for my cardmaking from my stamped images that are colored with these awesome markers that blend so well , have such beautiful , vibrant colors !

  290. Who wouldn’t want Copics? They color beautifully, transforming a plain black and white image into something vibrant and absolutely delish looking.
    Secondly, you can color just about everything with them, buttons, pearls, ribbons..
    The blending is fantastic..

    Sigh! I wish i had my set!


  291. I love the shading and details that you can get when you use Copic markers. They add such detail and character to any stamped image!!

  292. Hi Lori, Love the colouring on your card. I have recently starting using copics and love them because they make colouring so easy! Having not studied art at school and being only new to stamping I can use all the help I can get and copics are very user friendly.
    Thanks Sharon

  293. Aloha Lori!
    Can you come to Hawaii and teach a class? Please bring a ton of copics with you! They are a rare commodity here…hence…I am copic-less and cannot succumb to their yumminess. Pick me and change my life!

  294. I hated to “have” to color in images but once I found copics, I became a coloring addict. I travel with my copics and pre stamped images so I can color when I wait places. I love the sketch markers because they allow me easy organization by their numbering visibility.

  295. I would loooove to win, they’re not sell in France!

  296. Hello Lori – Congratulations on going Regional and being published with that cute little gnome!
    What a great giveaway and blog hop you all are having!

    My latest favorite way to use my Copic Markers is air brushing!! I’ve been having such a ball since I picked up my ABS1 two weeks ago. My husband and I went out and got a air compressor last night. I’m out of air brushing control. :o)

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  297. Copics are such great markers! I love the subtlety you can get with them and the depth and shading too. I’ve watched what people do with them for years now and just lately have found a supplier in Australia though not a certified demonstrator. I guess that will come one day! Meanwhile, I would would to add to my small collection of seven markers by winning this competition, but if not, I will just keep adding to my stash gradually and enjoying the journey of discovery!

  298. Lori,
    You must have had a racing heart as you walked into teh Copic Sanctuary! Did you hear angels singing!! LOL! I’ll bet you smiled the whole time you were there! I think I’d walk around with a big old goofy look on my face the whole time! I would have LOVED to see that place!


  299. I use my Copics for card making and stamping mostly, but there are many other uses for them. In fact, the other day I used them to color in and hide a “nick” in my Bathroom wallpaper!! Was able to shade properly and “remove” color with the blender and everything!!! How about that? They are just wonderful and far superior to the “old” markers.

  300. I just recently joined the ‘Copic Craze’ in the past month and currently own 20 markers. I plan on taking a Copic 101 class at my local stamping store this month. There is NO equal to the beauty of the results you get from Copics….NONE!

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  301. Laurel Eichten

    I haven’t had a chance to really use copics but love the colors I see in all the blog posts. As a stay at home mom, I don’t have the extra funds to buy all the colors that I would like, but would love to win some so I could start coloring like a pro!

  302. The copic markers are a must in my studio. I use them to add dimension and depth to my stamping and other art work and find them to be the best markers available! I only buy a few of them at a time and could really benefit from increasing my supply! 🙂

  303. I am totally in love with copics. I started using them when I bought some Magnolia stamps from Magnolia-licious with Diana Crick, and she introduced me to coloring these images with copics. LOVE them!!

  304. Copics are the magic wands I’ve been searching for to take my images to the next level! My coloring has alway been very flat and often I was embarrassed even to use it on the card! These markers have taken my images to the next level! I’m no longer ashamed of saying I made that!

  305. I see so many talented copic users when I visit blogs and view tutorials!! I want that to be me!!!! I love my copics, and I am still learning to use them. I have about 85 sketch markers now, and I want them ALL!!! These markers are amazing, and I find myself using them everytime I am able to create something!

  306. Your card is DARLING!! I think I need this book! LOL!!
    Copics.. LOVE them.. LOVE them.. LOVE them.. I use them on almost all my projects.. weather it be coloring the image or coloring, my bling or pearls to match my project! they are the BEST!

  307. Love Copics and Love you Lori! You are so inspiring!

    Copics….I use them to color stamped images. I prefer Sketch markers but have a few of all. I love using them because they blend so nicely and leave such a beautiful colored image…I have never used another product that I love any more for coloring! I love the crispness and how well they blend. I would love to use the air gun and learn more about it! Thanks for the chance to win….and I wish Copic the best! Love the products!

