Seasons Givings Year 8

Welcome to Seasons Givings Year 8

Edit 1/5/2020 – 10:00pm – Thank you for stopping by. Comments for my entry are closed. Winner will be announced Tuesday.

One of my favorite posts of the year, and thank you to my dear Latisha for inviting me to participate again. I love the season of giving, and I especially love being able to give back to our community!

If you’ve stopped here before, it’s no surprise that watercolor is one of my favorite things. So that’s driving my GIVEAWAYS this week!

Sharing one of my favorite uses of the Grid Background stamp from Taylored Expressions today.  This stamp was created to be an overlay to the large Buffalo Plain Backgrounder, but I had other plans! SWATCHING! I use white embossing powder for perfectly clean lines that hold the watercolor in place.

Something about swatching watercolor is very soothing to me. I love seeing all of the vibrant colors organized neatly, side-by-side. The practice within a confined square helps me learn control of the water and granulation of the specific colors. I honestly learn so much this way, and it’s very relaxing.

In both of these cards, I’ve used one of my two favorite watercolor mediums – Daniel Smith watercolors that I purchase in easy shared “splits” from Lydia. Lydia has curated a beautiful business concept in that she splits out tubes of beautiful color into pans and sells small collections to other artist and papercrafters. It’s a fabulous day when 1/2 pans of an entire collection show up in the mail, at a fraction the cost of purchasing tubes on my own. Search: DANIEL SMITH WATERCOLOR SPLIT GROUP on the Facebook for information and pricing. 🙂

A new-to-me medium for watercolor this year is the Karin Brushmarker Pro from Marker Universe. I’ve been working with these a lot over the holidays, just not necessarily creating cards. The fluid watercolor ink is visible in the chamber with a wonderful nib for creating thick and thin lines. The control of the nib is just fabulous!  Use them straight out of the marker, or with traditional blending techniques – palette and tip-to-tip for a burst of beautiful color! Check out this IG inspiration!

Here is a beautiful piece created by my friend, the amazing,  Jennifer Dove!? She has used the white embossing technique, as well. Love the beautiful, flowing color here. The nib control and fluid color is what I love about the Karin. Leave my friend Jen some love if you stop by her blog for a closer look or follow her on Facebook! She’s got beautiful original hand-drawn watercolor designs, as well!

And, finally, what many of you are here for. My giveaway! I have three different gift certificates to give away this year to the places I’ve mentioned in my post today. Businesses I am proud to work with and support because I appreciate  their products and their support in helping me grow as an artist!

I’ve shared some ideas that are super relaxing about crafting to me. To be entered to win my giveway, please leave me a comment and let me know, what about crafting or art do you find most relaxing? How do you use crafting to unwind… or do you? What’s the best stress reliever!? 

My giveaway will close Sunday night, January 5th, and I’ll post my winners at that time!

Please take time to visit the other participants in this hop. There is so much inspiration in this list and wonderful, wonderful prizes! Happy New Year to you and yours, and thank you for stopping by!

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223 responses to “Seasons Givings Year 8

  1. Yes, I agree, crafting is a stress reliever. Even organizing my crafty space gives me some zen moments. The best stress reliever is allowing myself to play for plays sake and no other reason. Just to pick up materials and see where the bits and pieces may lead me. Nothing is as rewarding as starting with nothing and ending up with something fabulous to share. Patti

  2. These are fabulous, love them! Crafting is what keeps me sane, definitely a stress reliever! I am a slow crafter, so I rarely make more (if even!) than one card in one evening sitting, but I feel so energised and happy after each completed product! Happy New Year to you!

  3. Crafting is my go to “me time”. I love that it gives the chance to get away from the day to day mundane tasks and lets me create.
    Happy New Year and may 2020 bring you many blessings.

  4. Happy New Year!
    so wonderful projects!
    crafting is myy relax time.

  5. Happy New Year! Crafting is my passion. I love stamping and die cutting and find it so rewarding to see a card slowly come together. The focus on that gives me a break from the everyday stuff of life.

  6. Happy New Year Lori! Crafting is my therapy. It’s how I restore myself. Whether it’s coloring, painting, fussy cutting… it doesn’t matter if it takes 20 minutes or 3 hours to make a card. It’s all about the process and the enjoyment of it for me. And then, of course, putting it in the mail. The best part. 🙂

  7. This may sound weird but organizing my craft supplies is relaxing to me. Sometimes I spend more time organizing than I do crafting. That needs to change!

    • I agree with that so much! I often organize several hours away in what seems like 20 minutes! Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year. I use crafting as a stress reliever. I like to stamp and color.
    I also like to knit which to me is very Zen

  9. Happy New Year! Such lovely cards! I find coloring to be a great stress reliever.

  10. Happy new year! Card making is my stress reliever, relaxing, be artistic time!

  11. Happy New Year! Love your watercoloring, especially the grid cards. Crafting is a big stress reliever for me. I find die cutting and making backgrounds very relaxing.

  12. Happy New Year, great prizes! Thanks for the chance to win! Most relaxing to me when I’m crafting, is listening to classical music!

  13. Miriam Prantner

    Just the process of creating is relaxing for me, and the ability to finish a project when so much else that happens in life or around the house doesn’t get finished in a timely manner helps with my sanity. Thanks for the chance to win these prizes!

