Exciting News & Upcoming Classes

Sometimes you work on things for a while and set them to the back burner for a few months. I’d *almost-but-not-quite* forgotten about this. I’ll be sharing more in a few days, but looks like someone already let the cat out of the bag. 🙂

After a busy, busy spring and a vacation with my family at the end of May, I’m going to be spending a lot of time doing stuff like this  with my girls this summer, but come August it will  be back to cool Copic coloring.

I’ve got four new classes posted for Kansas City and St. Louis. I’m really looking forward to teaching my hometown crowds!

  • Kansas City Standard Certification – Friday, August 9th
  • Kansas City Intermediate Certification – Saturday, August 10th
  • St. Louis Standard Certification – Friday, August 16th
  • St. Louis Intermediate Certification – Saturday, August 17th

There are other class locations open right now for Portland, Chicago and Minneapolis. You can find all of the upcoming class info HERE. Click on the Standard, Intermediate or Workshop tabs for info, dates & locations applicable to each of our upcoming  classes.

Back soon!

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  1. Oh yea!! I have the first three books! Can’t wait to add to my Copic library! They are so helpful. Would love to be certified but the classes offered are so far from me. Maybe someday!

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