  308. This is a very nice giveaway for your blog. I got a set of copic markers for my birthday. I like them so much I use them for everything. Thank you for the chance.

  309. Shellie Hartsock

    I love the color selection and blendability of the Copics. I am a new user and I practice coloring whenever I can. I would love to try the airbrushing. I love the backgrounds you can make with the airbrush.

  310. I did resist buying the Copic pens until I found out how magical they are. So, for the last 2 years I have been a loyal user and have abandoned my other pens because of the versatility of the Copic markers. I use the sketch markers and they bring my stamped images to a whole new level. Because blogs like yours have been so inspirational to me I can now say I have a stash of colored stamped images!! In July of 2008 I became Copic certified and I am so proud of this achievement. Copic markers rock and I love, love, love them

  311. I recently purchased a couple of Copics after seeing all the beautiful projects created with them. I look forward to adding to my collection and learning how to use them. Would love to try the airbrushing!

  312. Be still my heart…Lori, this is just absolutely perfect! Need my address?!

    Guess what?! I just got my first Copics last week, and am having so much fun experimenting with them…copic cabana for me, baby!

  313. I am new to Copics and I use the Sketch markers. I love them!! I had just about given up trying my hand at “coloring” with markers. I loved all the projects that I saw using Copics… I thought….one more time! I’m so glad I didn’t give up. I’m in my second childhood now 🙂 Thank you for the chance to add some new colors to my still small collection. WOW!! talk about a kid in a candy store….I would have loved to be in that room with all those COPICS 🙂

  314. I have stamped for years and the copic markers are the 1st time I really wanted to get out and color with them all the time. The colore is so sharp and the shading you can do looks great. A class is a great place to learn how to use them and to learn different techniques . I am sure I am not done learning and having fun with copic markers.

  315. I have the glitter pens and just love them. I wish I had more than a handful of the regular pens so I could do the intricate coloring and shading I see on these ladies blogs.

  316. I just love my copics I have learned so much by just watching tutorials and visiting blogs that people use them. I get so inspired, by just seeing all those markers together..Copic Heaven!

  317. I don’t own any Copics yet, but I have seen some wonderful coloring. looking forward to getting some in a near future.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    God bless

  318. I live in the midwest, Lori, and would love to attend a copic class taught by you. I don’t have copics yet but so want them. I love coloring…have since I was a little girl and I know that Copics would make it so much more fun to color as a “big girl”. The projects I’ve seen done with the copics are nothing short of amazing.

  319. I would love to win some copic markers…the images colored are amazing…depth of color, shadows, highlights. All of this from copic markers!

  320. Why do I wish I had copics? They’re amazing, that’s why. I would use them for all of my stamping, papercrafting, journaling needs — every, single day! I also am thinking of ways that I could use them with my polymer clay work. Not to mention, I am making handmade holiday cards this year — for the first time. My fingers are so crossed, it’s amazing I can type.

  321. I love that Copics are refillable and you can replace the nibs too. When I first bought my Copics, I had no idea I’d love them instantly and want to color all the time! I quickly ran out of ink in my fave colors (like hair and skin tones) and it was so easy and economical to just refill them instead of having to buy a new pen every time one ran dry!

  322. I would love to see all them colored Copics in one place. I have just started really using my copic sketch markers. Trying to do animals with the many layers of color you can only get from Copics. I’m anxious to try a snowman with the shadowing for some christmas cards. I’m still in the collecting mode as I only have 30 or so.

  323. I feel like a kid with his hand stretched high in class saying, “oh, pick me, pick me”. Let’s see, first of all I’m originally from Eugene (home of Copic), so I’d like to first say that great things come from Oregon 🙂 I love Copic Markers. Copic Markers are one of the products that after you color a great card, you say to yourself, “how did I ever do this without them”. I love using them because they are so easy to use and the end result is wonderful. I use original, sketch and a Ciao just to even things out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  324. I am new to Copics and have a set of Ciao markers that I just love but I really need to take some classes to improve. I am a stamper and just love the realistic look you get using Copics.

  325. I always loved to color but struggled getting my images colored with pencils looking smooth, blended and dimensional. That all changed when I started using copics. They make is so easy to color “artistically”, create highlights, shadows and blend colors. Someday I hope to own the air brush system so I can try some of your wonderful techniques. Thanks for sharing your ideas and the chance to play.