  14. Such a beautiful post, love your projects and thanks for sharing all the information. Crafting has always helped me relax. Something as little as fussy cutting can make you focus on something other than what troubles you.
    Happy New Year!

  15. Just sitting and coloring brings me back to the “no stress” childhood days sitting on the porch with new box of crayons and a new coloring book. The biggest decision was what color to use next. I think I’ll go sit on my porch now. On no! It’s 36 degrees today.

  16. Debroh Murphy

    Happy New Year! Crafting is my therapy too; all my stress just melts away when I color, paint, or craft.

  17. Coloring is most relaxing for me. I prefer Copics or colored pencils

  18. Quelle magnifique façon de débuter l’année, une magnifique carte et un magnifique prix à gagner. Bonne et heureuse année à tous.

  19. I kinda forgot crafting was supposed to be relaxing! 🙂 I love your rainbow grid card by the way. It looks like a great way to practice watercoloring so I should really give it a try. Beautiful card. Love you!

  20. my weekends in my studio are my respite … I usually create while my husband (and I) watch soccer … seriously the most relaxing and best part of each week.

  21. Margaret Bridges

    I love dabbling in all aspects of crafting…sewing, card making, painting, scrapbooking, organizing and I find it both relaxing and stressful at times which is probably a strange comment. However, often I find it is stressful because I am trying too hard to make it perfect and I have to remember nothing is perfect and I need to just let go and enjoy the process. I am getting better at letting go and enjoying the creativity.

  22. I really zone out painting or coloring. Best therapy there is!

  23. As stress reliever for me is colouring. I always take some ready to colour images to work on in the last few hours of a retreat. It is relaxing and easy to pack up at the end of the retreat.

  24. Card making is what I like to do most of all. I don’t consider myself particularly creative so, for me, the best part is when I make a card and think “wow!…that’s actually pretty good!” I’m not sure it’s a stress reliever but the feeling of accomplishment sure can’t be discounted. 🙂

  25. Happy New Year! Crafting of all types is a stress reliever. It gives you a chance to focus on that one thing and block others out.

  26. Tamala Priebe

    Anything about crafting is relaxing because it is my time!! I especially love coloring with any medium.

  27. Laurie Gatton

    This stamping craft makes me feel like an artist – learning to use watercolors, colored pencils, etc.

  28. Stamping in general is relaxing. I love dies that match my images, but still find fussy cutting pretty relaxing and satisfying!

  29. Laura McAlister

    Thank you for sharing your talents. Here’s to 2020!!

  30. Sara Peatross

    I love your cards! I love to color to relax.

  31. OMG Lori. You have stolen my heart with this post. I too LOVE watercoloring and swatching is my favorite thing. It relaxes me, gives me a chance to just play and takes the stress away. I have some of the Lydia splits but not all and Daniel Smith paint is definitely my go to watercolor. Have used several markers however I’ve never heard of the Karin ones. They look so vibrant!!
    I made a stencil to make blocks to swatch with my Silhouette Cameo. I love the idea of using embossing powder to keep the color controlled to just the squared area. Sweet idea. Happy New Year love. Wishing you all the best in 2020.

  32. Lynda Woerner

    I love diamond painting as my most relaxing activity. Coloring for myself is a close second.

  33. I love to color! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  34. Colours make me happy – pulling out any media and putting colours together gives me joy. I scrapbook and make cards, and dabble with mixed media. I am drooling over the watercolour split group idea, and the Karin markers…it’s hard to make choices of where to spend your budget, eg. try something new or expand a brand you already have. Hard to resist colour!

  35. Carol McCready

    Crafting is definitely my go to for relaxing. When I’m crafting every care I have seems to disappear. I love to paint, color and stamp for the most relaxation.
    Thank you for the chance to win such great prizes!
    Happy New Year!

  36. I love crafting because it can be what you need in the moment… Do i need to feel like I have accomplished something? Then I crank out a tried and true piece. Do I need to expand my mind? Then pull out something out I have never tried, or experiment using something in a new way. Need to zone out and forget about the rest of your day/life? Lose yourself in creating and let your heart and mind take a break.

  37. Lorraine Gall

    Find creating something for someone else is relaxing, especially if I can taylor it to their tastes.

  38. Playing with paper and coloring images is so relaxing and a stress reliever. It takes my mind off things. When I have something on my mind, I grab some stamps and color the images… I may or may not ever use them, but it’s just something to divert my mind.

  39. Hi Lori! It’s been a long time, if you even remember me from the old CHF days! Your art continues to bless me! Love the square of color! I plan to try that!
    I find that quiet music and taking my time to color with all kinds of mediums–water, oxide inks, copics, all of it– is my favorite way to relax and open my creative side…..pretty much making a mess of my craft desk….it’s so GREAT! 🙂
    Thanks for the give away!
    Kim Marie Leach

  40. It is so relaxing for me when I get together with 2 other friends and make cards for others. It allows my mind to get way from other things that I feel I should be doing. We schedule these get-togethers so we don’t miss them. I never leave thinking I shroud have done something else! Your blog is new to me, and I love it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  41. Happy New Year, my friend! What a clever way to use that stamp for swatching. I keep hoping I will find some zen in that, lol. But I do find lots of joy in just coloring. Almost any medium depending on mood. Thanks for all you do to make my world more colorful!

