Thank you, Bloomington!


I spent a good part of last weekend in Bloomington, IL where I had the pleasure of teaching a Copic Certification and a consumer class. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures at the Certification because there were many delightful people there, but I did manage a few from the card class at The Keepsake Element.  I loved Bloomington! Many large town amenities with a small town feel – 2 hours to Chicago, 2 hours to St. Louis. Just a wonderful time.  The Keepsake Element was a beautiful scrapbook store, with great class room space. Thanks to Lisa and Beth for hosting me!

The top card is one of the cards from the card class using the Flourishes Cherry Blossoms set.  I love how this image turned out.

  • Flower Petals: R83 and Blender
  • Flower Stems: G24, G28
  • Background: BG000 and Blender


We made this Flourishes Poppy Patch card with blending and airbrushing. The ribbon was a plain cream that we dyed by coloring directly to the ribbon with a YR16 marker. (I use the chisel end, and it’s easy peasy.)

  • Flower Petals: YR12, YR16 and YR18
  • Stems: G24, G28
  • Backgrounds: YR31 on the label, YR18 over the stencil and YR16 on the ribbon


Finally, we used this sweet little Bildmalarna image. She was my favorite, and seemed to be the favorite of many of the girls in the class, as well. It was the last image that we worked on, and we worked on hair, faces and woodgrain – 3 popular ‘how-to’ topics for Copic lovers. The colors used here:

  • Hair: YR21, YR24, YR26
  • Dress: BG000, BG01
  • Skin: E00, E51 and a hint of R20 for the cheeks
  • Woodgrain: E31, E33, E35


Three projects makes for a lot of ground to cover in a 2 1/2 hour class, and this beautiful bunch of ladies were wonderful on Saturday morning. They were helping each other, laughing, trying new things. So fun to visit with…wish that I had them right next door. We’d be instant friends, I’m sure. 🙂


Finally, here is a picture of Lisa McClelland and I after it was all over. We realized we needed a picture just after her store partner, sweet Beth had left for the day. <sad face> They were incredible hostesses with one of the most beautiful scrapbook stores I have ever been in. LOVED it. Thank you, Lisa and Beth for having me visit. I am so happy that our paths crossed, and I hope they do again in the future. 🙂

Thank you, Bloomington!

8 responses to “Thank you, Bloomington!

  1. GORGEOUS cards, Lori!

  2. GORGEOUS cards, Lori!

  3. HI! **waving** lol. Your cards are gorgeous, Lori! I especially love the first one!!

  4. WOW Lori!!!!! These cards are all so beautiful!!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time while you were away!!!! {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Beautiful cards, Lori! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!
    Hugs and smiles

  6. what fun cards and fun pix, too!
    I have actually just started receiving my very first orders of copics! woo hooooo! now to figure out what in the world to do with them…. ack! but really, will wait until I can get a few more and then can get started with the shading. THEN I will go track you down and take one of your fabby classes! 🙂

    hope you and your fam are well!

  7. Stunning cards, Lori!! I love them all, but I think the cherry blossoms are a favorite! How cool to get together and be taught to color by you! Sounds like so much fun!!

  8. Bloomington!? That’s only an hour away…small world:) You must let me know the next Copic class you offer in IL, Lori! I definately need a class:)

    darling projects!

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