  326. I have never used a Copic marker, but I really want some. I’ve heard so much about them.

  327. Love sketch. They blend so smoothly. Want them all.

  328. I don’t have any Copic markers yet but I want some BAD!!! I have seen all the beautiful things you can do with them and even with my limited artistic ability I think I could turn something ordinary into something extraordinary! Thank you for the opportunity to win some.

  329. I love my copics I use it to color bling, metal paper and so much more. Doodling on acetate! Coloring my acetate butterflies! It is the best marker in the world! I won’t use any other. My stash is limited and I need to win some please. I have the sprayer on my wish list for the past year and I hope to win some soon. I can’t wait for the winner to be announced!

  330. Lori, I only recently discovered your fabulous Blog and enjoy your beautiful creations.
    I don’t currently own any Copics, but would love to try using them because of ladies like you who make it look so utterly professional. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  331. I only have one (C1 for shadowing) but I’ve got the itch to buy a lot more and have been scoping them out to purchase this whole week. I had a chance to play with them at an Archiver’s store. They are so different than what I am used to and I’m excited to try them out more.
    When I see what my favorite bloggers/crafters are doing with them, it makes me so jealous. I wanna try too!!

  332. Creating should be about play. And, Copic markers, sure do put the fun into playing! They are an amazing product and I am crossing my fingers and toes!

  333. I’ve been a COPIC lurker for a couple years. I didn’t even take the plunge myself. My husband held my hand and gave me some for a gift just a month ago. I’ve been surfing online for all the ways to use them and get better at using them… probably spending WAY more time surfing then I should on practice coloring with them. (I didn’t know there are Colorists. I want to be a Colorist! How cool does that sound!?! Nevermind that I have no color theory that could save me!) 🙂 I learned the markers can also be used to color embellishments and so when I was making a mask for my Halloween costume, I thought, “Hey, I could use my new COPICs!” (I also tried to use a Sharpie, but it’s NOT the same!). Well, I guess I didn’t wait long enough for it to dry because my husband asked what all the black stuff was on my face… after I had taken the mask off. Well, I’m still surfing on how to use these things, but I also have actually started practicing. Fun times!! “Kids, want to color? Mommy wants to color.”

  334. OMGoodness, who wouldn’t want the Copics?? The colors are outstanding. I was just lookking at the certification information last night, I’ve been in love with them for so long….. but currently do not have any, since here in Dominican Republic where I live the few Scrapbooking store do not have them I haven’t been able to purchase them, I have to order them from the web and I couple of time have try to get them but i can’t seem to decide for the 12 or 72 markers (not talk about prices!!!) I sometimes surf between blogs to find offers or giveaway prizes on Copics but really I can’t find… or maybe the ones that i’ve being in do not have…. so you must imagine my surprise when I saw this……well, anyways for me Getting a complete set at once would give me a start! I subscribe to many of groups blogs and am amazed at the beautiful work and how you cand blend colors with is amazing….I’m a card maker and i would love to improve my coloring style with CoPICS!!!!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  335. I am just starting out new with my Copics. I am currently enrolled in Colleen’s online class and learning a lot.


  336. Marian Berggren

    I bought 4 Copics and 1 Blender this summer so I could try them out. I sure would like to add to my collection and see if I can color like the different ladies on their blogs. They have beautiful projects and they make the coloring sound easy.
    Thanks for the chance to win some Copics!

  337. I don’t have any Copics yet, but I’ve been eying them. I’m just getting into stamping and admire the beautiful results I’ve seen talented folks achieve. I would love to play, too! 🙂

  338. I’m new to Copics but I love how easy they are to use. They blend so well and it makes me feel like a kid again! Who doesn’t love to color! They are an item that add stunning depth to any image and are a classic staple for any cardmaker/scrapbooker/papercrafter.

  339. I don’t have ANY Copic markers, but I would love to win some! The techniques you could do with them are so cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  340. I love my Copic Markers. They are great for blending and I love the range of colours.