  42. Crafting is like therapy for me, especially because I scrapbook and I relive my favorite memories while I scrapbook. Working with paper is low stress and relaxing.

  43. Crafting is definitely therapeutic for me, I just get lost in all of my supplies and forget about the stress of the day!

  44. Natalie Godfrey

    For me card making and coloring is my stress reliever. Also, its art and what I create makes me happy.

  45. Debra A Lockhart

    I’m so new to crafting that I’m still waiting to find that relaxing part of it. I put far too much pressure on myself to make the perfect card. Hopefully, this too shall pass. haha

  46. Stacy Petersen

    Crafting is how I release the stress from my day job. I love getting lost in my process at the end of a crazy day.

  47. Claire Reed Warren

    Being in my craft room is relaxing to me-whether I am organizing or stamping or printing

  48. Marisa Ritzen

    Happy New year and thanks for the chance to win. I used to use crafting as a way to relax when my kids where young and then it grew into a wonderful hobby which took a 1.5 year hiatus while I took care of my aging mom and had no energy to be creative. I read and worked out instead and am ready to start crafting again in 2020.

  49. knitting

  50. I love to craft and read! If I have a little bit of time I am doing something crafty or picking up a book 😉
    Happy New Year❣️ May God bless you abundantly 💞

  51. For me, crafting is very relaxing. I love colouring.

  52. Oh what a genius use of the fabulous grid background stamp from TE! Wishing you a fabulous 2020!

  53. Sharon Mattingly

    I find coloring very relaxing and wish I was better at it!
    Best wishes for the new year.

  54. Without a creative process I would go mad. It keeps me sane. Happy New year!

  55. Mary Holshouser

    To really unwind I usually end up reading
    a book. Making cards get me a little
    nervous – I spend hours thinking about
    what I want and how it should look
    before I go to the craft room. While
    I’m making the card it may morph
    into something different anyway.
    But it’s fun and I love doing it.
    thanks for sharing.
    Happy new Year

  56. Love your work and the grid card is so pretty! I too love watercolors and creating cards with them. Any type of coloring actually makes me happy! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and the chance to win! Happy New Year!

  57. Susan McClelland

    Crafting is an outlet for my creativity and helps me re-charge my batteries. The project is less important than the doing. I always feel energized after spending some time in my “craft cave”.

  58. Thanks for taking part in this wonderful hop! Happy New Year!

  59. Jean maxwell

    Crafting is my relaxing time. Only my dog tries to bug me.

  60. Crafting is a chance to forget about stress for a while and just have fun and create. I love the watercolor cards you made!!

  61. Meghan Kennihan

    Gorgeous Grids! I LOVE your coloring! Actually coloring is what relaxes me when crafting!

  62. Avra N Williams

    I love going in my craft room by myself and creating. On the other hand, coloring in front of the TV is always nice too!

  63. I love watercolors because the can be so unpredictable and so lovely. That’s relaxing to me because it’s so fascinating.

  64. Happy New Year Lori! What a great way to celebrate the new year! Love it! Great inspirations! Your coloring is amazing! I love coloring, but I am not very good at it so it’s not that relaxing for me… what relaxes me is cutting! Now that I can do for hours… except my fingers get tired. LOL! So I love dies for that reason. 🙂

  65. Rhonda Miller

    These are beautiful. I like stamping out and coloring images to relax. Then have fun using them on projects.

  66. Teresa Doyle

    Lori what a genius idea to emboss the swatch card! OMG, it has never occurred to me to do that and I have a perfect stamp for it too. Your cards and water colouring is fabulous. I am still very much a newbie at it but I am determined to learn if it kills me. 😅
    However, laying all jokes aside, I find it very relaxing and that could be because I really don’t know what I am doing but I know what I like to see., AND, I realize that I am still learning so I try not to stress over it and pressure myself. It really is therapeutic.
    Happy New Year

  67. Laurie Black

    The swatch cards are gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. Yes, I do find crafting relaxing. I really enjoy fussy cutting images from designer papers and arranging them with layers and dimension.

  68. Melanie Arrowood

    I have just started playing with watercolor and similar mediums for card making. It is extremely relaxing!

  69. Just concentrating on what I’m trying to make allows me to put other things out of my mind, so that helps me to relax.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations, especially the blue “Thanks” card.
    Happy New Year!

  70. Margaret Marshall

    I love stamping and card making I am very new to the co munitions and appreciate your sharing.

  71. Happy New Year my friend!


    Happy New Year, Lori! I love your artwork – such a beautiful design, and color! I find the whole process of crafting to be relaxing and therapeutic. I’m blessed to be able to craft every day and I love it.

  73. When I get Andy I go into my craft room and just start making! I just loss track of time.

  74. Tammy L Davis

    These grid backgrounds are just gorgeous! I think my most relaxing craft is creating junk journals. Since anything goes, there is no stress – Just fun! Thank you so much for the chance to win! Happy New Year!

  75. Lauri Bacalzo

    Happy New Year!
    What is it about pans of watercolors that look so yummy lol
    I’m new to water coloring but I have read many positive comments about Daniel Smith’s watercolors.
    Thank you for the Facebook link and sharing your talents!

  76. Watercoloring is definitely a wonderful way for me to relax, it’s become my go to craft technique, I just love it! Happy New Year!

