A Brush with Destiny

Excited to share a new tool today that I think you’ll love! Several months ago, Taylor shared a new product with me: Blender Brushes specifically formulated for smooth application of stamping ink with handles that are colored in rainbow order for easy ink identification?! YES, PLEASE!

With a custom blender brush holderthat spins? Loved this concept since storage for all things becomes an issue on the craft desk!

I had only had opportunity to try blending with brushes one time at a make-n-take, so I was eager for uninterrupted time in my craft room. I couldn’t believe how crisp and smooth the ink flowed to paper from the bristles through a stencil. And the fade to white on the edges was so simple and effortless.

You’ll love the unique features of these brushes:

  • Consistent size of the bristle head on each brush.
  • Fine, white bristles for easy color identification. I love having a brush specific for color families, and I found it easy to swap hues within a color family after “cleaning” excess ink my brush on a towel. For release week, Taylor has a cute little silicone cleaning tool that will come in handy for periodic cleaning.
  • Rainbow colored handles for easy ink identification.

So happy to be helping launch these beauties today!

It wouldn’t be a great launch without specials for early birds:

  • Receive a free silicone cleaning tool with the purchase of the blender brushes and storage caddy. It will automatically add to qualifying orders and will not be available for purchase separately until a later date.
  • Through the end of June, receive free shipping on orders over $50!
  • Blender Brushes shipping on July 1st. (I can’t believe that is next week!)

For this card, in addition to the Blender Brushes and Blender Brush Caddy, I’ve used the following supplies:

Thanks for stopping by today!

I’ll have more cards to share tomorrow and Thursday, as well. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Please be sure to visit Taylored Expressions to let the TE team know what you think of their hard work on this innovation and for all of the release details.

See you tomorrow!




2 responses to “A Brush with Destiny

  1. Lovely! And those brushes! I *may* be shopping….

  2. This card is beautiful. I bet those blending brushes are a lot of fun. I wish you could post a card every day as I find them so inspiring. Hope your week is going well.

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