  341. Lori I’m a huge admirer of your work anyway and you was one of the many talented crafters who finally pushed me to purchasing my very 1st set. Obviously I have a learning curve ahead of me but all I can say is WOW! They are super and I wouldn’t go back to using any other colour medium after the Copic experience.
    Thank you
    Lana from the UK x

  342. Hi lori. My name is sue and I wanted to congratulate you on being selected for this team. It looks like quite a bit of talent here! I hope to be able to take advantage of and glean some knowledge from you ladies. I am brand new to the world of Copics. I have sat on the idea of owning my own for about 2 years now until I felt my coloring and cardmaking skills were at a level that I felt comfortable with. I hope to take advantage of an upcoming workshop that will be in my area. I’m so excited!! thankyou for this opportunity to win. 🙂

  343. I love my Sketch markers! I was a demo for a stamp company for 7 years; by the time I left I had pretty much lost my interest in coloring. My Copic markers have brought back my love for coloring! They really make it easy to create such well done artwork. I also own a few of the Spica glitter pens that I enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  344. I wonder if there has ever been a person to try copics and not like them?!?! If there is I have never met such a being. They are fabulous markers. Perfect colour everytime!!

  345. I’ve seen so many wonderful cards on people’s blogs that I had to buy some Copics. They’re absolutely amazing. Now I just need to get myself some more and to learn how to use them!

  346. I use copic sketch for rubber stamping/making cards. I use the copic sketch and the blender solutions. I love them because of the great colors available and how easy it is the blend them.

  347. Love your work. I know very little about Copics but what I have seen has been amazing. Could someone explain the difference between ABS-1 & Sketch markers? Would love to win and learn. God bless & happy coloring!
    Peggy Allen

  348. What a cute card! I love it. I use copic markers, spica pens, copic white, and I have an air compressor to use with them too. I still need more colours but I think I will always need more colours. A girl can never get enough colour. – Nimmy

  349. Oh I’d love to win a set of Copics. I don’t have any and love seeing the beautiful colouring that they produce. I also love how versatile they are – colour on metal, ribbon, rhinestones, etc. Fingers crossed!

  350. Cute card! I love your colored boots! Copics make everything so perfect!

  351. I just bought my first Copic Sketch markers and have made just one project with them so far. i love that you can add depth to images by blending colors and that there are no streaking lines. Now I can’t wait to get more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  352. I LOVE my COPICS because they bring my creations to life

  353. Using Copic markers is like holding a rainbow in my hand…. I love the way the blend so smoothly.
    I have mostly Sketch and a few Ciao style markers. Would love to add to my collection!
    [email protected]

  354. I got my first Copics earlier this year–mostly Ciao but I am adding a few Sketch markers as I need them. I absolutely love them. The colors are so vibrant and the blending ability is amazing. Definitely a great investment and fabulous product!

  355. I just ordered my first Copic Sketch markers and I can’t wait for them to arrive.

    I have been waiting, chomping at the bit, I ordered a 36 piece set!
    I’m sure that number will grow in no time at all.

    I fell in love with Copics right away and had to have them. They have the most amazing color, so bright amd vivid, they just make you feel good.

    Budgets are tight these days, so I have had to wait a while, but it was worth the wait.
    My Stamps are ready to go!!

  356. I love to color my card images with copics. I am learning new techniques and trying to perfect the skill!

  357. I never found the right coloring medium until I discovered Copic markers. Now I’m hooked and there’s no turning back! They are fabulous because they leave a smooth finish on the paper and they are so easy to use. The Copic team provides a wealth of samples and tutorials so learning new techniques is always convenient. Thanks for all the info and a chance to expand my Copic stash 😀

  358. I love using the Copic Sketch markers which I have only recently discovered. I love the way the colours blend seamlessly. I am slowly improving my technique by teaching myself as I live down in Australia where we have no Copic training classes. I am slowly building my collection but would looove to add to it.

  359. I use the Copic Sketch Markers for coloring stamped images. During the long winter in MN, I enjoy working with all the different colored papers, ribbons and Copic Markers. It’s a nice pick me up.

  360. I love the card with the gnome. The copic markers really made a difference in the color. I would love to win a set for using when I tackle my cards for Christmas. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  361. who wouldn’t take time to talk about Copics and join in the fun of winning some products? i resisted a long time, foolish i know, and am so thankful i finally wisened up. i love my results and am just amazed at what Copics can do. thank you Copics!

  362. I just purchased my first Copics and I am so excited to learn how to use them and add to my collection soon!

  363. I love copic markers! I started out being very timid about using my markers. I have no clue why because I missed out on many months of easy fun creating. I finally decided that I can not really hurt them and should just dive in there and use them. After all what is the most tht can happen…besides finding out that I want more and more colors. They blend so well together! The main thing I have found since starting is the colorless blender is not necessarily needed to blend. I have found out more that I use it as an eraser or a highlighter! I love that there are so many color choices. I have mostly sketch markers but a few of the others. I use them almost every day. I say almost because there are some days I do not have time for creating so in turn I do not even touch a single crafty item!