  77. I love to go to my craft room and get lost in my own little world. All the stress of the day seems to disappear.
    I would love to learn how to watercolor ❤️
    Happy New Year!

  78. Watercoloring is very relaxing for me. I love the colors and making something beautiful appear. Thanks for the chance to win, and Happy New Year.

  79. Chris from Pella

    What a great card or two or three. I love these with the fun colors for the new year. I barely remember making a bunch of cards for the holidays. Coloring does seem to make me happy but I have too much stress right now to even concentrate on anything. My husband had surgery the day before Thanksgiving and ended up having complications. He is still walking with a walker and home health PT is discharging him to start outpatient PT. This is a good thing but it has set his return to work a problem. Plus, I managed to tear my meniscus and see ortho on Friday. But, I have a couple of dies that have squares or circles. I think I will try this with them. Maybe trying colored cardstock swatches at first and then trying some coloring. Anyway, I plan on thinking about watercolored DSP too. Fun ideas to play around when I can take the time. Meanwhile love your blog with all your fun ideas. Happy New year.

  80. Debbie Cowles

    For me, it’s the evolution of the process. I love how I can start with an idea, then it changes, I think of something else I might like better and it changes again, and then seeing the end result. I’m a fairly new crafter and it’s amazing to me how you can just lose yourself in the process. Happy New Year everyone.

  81. Coloring. Love it. I sure would love to try some of those water colors that are split in pans.

  82. I just find it relaxing to stamp and colour some Lawn Fawn images. Those creatures are just adorable and while I have stamped, coloured and cut hundreds of images I still need to create me some cards. So that’s what I am going to do this 2020!

  83. christi neal

    my relaxation comes when I play with color. I don’t have to make something just making something pretty does it for me.

  84. Beverly Perdue

    Happy New Year Lori! I find coloring very relaxing. I love to color with my Copics and color pencils. I love how you colored the grid background from Taylored Expressions. Hope you have a blessed and happy 2020!

  85. Cynthia Clark

    Crafting is second nature to me. I’ve been a crafter for 55 years. I need time alone on a daily basis to function. Crafting does that for me.

  86. Not a big water color-er but you make it look easy!

  87. Crafting is relaxing to me. Planning out and executing the design is a nice diversion from the daily grind.

  88. Love your watercolor cards – so pretty. Crafting(mostly card making) is very relaxing to me and I love to think of the person I am making it for! Thanks for some great prizes.

  89. I love the cards that you created with the Grid Pattern Crafting is relaxing to me. I love the creative process as well as being able to give my creations to others.

  90. In my job I work with my head and mind. So I relax by doing something with my hands. Also I love listening to audiobooks which is great while crafting.

  91. storymusicgirl

    This is such a fun way to start a new year! Thanks for participating!
    Assembling card kits is the most relaxing to me…no thinking involved. 🙂

  92. I am loving this inspiring hop! THank you for a chance to win some amazing prizes. While I would love to say that crafting and creating is a stress reliever, often I think it elevates my stress. I worry that something isn’t straight or painted perfectly, etc. I am new to your blog but am glad I found it!

  93. Wow, love your samples! Crafting is my stress reliever, but if I’m too tired then I clean and organize in my craft room. Some days just finishing a card in under 15 minutes is a joy, other days taking 3 hours to complete a double page layout is the ticket! Thank you for the generous giveaway and here’s to a prosperous 2020!

  94. I always enjoy seeing your artwork!

    I’ve found popping in a movie and sitting down to create cards I know I’m going to mail friends or give as gifts are the most relaxing for me.

    Happy New Year!

  95. Denise Bryant

    Beautiful cards! I really love that grid design!
    I find die cutting to be relaxing! Sometimes I cut extras to have on hand, and then use them on cards as needed.
    Enjoying the Seasons Givings blog hop, and wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year!

  96. Anneleise Hampson

    Happy New Year to all fellow crafters. Yes crafting is a very fun and stress relieving hobby for me.

  97. I love your card, Lori, and your post was really fun and interesting to read, too! I find stamping in general to be very relaxing. It’s definitely a stress reliever for me. I have learned to be more patient this year with coloring, and have been experimenting with watercoloring using Zig and Tombow markers…and got Karin markers this year, too! I also have tried my hand at colored pencils, but need more work :). Thanks for the chance to win your generous prize giveaway!

  98. Bethany Mickler

    Happy New year! I feel just letting my mind create is a great way for me to relax!:)

  99. I love watercolor. It is so soothing to let your brush work with the water. I have been spying the karin markers on instagram…so beautiful and the Daniel Smith watercolors…wow

  100. woah, colour swatching!! great idea!
    I actually really love fussy cutting haha I must be mad but I find it so relaxing!!

  101. Jeanie Reese

    I love when I have the time to be creative. It’s interesting how many things can spark a creative idea, color palette, and design. Happy new year! Ü

  102. Turning on my favorite tunes and having the freedom to just create is very relaxing. But lately I’ve really enjoyed relaxing with water coloring. I’m still learning, but would love some quality products to improve with. Thank you for your inspiration. Happy New Year!

  103. Debbie Christensen

    Just starting to get into coloring, and find the techniques fascinating. Just being able to go,to my happy place is relaxing g for me.Thank you and Happy New Year

  104. The unfolding creative process is my joy when crafting. I don’t plan the design ahead but simply sit with my stamps and white paper.

