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Like Coloring… for Typography

lettering IMG_8257

I’m not much for idle time… and I’ve had a lot of car rider and airplane time lately. It’s been a gratifying time to sharpen my hand lettering skills, even what is often called faux~calligraphy.
lettering IMG_1242

I follow a number of different hand lettering artist on Instagram, and it’s been fun to practice different fonts that each of them scrawl out flawlessly.

At CHA back in January, I received a new pen from Copic,  the Gasenfude (pronounced: gas•en•fu•day), that has a nice nylon brush tip that is beautiful for hand lettering. The ink is both water and Copic-proof for drawing, lettering and coloring. The long nib takes a little practice to work with if you are new to brush pens, but even the amateur results are worth it! I have enjoyed keeping a senseBook journal of my hand~lettering practices. Yes, my Gs need some help!

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