your smile, your laugh, your kisses


Here is my baby, and I am vulnerable today. She has made that leap from the confines of our happy home where we can protect, nurture and guide her every move. Today, she went to kindergarten.

I was fine as this morning approached. Clothes were laid out, backpacks packed, lunch menu discussed and approved.  I had plans to breakfast and celebrate the beginning of Mom’s Winter Vacation with friends to preoccupy my mind. But, in that moment when I knelt in the classroom to take a picture of my baby girl with her teacher, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in this same spot, same chalk board, same teacher, same grin exactly 2 years ago, and at that moment it was like yesterday. So fleeting…

Courtenay will only have one photo to mark the start of her school career, and  it isn’t because she’s the second-child…it’s because at that moment, I thought my heart would heave out of my chest, and I didn’t want her joy diminished by a sobbing mother.

She embraced the day with the same smile and laugh that she has always been known for…this page was done a while back, but today more than ever, may she always know that I … {heart} your smile, {heart} your laugh, {heart} your kisses…..{heart} you, baby girl!

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15 responses to “your smile, your laugh, your kisses

  1. Oh man, I’m sending hugs over to you! I just got all teary reading your post! Your page is awesome! It’s just so bright and happy and fun, love it! Hang in there and be strong!

  2. How sweet is this?! Wonderful work!

  3. What a sweet layout – and what a sweet story! Hope you’re doing ok!

  4. Goose bumps here and my baby is 18! I will be sending her off to college in less than 2 weeks. Wonder how I will handle that…

  5. That is just too sweet! OH my! I have my first child going to pre-school in a couple of weeks. She’s READY. . .I’m not! 🙂

  6. You’re making me cry before 8am — geesh! *wink* Adorable page . . . love the chipboard and bright colors with kraft.

  7. What an adorable page – and I got all teary eyed just reading it! I have to say, I just sent my 18-year old off to college (have two left at home) and I am still crying everytime I think of the fact that he is no longer at home where I can keep him safe and know what he is doing every second of every day!!! Hang on to those moments – you are right, they go fast! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  8. Lori, I am thinking of you today. I love your page and such a doll-baby, your Courtenay! I can’t believe she’s old enough for kindergarten. Glad you are cherishing these moments, sweet friend.

  9. Very touching…thanks so much for sharing such a tender moment. I love that we as scrapbookers can incapsulate (sp?) a memory on a page, lovely job. TFS!

  10. This is gorgeous!!! Love everything about it! 🙂

  11. {{{{{{{{{{{{Lori}}}}}}}}}}}} I have a few years before the next one heads off to Kindergarten, I feel your pain. I am already dreading it. Awesome page though, so sweet!!

  12. You have such a way with words, Lori! Your story has made me cry!

  13. Oh, Lori! (((Hugs)))) School starts on Monday here, and right now, since the kids are at work with me, I am counting the hours till they go back!! ((((more hugs))))

  14. I love your layout!! Great use of chipboard, and I love the colors. What an adorable subject as well!!

  15. Oh Lori…when I read your post I almost cried! I have to drop off my son for his first day of K on Wednesday and I STILL don’t know how I am going to do it! This is a fab layout!

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