  105. Happy New Year! Great idea for color swatches!

  106. Crafting and art are stress relievers for me. Using your creativity to create something is very satisfying.

  107. Dear Lori
    A very happy New Year with good health and happiness is my sincere wish for you and your family.
    I simply like to make cards that are clean and simple. Now i have started to incorporate coloring too after i took the 30 day Coloring Challenge with Cathy Racoosin. It is a stress reliever and also makes me want to learn more on coloring. I want to get the colors which are cheap. Thanks for teh tip. I will book mark your blog and check out.With loads of love and gratitude

  108. Happy New Year! Papercrafting & hand-lettering are the greatest stress relievers for me. Both make me happy. I look forward to being more creative in 2020. Thanks for the awesome giveaways.

  109. Sherri Little

    I die cut while watching tv. It is relaxing for me and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something while watching my favorite shows.

  110. Happy New Year! Admire your work. Crafting is an escape to me. And I love making pieces that I can decorate the craft space with too.

  111. Gail Davidson

    All craft is therapy for me, especially paper craft and card making. It’s the joy of making something uniquely you and gifting it to someone else. Happy New Year!

  112. Jo Anne Malicoat

    When I am crafting and creating, I am truly in the moment, and being present in the moment is the most stress free feeling there is for me.

  113. I like your grid swatch idea. So neat and easy to make! Crafting has always been a mental getaway for me. When I sit down to make cards, my mind forgets about everyday worries & seeing my creation coming to life gives me so much happiness.

  114. Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sharing your talents .Love that watercolor swatch card, lovely. How wonderful to start the new year off with a great give away. thanks for the chance to win.

    ~Ginny K.~

  115. Wendy Lambert

    Happy New Year. I love the swatch cards…something about the patterns just soothes me. I like crafting as it gives me freedom to explore my creative side. I am more of a math based thinker so art is hard for me but I love seeing a project come together. Each project I made shows a little more improvement.

  116. Melanie Hungerford

    I find my crafting and creating time really clears my mind of everything else going on. Sometimes too much because I have to set a time limit in order to get other stuff done!

  117. Jennifer Ingle

    These cards are GORGEOUS! I love the watercolored squares! Crafting allows me to lose myself in my project for awhile and that is super relaxing and let’s me clear my mind. I love it!

  118. Keiren Dunfee

    Beautiful watercoloring! I’m a graphic designer by day and crafter by night/weekend and consider myself pretty stress free!

  119. Thanks for the giveaway! I love water coloring but I think I find just the whole process of creating something relaxing and rewarding!

  120. I love watercoloring. I have found that to be the most relaxing, especially making watercolor backgrounds. Thank you for the chance to win.

  121. Happy New Year! I just love being so absorbed in the process I forget which day it is!

  122. Happy New Year 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful swatch inspirations and the generous giveaways! I love to craft to gift close friends and family. It is also a stress reliever at many times 🙂 I find card making relaxing and fun!

  123. andrea murdock

    I adore your creations! I still find Copic colouring the most relaxing for of crafting for me but I do find myself doing it less and less. I am going to dust off those markers and keep that ink flowing.

  124. Happy New Year and thank you for the very generous giveaway !
    Playing with my alcohol markers is my way to relax. I’m working on my watercolor technique, but I still need to improve to take it as a relaxation. My Zig brush pens are a great help and I would love to discover the Karin Brushmarkers.

  125. How generous of you! I love your watercolor palette idea for cards! By the way you were such an instrumental help as a card maker for me when I first started at Splitcoast stampers (me-artsylori) 15 years ago, I still love making cards! Just wanted to tell you. Happy New Year!

  126. Barb Glasier

    art journaling

  127. My stress reliever is just walking into my craft room after along day at the office with too much talking and chaos. I find my room to be relaxing and a place to get away from it all. It’s there I can find one of many creative outlets to dive in and be peaceful. Happy New Year and hoping all the creators in the world have a wonderful 2020!

  128. Stephanie Stratton

    Like you, Lori, I have discovered Lydia and her “splits” this year and I can’t get enough of watercolors. I am excited to try the swatches with the EMBOSSED grid!!!! Great idea!!!! It is my happy place, this crafting, all of it. Happy New Year and thank you for the inspiration and chance to win!!

  129. I think die cutting on a manual machine makes me destress. I love that you shared the idea of color swatching. That is amazing and great on the budget.

  130. LOVE your watercoloring; wish I could do that! I love to Copic color. That’s what I find very relaxing!

  131. Elizabeth V.

    Oooo, so glad I came to your site and learned about the watercolor sharing! Love to watercolor but find that the cost is often prohibitive so this is great! Thanks again.

  132. These pens seems very interesting. Crafting is a time”for me” and I appreciate it a lot.

  133. I love anything graphic and these cards are just calling to me. I love the feeling of just putting the different elements of a card together and colouring using Zig markers. That I find very relaxing. Happy New Year!

  134. Alma Dirpaul

    I find Coloring the stamped images very relaxing.

  135. I LOVE your beautiful watercolor designs! Such artistry in the symmetrical! Have an amazing 2020 and keep crafting!
    Crafty Hugs,
    Michele K. Henderson
    [email protected]

  136. Karen Kuschel

    When I start creating I get list in the moment. I lose track of time and all the little worries and cares of the day drift away.