    Denise Wells
    [email protected]

  364. I adore the copics and fell they have really helped me to take the next step in creativity and design. I have a degree in metal design and specialized in anodized alumninum …. who needs chemicals and special equipment. With copics you can actually color right on metal and have the beautiful colors that you can acheive with any other process so simply. They are so versitile and who wouldn’t fall in love with them. With all the options they provide they really help an artist to think outside of the box. Thank you Copic!

  365. OOOooo! I like my copic markers very much — it’s so easy to make a plain black and white stamped image really pop! I mostly seem to collect copic sketch markers. I am very interested in the air brush — I think it would add a lot of depth to my work.

  366. A dream come true…a chance to win something that I have drooled over for a long time. These markers are amazing and offer great features like replaceable nibs, refillable ink and an array of beautiful colors with amazing creative support. Is there anyone that doesn’t love copics?

  367. Congrats Lori!

    I use both Copic Ciao and Sketch markers. I must say I like the sketch better because the colors are labeled on the caps.

  368. Lori!! I’d love to take a class from you. Wish I was closer. Congratulations, girlfriend.

    In all honesty, I didn’t think I needed Copics. My husband had a set of Prismacolor Markers from his college days that worked just fine. So why spend my money on Copics? I had markers that worked just as well, right? I had tried Copics at a stamping retreat, saw Debbie Olsen demo them at summer CHA ’08 but hey, I had Prismacolor markers so I was good, right? Then one day a friend sent me some copics to play with. I still didn’t want to get caught up in the Copic “craze” but hey, free is free and if someone wants to send them to me, I wouldn’t say no. So I get the Copics and gingerly try my hand at them expecting the worse. Wait! Is that really my card? Wow, who colored it? Wait… it was me! With Copics! Wow! Look at the difference from the Copics to the Prismas I was using. I am in love with Copics now. My Prismas are gathering dust now as I head right to the small selection of Copics that I own. I would love to own some more but with the times being what they are, I can’t afford to buy them all. So for now the 12 little Copics that I have are earning their keep and would love some friends to keep them company.

  369. Jalayne Kubasta

    I don’t own any Copics yet, but would love to win some!! It’s amazing what gets done with these markers.

  370. I have used the Copic markers at a class that my daughter took me to.
    They color so nicely and such great colors.
    I am retired and on a limited income so I am hoping to win some markers!!!

  371. I just started using copic markers and I love them. I would love a chance to win some so I can add them to my collection.

    Thank You

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  373. I am so impressed with the professional results from the Copic markers that I just HAVE TO HAVE them! Even my husband is impressed with them. I may have to hid them from him just so he won’t use them himself. I don’t own any – YET! I just realized what big deal was about them. I can hardly wait to get started!

  374. I am not fortunate enough to be the owner of any Copic markers yet. I absolutely love all the projects I see using Copics. I would love to be able to give them a try and hopefully produce some equally gorgeous crafts!

  375. One of my favorite things to see on my craft table is the little box holding my Copic markers . . . they’re so so pretty!

  376. just love the results from these markers you can take a $6 stamped image and really turn it into a work of art there is a bit of a learning curve but even that was fun Love them

  377. I use Copic Sketch markers to color in my cards. I love the richness Copic markers add, plus I love to color – I find it relaxing!

  378. Life has not been the same since discovering Copics! My poor watercolour pencils sit lonely and neglected in a drawer while my Copics take centre stage – right out there on my desk – front and centre.They know they are well loved and cared for but the only problem is that they sometimes wish they had more company – yes, more copics would certainly make the party come to life!

  379. I use copics for coloring images for cards and craft projects.
    Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved coloring. I even won a $50 prize as a kid for my coloring! Now that I’m an adult I love using Copics to color. I use mostly Copic Ciao but have some Sketch pens also. Coloring my images is relaxing and a stress release for me. Copics are so easy to use and the more you learn about them the better your coloring becomes.

  380. rebecca keppel

    I had heard about Copics and was curious about the ability to blend colors. I am just a beginner, but I am wowed each time I use my Copics that the outcome looks so professional (even though I am no where near that level lol!).

  381. OMG that little gnome is absolutely darling!!! I love him!!! You do beautiful work!!! Thanks for the chance to win this incredible prize from Copic Markers!!! I currently have 20 Copic Sketch Markers, and I try to acquire a couple more here and there as my budget allows! I’ve been using them to add color to the stamped images on the cards I make, and I have been really thrilled with the results! Plus, it’s so much fun to color!!!

