A Friend’s Fun Find


Last month, when I was away on the Texas Escape, I realized that, um, how shall I say… the words in all of my books, the print on my computer screen and the stamped images underneath my markers were shrinking at an alarming rate. My goodness, some of them were just downright blurry. The girls and I were joking (not really laughing, mind you, but joking) about fun and hip reading glasses and looking sassy as we’re getting older.  I had to laugh when these beauties arrived on Friday afternoon.

I am blessed with caring, wonderful and funny women in my life.

15 responses to “A Friend’s Fun Find

  1. It happens to all of us sooner of later!! lol!!

  2. So cute, and I love the story! I’m seeing it too, sad to say. lol

  3. Good times! Good times!

  4. Lori—I have those SAME ones–I LOVE them. I feel a little younger with those sassy reading glasses on! I’m sure they look amazing on you!

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