  137. Deborah Meyer

    I craft almost daily. I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room in my house. I love to go in there, shut the door and just have silence with just me and my supplies

  138. Lauryne Cunningham

    Everything about crafting relaxes me. I just turn on my favorite music and create- love it!

  139. Kimberly Sheppard

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the great information about the watercolor splits!!! Making things with my handa makes me the happiest.

  140. Marisela Delgado

    I use crafting to relax and blank my mind from worries. The whole process: stamping, coloring, cutting paper, etc. just helps me think of something else and relax.

  141. Karen B Walker

    Because it’s rarely stressful, making cards is my go-to craft to relax and unwind. Loved seeing your watercolor grids used as a card!

  142. Lori, what a great post! I love the idea of a colour swatch done with white embossing powder. Very smart lady. 🙂 I also adore the watercolour look of the mandala card – so beautiful. Watercolour is my very favourite medium in art of any kind, but I am not good at it at all. More practice needed for sure.
    My most stressless part of carding is making backgrounds with no expectations of how they’ll turn out. The hard part is figuring how to use them. lol My best stress reliever is having a hot bath with a good book & a cup of tea, or if it’s in the early evening, a glass of red wine. Wish you a Joy filled 2020!

  143. I love the watercolor cards…wish I could learn how to watercolor, it looks easy but I just can’t get the look I want…

  144. Crafting is very relaxing for me especially watercoloring though I don’t do enough of it. Also I just bought that grid stamp 🙂

  145. I craft in the morning when the kids are in school…it’s the ultimate “me time.” Yes, I could be doing a hundred other more necessary things like cleaning or figuring out dinner, but you just have to take care of you.

  146. I must admit that crafting doesn’t necessarily relax me. I guess I’m too much of a perfectionist to enjoy being in the moment. The end result is great though!

  147. I think I just get distracted by my projects and that takes my mind off of other stressful things. 🙂

  148. Just stepping into my craft room which I call my happy place is when all my troubles fade away and I’m into a beautiful imaginative world. Crafting makes me relax and also very grateful that I am so blessed to have a God given talent to make something that will put a smile on somebody’s face!

  149. I love how crafting is something I can totally immerse myself in and focus on which allows me to relax and destress. When I am focused on playing with cardstocks, stamps, dies and all my other tools, there is no room for stressful thoughts (other than how late it gets suddenly) It is also something fun to do when I need a break from screen time.

  150. Just being on my own for a few hours, with no big decisions to make, is the most relaxing part of crafting!!! Thank you for the great inspiration and giveaway!

  151. I love your watercolor swatches! I find that swatching ink colors or markers is very relaxing and looks so pretty when I’m finished!

  152. Beautiful coloring.

  153. Carla Hundley

    Darling cards and
    great ways to use
    the products. I like
    making cards, makes
    me feel great when
    I get my idea to paper.
    Carla from Utah

  154. I started scrapbooking when I was a stay-at-home-mom. I needed a hobby that I could do while my kiddos were sleeping. I recently made the jump to stamping and make cards for kids in the hospital. It’s fun for me and hopefully brings a smile to those kids faces. I find that both relaxing and rewarding.

  155. Joan Kinnischtzke

    Coloring, coloring, coloring! It’s so therapeutic and relaxing. Every piece is a little mini work of art that gets put onto a card, into the mailbox to be hand by hand delivered to some well deserving person in our lives. It’s all kind of amazingly Mr Rogerish when you think about it!

    Thank you for the giveaways and all the inspiration. Happy New Year!!

  156. Those cards look so calming. my go-to stress reliever is scrapbooking or if I am super stressed it might be cooking.

  157. I find coloring to be relaxing. I remember many years ago during my finals my senior year sitting in my bunk bed and coloring a children’s coloring book after studying for finals.

  158. Great products! Can’t wait to learn more. My day job is very stressful and numbers based, so my favorite thing about crafting is that it’s the opposite. I always joke that it “resets” my right brain every night by using my left brain.

  159. Karen Letchworth

    Your art is amazing, Lori, and super inspiring. Thanks for participating in this special event and for your giveaway. I’m so grateful.
    Karen Letchworth

  160. Happy New Year! I find coloring stamped images very relaxing and fun. Love your cards and this fun post! Looking forward to seeing all your creative inspiration in 2020!!

  161. Your cards are gorgeous! Beautiful colors. What fun giveaways! Putting a card together is not relaxing for me, that is the stressful part but I get lost in the coloring. Coloring is zen to me. Any coloring medium whisks me away to a magical place except for colored pencils! 🙂

  162. I am enjoying your fabulous artwork!
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!
    Happy New Year!

  163. Lisascreativeniche

    I love these watercolor pieces, this is a medium I’d love to have time to work more win it.

  164. Believe it or not, working on a really big project is the most relaxing. I love to create 3D altered art projects, and they can take weeks to complete. Each step of the way, I find myself ‘in the zone’, and I never have a preconceived idea of how it ‘should’ turn out. I think that’s the secret. Thank you for your inspiration (your cards are amazing!) and this fabulous give-away!

  165. Lovely cards you made. I think that coloring is the most relaxing for me. Trying to figure out how the card goes together not so much.

