Paradise (and a winner) Found


Two quick cards tonight that feature the Kim Hughes, Paradise Found stamp set that was released last week. If you are working with your church’s Vacation Bible School this summer, chances are pretty good your theme might be Outrigger Island from Lifeway. These images are perfect for postcards, invites, snack picks, favors or a stamped craft. 


There are line art and silhouette images in this set, making it an easy choice for kids. Speaking of kids, I have that issue of Paper Crafting with Kids to give away. I read through all of the responses. They were great! So many good ideas to tell a child, ‘hey, you’re special to me! I hope you have fun with this!” Kim Leach had a fabulous, fabulous idea:

My favorite gift to give is a “spy kit” using a simple plastic “school” box with a handle and adding cool looking sunglasses, magnifying glass, small steno book, pencil, a washable ink pad and index cards (for fingerprinting of course!) disguises {mustache–sometimes the groucho marx glasses come attached:), hat, clown makeup, etc} and a wallet badge I make using black CS…Prism would give it the perfect leather feel, wouldn’t it?… I use the computer to print their name and official-looking graphics; I cover it all with some contact paper (to make it flexible and easy to “flip” open…”Detective Leach here. I just have a few questions…” The badge takes the longest but it’s worth it!

My son is 22 and STILL has his wallet badge and glasses (with airplane propellers…great disguise!) He used that thing to death!!!

What a great mom!! And what fun, fun memories. Kim, send me your snail mail, and this PC issue will be heading your way! Thanks for all the time that you gals took to share some of your favorite things. I know you have been a real blessing by sharing these gifts with the kids in your life.

 Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my Divine Design card for the month. I’m a tad anxious to see what everyone else has come up with this month. See you in the morning!

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  2. These are adorable, Lori! So cute! 🙂

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