Copic Christmas & Upcoming Classes

We’ve been hanging out by the fireplace and coloring for much of the last week around here. I **LOVE** Christmas (and the vacation that comes with it!)

But, the calendar rolled over and that party is over. Time to get busy for the spring! CHA is next week and several new Copic classes coming up! Happy New Year!

My first set of classes for the year will be in sunny (I’m counting on the sunny part!) Florida. I’ll be in Orlando the weekend of February 21st and 22nd for both a Standard and Intermediate certification. You can find all of our upcoming class information HERE. Click the different tabs for Standard, Intermediate and fun, more relaxed coloring workshops! There are also classes open for Anaheim, Portland, OR, Tempe, AZ and Charlotte, NC.

I recently handpicked the colors in the above set of Ciao markers for folks looking for multiple blending groups through the rainbow and several skin tone options. My youngest daughter pointed out that this set is “missing lipstick red” (R27), I personally love the slightly warmer R30s, but this is still consider it a pretty good starter list for anyone interested in a basic set with natural blending groups (and you could sub R27 for the R35, if you prefer)! With the same great nibs as a Sketch and the exact same ink formula, Ciao is also a perfect option for gift giving to someone starting out. Here’s a list of the above color set:

V04, V06, RV02, RV04, R20, R22, R32, R35, YR04, YR07 YR23 YR31 Y35 Y38 YG03 YG06 YG63 YG67 G02 G05 BG10, BG15 BG72 B02 B05 B23 B24 E00 E11 E15 E31 E33 E35 E41 E43 E47

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