  166. Seeing a design come to life on paper is the most relaxing thing for me. It doesn’t always come out like it started in my mind but that’s what is so fun about it. You have beautiful examples of watercolor.

  167. Kristina Beagle

    Happy New Year. Just being alone and closed in my craft room is relaxing in and of itself.

  168. Kristine Reeves

    Yes, I get lost in my own little world while I’m making cards or painting!

  169. Love what you did with the grid background. Card making is so relaxing to me and the time just flies by before I know it.

  170. Natalie Winterstein

    Ahh! I love your “grid” cards – such a cool use of the stamp! I love crafting and find it relaxing – especially coloring with markers or watercolors! It just helps me unwind and clear my mind! I usually listen to music while I craft, so it’s fun to just zone out and enjoy! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  171. Ok this POST is a stress reliever!!! LOL.. I’ve just been staring at your beautiful teal grid card! Love the different color values! I haven’t heard of those markers, they sound awesome. I don’t know what it is about watercoloring, but it’s what I gravitate to, and the whole process from filling my pans to cleaning off my brushes just makes me happy! Happy New Year, thanks for the chance to win some goodies!


    Those watercolors are wonderful. This year I have not had much time to do a lot of crafting, however I did pick up this cool doodle book that give you ideas how to doodle ant art journal at the same time. I find it very relaxing to do during my lunch hour. Thanks for the chance and Happy New Year

  173. Terri C Watwood

    I’ve started water-coloring this year on some of my projects .. it is very relaxing and I hope to do more in 2020. Happy New Year!! Ü

  174. I like crafting because being creative, making personalized cards gives my brain a work out. Love it!

  175. Dee Earnshaw

    I love crafting as this is ‘my time’ and I get to relax and enjoy cutting up paper and sticking – just like in kindergarten – LOL!!

  176. I Love the idea of making a giant “swatch” panel with only one color family. It is a great way to learn to manipulate the color with the amount of water, etc. Cardmaking is very relaxing for me – I am especially loving the freeflowing nature of alcohol inks now! So much fun – you never know what you will get!

  177. My crafty time is my time to relax and get away from day to day life. I love the fact that you can give three different people the same supplies and end up with three different projects. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone. Happy New Year!!

  178. I am a watercolor newbie, but I love it! Much more than stamping (although I like that quite well). It’s so very relaxing! Your swatching is like a work of art in itself!

  179. Cary Lombardo

    Scrapbooking is my stress reliever. It’s great to get away from the hustle while reliving and recording great family memories.

  180. Vanessa Tamar Rysavy

    I love to craft (mostly scrapbooking and cardmaking, but looking to expand into other areas of paper craft) to unwind, but find I have gotten away from doing so in my crazy busy life. I think scrapbooking relaxes me the most – I love all the memories that come back as I work with photos and journaling. I’d like to add watercolouring to my pages and my cards. These prizes would be awesome! Thanks for participating in the giveaways!

  181. I love coloring…it’s relaxing to me! but I am so disorganized right now, that it’s not very relaxing at all. SO! my goal is to get organized so I can get back to coloring <3 (thanks for the links to the FB group, that sounds amazing!)

  182. Happy New Year!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

    I actually love to color with my Copic markers as a way to relax. I also like to learn new things. Next week I am going to a glass fusion class and am starting a modern calligraphy online class. Learning new things helps my brain to stay alive!!!

  183. Rhonda L Gillette

    Would love to try those markers out. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  184. Dorothy Ayotte

    Thank you for sharing and welcoming me and “us” to your blog. My most relaxing experience is just cruising through everyone else’s creation. Or organizing my crafting supplies. I find it stressful to create, but I think if I do it regularly, it will get easier. What is your (or anyone’s experience) with the creative process?

  185. Beverly Jordan

    Happy New Year, Lori! I love copic coloring, scrapbooking and cardmaking as my way of relaxing.

  186. Heather Mills

    What gorgeous cards!! Your water coloring is fabulous! I find coloring to be a good stress reliever (and running; even though I hate it, I always feel better afterwards).

  187. Jessica Kruegel

    Beautiful card, the watercolors look nice. Any chance I can get to be crafty is super relaxing and therapeutic for me!!! Happy new year, and all the best to you in 2020.

  188. Jaime Sunshine

    Crafting in itself is my stress reliever. It gives me so much pleasure & joy seeing the smiles on other people’s faces with my handmade creations. I enjoy water coloring on cards, but I need more tools to get a bit better but they bring such pretty details to cards, scrapbooks, etc. After 2019, I could use extreme crafting to relieve stress. I lost a close family member, so I could use some de-stressing me time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations & happy crafting!! 🙂☀️🎨

  189. Love the grid design of your cards and that Mandala is gorgeous. I love card making for the special people in my life and it gives them joy for my little works of art. Organizing and coloring is so relaxing for me.

  190. Gorgeous watercolor cards. I enjoy cardmaking and scrapbooking as a way of relaxing. Happy New Year!

  191. This is crazy, but i find organizing very relaxing. I love to organize and track the crafty stuff that I have. I’m starting to put my crafty supply list into airtable. Maybe because its a mix of my day job (data base management) and crafting!

  192. I think the most relaxing part of paper crafting is when I have all the parts of the card cut out and the design is finished…. and I just need to assemble it! Happy New Year!

