Favorite iPhone Ap… and Inspired Project


There was a GREAT tutorial in the Splitcoaststampers Weekly Inkling for Alcohol Marker Marbling this morning. I knew the minute I saw it that it would be perfect for a new stamp that I received as a prize from Crafter’s Companion, Art-Kure Brooklyn Bridge. 

This tutorial concept reminded me of my very favorite iPhone ap (and I think they do have it for Android, as well!) … Waterlogue. The basic idea is taking pictures you love and applying an artistic, impressionistic look to them. It’s a beautiful ap for Instagram lovers. Look for hashtag #waterlogue.

It worked! I wasn’t disappointed… Happy dance in the craft room. I love this technique!


I followed the tutorial with a slight modification. I stamped my image on the guide scrap paper that Audrie mentions. Here I’ve outlined a cardfront size rectangle so I have a feel for placement of my final image.

I have tried similar concepts to this tutorial before, but the plastic wrap over a guide was a serious lightbulb moment for me! I covered the stamped image and marked off card front space with plastic, as directed.


The I colored (dabbled Copic) over the top of the plastic wrap, using my stamped image as a guide for color and placement. Because your Copic ink is transparent on a glossy (non-porous) surface, you’ll want to use darker colors than you would if you were to sit down and color this image in traditional style.

Also, in the sky area, after I had colored in with deeper oranges and pinks, I did dust the skyline with YR31 from the Copic airbrush, just to fill in. I knew from my first run, that I might have some open, uncolored areas after the next two steps.


After coloring the plastic, spritz lightly with Copic Blending Solution.  After spritzing the colored plastic, place glossy side of your cardstock down  into the “wet mess”. Tap lightly and remove.


This is my glossy cardstock, as lifted from the wet plastic piece. It dries so quickly.  I shy away from long-dry techniques. Probably why I like alcohol inks so much!


Finally, I stamp my image over the top of the glossy cardstock and finished my card.


Before I leave you for the day, I wanted to comment to the detail of this stamp… I was so pleased, and I may be trying a few more of these scenic Americana location stamps soon. Look at the crisp imagery in each of those buildings!


LOVE this stamp of one of my favorite places… I {heart} NYC. Let’s see who is reading… with this angle and the city scape.. is this a photo of sunrise or sunset?

Thanks, Audrie for a great tutorial and thanks Crafter’s Companion for such a beautiful stamp!

One last thing… I just updated my Copic class listing to include the final Copic classes of the year, both certification classes and hands-on workshops. Please take a peek if you have any interest in ANY of the locations mentioned. We’d love to have you!

Back soon…



4 responses to “Favorite iPhone Ap… and Inspired Project

  1. Beautiful card Lori, I’m going to give this a try.

  2. I love your beautiful card, great job!

  3. Simple BEAUTIFUL 😀

  4. Lori, this is seriously cool! I love the water, especially–those little white places that make it look like broken waves. Awesome job!

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