  382. You know…I touched on this subject on one of the other blogs earlier. But I read so many comments about how expensive these markers are. And I so want to get the information out to everyone about just how economical the markers really are, once you reach the refill stage. The cost per marker drops soooo much once you start refilling. So if you use other markers, and just have to throw it away and buy another one when you run out of ink, do yourself a favor and do a cost comparison on the Copics. I think you’d be quite surprised with your findings. Yet another reason why I love my Copics! Thanks for the fun chance of winning! hugs!

  383. donna calamari

    I am not artistic but I have always loved palettes of color — makeup, the 64 count crayola box, the Benjamin Moore paint display. I was happy to purchase an array of Copic markers in various colors (I have about 30.) I am not particularly adept at using them but I find coloring to be very therapeutic. I love to sit and color. When I go on vacation I take stamped images and my COPICs and color. When I get home I make cards with my images. I live on Long Island in NY and would LOVE to attend Copic certification classes. Right now, that would be my perfect gift.

  384. Maybe a year ago, a few gals were using Copics, and now everyone but me has them! I sure would like to win a set so I too could color with the amazing true colors that this product provides. Your card is just amazing! I would like to try to come close to making something that beautiful. Copic Certification is on my list of things to accomplish in 2010, please help me get there!

  385. I would like to learn how to use Copic markers to improve my coloring skills. I would like to have the confidence that I coloring the correct way so I could teach others.

  386. Therapy!! These markers are my Therapy and it’s cheaper too. (Now if I could just convince my hubby that it is true!) The colors are so bold and bright and there are so many. The ability to blend, shade and highlight make them a joy to work with. The heck with making a card. I could just sit and color images all day!

  387. Love that Gnome! So cute with the trees. I’m a huge Copic fan! I only wish I could afford to have all the lovely colors! The results that I achieve make me so happy! I’m not nearly as good as many, many, many of the talented Copic user, but even without true artistic talent ~ Copics make my cards look good!

  388. Beautifully colored Holiday Gnome Lori! Congrats on being selected as Copic Regional Instructor. Sadly I don’t own any Copic’s yet, hopefully I’ll win some and learn to color as beautifully as you!

  389. I love using my copic markers to color my stamped images. The markers really make my images “pop”. They are a dream to work with. Thanks for a great product!

  390. I love using my copic markers to color line art images for papercrafting. I’m drooling over the airbrush system, and am hoping that Santa will leave one under the tree this Christmas.

  391. Alyssa Clawson

    I wish I had Copic markers because they seem so versatile and vibrant. I currently only own one (I know, sad right?) which a friend gave me and would love to win more so I could experience the magic of blending and coloring for myself!

  392. I am very new to Copics i only have 16 because i joined a club in my home town , but they went out of buissness and for me that was a economical way for me to build a collection. I read all of the blogs to try and learn good techniue , but I tell you these markers are the best. I have a friend who works a paper co. and she got me a 250 sheet pk of the Neenah paper and it’s great. I would love to win a set of the markers it would top off my birthday week! For months i was thinking about getting the SU markers for so long untill one day I ran across a blog on copic markers! I was really intrested, what are these markers the colors are so vibrant and they blend! Are you kidding me they really blend; yes! They are fantastic I love the few I have cant wait to get more all my stamped projects just POP with my new found love COPIC MARKERS!!!!!!!!!

  393. I love my Copics! They make colouring so easy and I get a perfect result every time.
    Can’t wait to get an airbrush kit – that is on my wish list for Xmas.
    Robyn Wood

  394. It took me a while to give in to the Copic Craze, but I am certainly happy I did. My cards look so much richer because of them! The colours are pure heaven as the shades seem to meld together with very little effort. Copics have also encouraged me to learn more about art by offering the opportunity to read shared tips and learn techniques that are useful for success.
    I still wonder what took me so long to get them as I really have quite enjoyed using them since day one!

  395. Congrats, Lori on the new position! I can truly say that I love my Copics and I am so happy for the day I decided to try them. I am also so happy I went to a certification class, it was so worth it.

  396. Love your little elf card. Wow- so many entries. I’ve just started paper crafting and ‘copics’ look really nice. I’d love to try them. Please include me in your drawing.