  193. Jessica Porter

    I love crafting to relax but I think my therapeutic part is shopping in all the stores I find. Lol.
    So grateful for the opportunity to win one of the prizes, I just found out about Daniel Smith watercolors at a card retreat this October and got me some for Christmas.

  194. Thanks for being part of this amazing hop! Your water coloring is spectacular! When I get a new stamp set, I use my Misti and stamp all the images several times. When I need to relax and unwind, I like to sit back and shade them in different combinations.

  195. Beautiful cards … I love the grids of pretty colour!
    I like having a bit of time to myself!

  196. Happy 2020~ Your Thank you card is so lovely!! I love to read or craft to unwind – depends on the mood! 🙂

  197. For me, it’s a combination of the somewhat repetitive motions that barely require any thought, as well as the thought of this one task, that really gets me to focus on crafting, and not think about anything else!

  198. Fabulous and sweet inspiration!
    Thanks for the chance to win and happy new year to you <3

  199. Wow! I wish I could color like you! Beautiful!

  200. Happy New Year! Crafting, especially anything coloring or inky, is very relaxing for me. I love letting my mind wander and just see color going down on the paper.

  201. Happy New Year Crafters! I’m a card/tag maker at heart. Recently my father passed away so my mom now lives with us, its hard to parent your parent. So crafting has been my calmer, stress reliever and my just simple get away. water coloring has been my new goal for this year and yours inspires me.

  202. I love watercolors too! Thanks for sharing so many ideas and products to explore!

    I find paper crafting and also journaling to be relaxing because it brings me peace to know I’m getting pieces of my heart, soul and story recorded. Typically I have a favorite playlist going and a cup of tea at hand, which is also comfy and soothing.

  203. Thank you ! Love the watercolor using similar colors or shades in a palette thank you. I find the art is not only a way to give, but to relax my mind completely — focusing on others instead of something I need to do or get caught up – bringing out the part of me that loves to give. I make cards and trying more art all to give to others – that is very relaxing to my heart and mind and yes, I use it to unwind sort of, but it inspires my heart to think of others. And provides a method for me to share with my friends and family how much they mean to me. I wish I was ‘better’ at it , but its me. Thank you for this question, it was good to think about.

  204. Brooke Guadagno

    Reading a book relaxing me ( actually it puts me to sleep). I love working on my cards but sometimes when I have dead-lines to meet I can get a bit frazzled.

  205. I am a card maker mostly. This past year (2019) I decided to just pull something out and use it. Don’t over think, don’t have a project in mind, just use that item I had to have but haven’t used. That has worked well. My new stress release is diamond painting and walking on my treadmill.

  206. Angie Cammack

    Hi Lori! I love making cards and giving them away. It makes me so happy! Thanks for asking. Your artwork is just beautiful. 🙂

  207. Germayne Turner Nash

    The most relaxing crafty thing for me is coloring! It doesn’t matter if it’s with pencils, markers, chalk, watercolors. . . I love it all. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  208. These are fabulous! thanks for the generous giveaway–I love coloring with pencils while I “watch” tv, it’s very relaxing.

  209. Honestly my best stress reliever is yoga and a few other classes, but coloring in the craft room is next. And I love the satisfaction of completing a CSS card quickly.
    Happy New Year!

  210. I totally agree that crafting is a stress reliever. I love sitting down and colouring or watercoloring an intricate stamp when I’ve gotten too stressed. I love doily stamps, and colouring in the little sections different colours. It’s not my only stress relief, I also cross stitch, which can be really calming too. But card making is my go to. Love the examples you have shown here.

  211. HAPPY 2020!! I CAN’T WAIT for ALL of the FUN that awaits this year!! Maybe my FAVORITE will be getting to spend a Crafty Weekend with you in Kansas this Spring!! SQUEAL!! Crafting in ALL WAYS just makes me HAPPY!! The creative process spills over into my life and just brings JOY!! I think it must release endorphins that just make me feel less stressed and happy!! THANKS for sharing your AMAZING Inspiration and I hope you have a FABULOUS Year!! THANKS for the chances to WIN!!

  212. Knitting is probably the most relaxing, but I don’t do it often.

  213. I really enjoy painting for a stress reliever.

  214. A great giveaway, thanks for participating! I love paper crafting but I do not use it as a stress reliever. My biggest stress reliever is losing myself in an awesome book.

  215. I find the creative process to be relaxing. 🙂

  216. Carrie Carver

    I love creating backgrounds…this is where I start when I’m stressed from work and need to escape quickly.

  217. I love your Swatching cards! I totally enjoy creating backgrounds with Powdered Pigments and also with alcohol inks! Very relaxing.

  218. To unwind, it is great to color or do some diamond dotz. I love to create cards, I make my Christmas cards.

  219. Happy new year!!! I find watercoloring is most relaxing to me…. I spend hours coloring an image trying to get stunning results but that doesn’t always happen! Thx for the chance.

  220. Elisa M Gray

    I’m trying out more watercolor. I love these ideas.

  221. I love making cards and projects out of paper. It is very relaxing and satisfying to combine papers and stamping. I also like to knit when watching tv.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  222. For me crafting (card making currently) is a great stress reliever. It helps me zone out of anything that is less than great that is going on. It also helps take my mind off my chronic pain, which is great!