Paper Smooches Winner & a photo tip

WOW! Thanks for all of the sweet comments and thoughtful deeds to share with your friends who are under the weather. Some of you had great ideas, and I loved reading your comments!

I do have a winner for the Healthy Vibes stamp set from Paper Smooches. Congrats to Miss Jenny Peterson:

Oh Gosh- depends on what they’ve got;) If its contageous, I stay away til they are better and then a nice coffee date is in order;) I like to take a meal over if I can- I know as a busy mom, that is much appreciated! and cards are nice too!! Thanks for the chance to win!
p.s. as an RN, I love the little bear with the nurses cap!! Super cute card:)

I’m in the midst of purging and clearing out here in my office. I think tomorrow’s going to be a stampy kind of day, so I’ll see if I can have a card to share tomorrow or Thursday. I did, however, want to share an idea that I saw on .

I think of Pinterest as the magazine of inspiration that shows up on my computer every single morning. I’ve found some fabulous recipes and ideas for crafts to make, many I’ve tried in the last few months, like the Best Baked Chicken Parmesan Ever, delish, cheap and easy Slow Cooker Marinara and primitive nativity.

I’m always trying to improve my photography skills, and I’ve pinned lots of blog posts and tutorials in a Taking Pretty Pictures board. This post was one that I tried half-way, and it did help me get a cleaner picture of my Paper Smooches card. I’m going to keep pinning and keep reading, but I figure I’m not the only one who wants to learn more, and I thought I’d pass along the tip. I just maneuvered the box with the foil covering until it was reflecting light back into the shadows of my card before I snapped the picture.

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See you soon!

2 responses to “Paper Smooches Winner & a photo tip

  1. Whoo Hoo!!! That’s me!!! Now I feel kinda bad that I announced that I would keep away from anyone contageous!! lol
    Thanks Lori! Super excited, cuz I’ve stalked the PS website for ages and never made the plunge! I have a feeling you have opened a new can of worms for me;)

  2. Hiya! lots of fun new cards on here Lori! Love the little owl and tree one a few entries back (love them all of course)
    I am bummed that your St.Louis class is Thursday! I would come down and do both just to see you but weekdays just won’t work. We finally got hit with winter along with you guys stay warm friend!

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