  397. Oh, the Copics! I have never used Copic’s but have seen the way they make the artwork “pop” on the many blogs I visit. I’d love to win a set to check it out myself.

  398. I am so very new to Copics but just love them! I have about 2 dozen, mostly Ciao with a few Sketch markers. I was hestitant to try them due to the cost but did a lot of research to learn about blending techiniques and which colors blend well. I very pleased with the Copics!! Thanks for including me in your drawing!!

  399. i don’t own any Copic markers but I would really love to. There is so much beautiful artwork out there using them. I would be interested in classes also.

  400. Just wanted to say congrats!!!

  401. Gosh what a fantastic opportunity this would be for me to get my feet wet and start using Copic markers! I love to color and would love to try to achieve the results from these wonderful markers. Those lovely light colors you have pictured in that box would be just perfect for me! Please choose me! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  402. this is fantastic! Congrats!

  403. I just love the coloring effects of the Copic markers. I love to stamp and color but i have no Copic markers yet. I am attending a certification class next week and can’t wait to get started. This giveaway would surely be a good stating point.

  404. hugs and congrats Lori!!
    gosh do I LOVE my Copics!! guess I’ve had them now about 3 yrs… alwasy my first coloring choice!!!

  405. I always look at the copics when I visit craft stores and just kinda sigh and walk off! They aren’t in my budget, maybe one day when my kids are grown! I would really love to win some!

  406. What a cute gnome!!! I bought a set of 36 Copic Sketch markers this Spring while in Tokyo; I didn’t really save much $, but I’m reminded of that wonderful trip with friends whenever I reach for them! Thank you *so* much for this chance!

  407. Thanks for this chance. I have never used or own any Copic markers. I would love to. I had never heard of Copic markers till I started blog hopping in Sept. then I started a blog late Sept. I would love my colored cards to look as good as the ones I see with Copic use. This would be so nice. I love everyones colored Copic cards when I hop and can tell the difference. Your cards are beautiful. This would also be a nice birthday present as my bd is next friday 20th woohoo. [email protected]

  408. Wishing I will be a lucky person today and win some markers. I only have six and don’t have enough to color a picture yet.

  409. What a great giveaway! So fun! I use my Copics with other markers and pencils out on the market. Since Copics have light colors, I use them as the base for all my coloring, then I layer on anything else I have in my inventory. I would LOVE for Copics to release all the colors of Sketch in Caio version. I actually like the feel of the round tube more than I do the squarish tube. And I rather spend a little less money with Caio so I can buy more colors.

  410. I love the way copics blend and the choice of colors. I use sketch, but have a few ciao markers. But I DO need more, so I would love to win!! Thanks

  411. Think big, brown puppy-dog eyes here, beautifully shaded with Copic markers to just the right shade of heart-warming. That is me, gently, yet sweetly, begging for the opportunity to win these great markers!

  412. I am just amazed at all the great sites with Copics…I have just fell into my Adult Toy Shoppe with all the new sites I have found. And give aways to boot…Yipeee…I only have four markers and would love to win more. Plus so much to read and take in…I know now housework will never get done….Ha..Ha..

  413. Congrats to everyone!

    After becoming addicted to stampers’ (mostly) blogs, I noticed how many bloggers mentioned their fabulous Copic markers. I was intrigued & started reading everything I could about them. I think I’ve purchased about every marker known to man, over the years, not ever being truly satisfied with the results. I’ve always been creative, love to color & (now) have a huge collection of stamps. Finally, I took the plunge & found that Copic markers were the answer! So versatile! To date, I have collected 154 Sketch markers, all the Atyou Spica pens, all the Multiliner SP BS pens, a black Copic Ink Pro Wallet Liner Kit Marker Set, one of the airbrush starter sets & the Papercrafting DVD. I couldn’t praise Copic highly enough – I love it all!

  414. WOW! What fun!
    I currently do not have any copics, but would love some so I can try and produce beautiful pictures like all you Copic gurus!
    Thanks for the fun!

    slbt17 at yahoo dot com

  415. As a newcomer to copic sketch markers I was skeptical of anything replacing my colored pencils. Thankfully I listened to a friend who insisted I give them a try. Best of all I can mix my colored pencils and my copics for some incredible finished results!

  416. I love my copics, let me count the ways. Blending, airbrushing,coloring metal, and on and on… I also have all the spica glitter pens and use them all the time and best of all you can layer under the copics. I wish to thank all of you for sharing your knowledge and tips on your blogs it is so helpful.