Married to a Goose Hunter


So I fulfilled my husband’s life long fantasy this weekend….I treked out to the hunting blind and stayed 4 hours without complaining one time.  No small feat with 2 little girls, one of whom is wearing Barbie flip-flops. Yep, it was 29 degrees, I am a wonderful mother. You can’t see them, but I am wearing waders, and I’m quite sure Wes thought they were HOT.

I told him I’d meet him up there mid-afternoon, thinking the day would soon be over. After a 2 mile jaunt through the marsh in a 4-wheel drive, we hiked the last 2/10 mile in over a levee and through the muck. All the while, I am thinking about my next craft purchases AND/or that living room furniture that I’ve been contemplating.


It wasn’t so bad once we actually got there. Here I’ve got my head and my camera poked up through the straw to watch the guys as they watch the sky.


Many people wonder about being land-locked and such when they are from either coast or mountain areas. When you are from the midwest, however, there is nothing like big open sky.


It is fascinating to watch these dogs work in the water. They run on hand signals or voice command to retrieve tomorrow night’s dinner.  


Can you believe these jokers sat here, in this position from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Can you believe that they would do it everyday of the week, if possible?


Wes got a double-banded goose on Saturday. His first ‘double’ ever. This bird was tagged in Manitoba in 2003. The conservation agencies will tag them to track their migration patterns and the like. These are snow geese. They are difficult to hunt, and in some places they are a nuisance to society. Up north (like past Canada) they will wreck havoc on an area as they come in, eat the grass to the ground and leave. In that cold climate, it can take 6 or 7 years for the grass to rejuvinate.


Yeah, this is the diva. Can you tell that she’s the momma’s girl? She does redeem herself quite often when she bats those baby blues, snuggles up to her daddy and whispers….”I like duck wrapped with bacon….the most!


This is my good friend, Jennifer, and like me…she loves her husband very, very much.


OK, so you think the bird in flight was a little perplexed? Of all the geese you see here, the one flying is the only one real. LOL! For those of you who think he’s cute, don’t worry. His life was spared this weekend.


This would be ‘Daddy’s Girl’! Certainly not her first hunting trip, Ashley was in heaven. There is nothing about camo, hunting or spending time with the most important man in her life that she doesn’t like….except for being told to quiet down from time to time.


I told you, she loves it! Shortly after this shot was taken, I loaded up with 2 of Wes’s camo bags, the precious double-banded goose, Courtenay riding piggy back and my Canon Rebel to trek back to the truck. And fun was had by all….next time, I’m taking a Paper Crafts magazine with me!

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  1. Thanks, Lori. Now I know what I am going to have to do for Chad since you have set the bar so high! ha! You did take some great pictures and the girls looked like they had fun as well. Daddy looked the proudest though! You scored some MAJOR brownie points there!

  2. You *are* a good wife! Y’all are *too* cute!

  3. So fun to see these pictures, Lori! And yes… you’ll get some good mileage out of this one! 😉

  4. Jennifer Niemann

    Do NOT send this to John!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! You ARE a good wife! LOL! I can’t imagine what men find so fascinating about hunting things like this. It must have something to do with testosterone! 🙂 It probably tastes good though!

  6. Wow! You definitely win the “Wife of the Year” award!! Thanks for chronicle-ing it for all of us. What a fun time! What great girls! I have three little boys. I’ll send one (or two!) up to you next time I’m suffering from testosterone poisoning. *wink*

  7. Oh my word! You sure do love your husband! Now, is he going to stamp a weekend with you???


  8. What a fabulous post and great photos! You ARE an awesome wife! I knew that already. You’re the busiest and most amazing woman I know. Hands-down!

  9. Honey, This is your Daddy speaking, What did he threaten you with this time?

  10. Great. Enjoyed all.

  11. Enjoyed all the pictures.

  12. There’s no doubt that you adore your husband. What a great memory for all of you! Thanks for sharing it! There is definately a special place in heaven for you Lori. 😉

  13. Hhahah soooo have you picked out the sofa yet???

    Lori I loved the read…it was great!

  14. You are so good! I hate to even tell you what I did to my husband this weekend!!! He has been sick since last Tuesday with the “crud” that’s going around. In fact he’s still home today! Anyway, my weekend story isn’t so good! Friday night the kids had AWANA games practice at the church for 2 hours, so I decided to grab some supper with some friends. I figured we had plenty of time to eat, I just wouldn’t get to hang out long afterwards. Well 8:00 came and I needed to leave the restaurant in 10 minutes to make it back to the church to pick up the kids. The only problem was, I hadn’t even gotten my food yet! Yes, I did it….I called my sick husband to ask him to go pick up the kids. Isn’t that just terrible!! I felt so bad….now I OWE HIM BIG TIME!!!! I will say, that I’m glad he’s not a hunter!!! I may have to go target shooting with him though!!!
    Loved your pictures! Your girls are dolls!!! 🙂

  15. Oh, yes, you ARE a good wife! Loved reading your story and seeing the pics. I can still hear your voice telling us about huntin’ when we were sitting in Jami’s hotel room. Hugs!

  16. Lori…What a girl you are!! Morgan and I loved these pictures!! I was boohooing for myself wtih 2 soccer games and a 21/2 hour baseball practice OUTSIDE ALL day saturday..then a bday party for Joey…7 now! I was sooooo cold after the games and practice I could not get warm…now I know…had on the wrong gear…not one bit of cameo!!! Love you E

  17. You’re amazing! I think you earned yourself a nice big shopping spree. I don’t know if I could do it. Fortunately, I’ll never have to – I married a man who doesn’t hunt, fish, golf, or watch sports on TV. I do have to wade through miscellaneous computer parts in several rooms of the house, though. Be sure to update us on what you buy!

  18. you are a perfect woman! 🙂
    I’m sure your DH totally agrees!
    See what I mean?
    😉 thanks for sharing, Lori!

  19. One of my earliest memories is duck hunting with my dad. I don’t know if its different here in Aus to Goose Hunting in the US, but i remember hiking out there on my dad’s shoulders having to get off when we climbed over fences to get there.
    The best part of the whole thing was the story behind why I went:
    My mum had gone away and got held up for some reason and dad had lined this trip up months before hand so when she couldn’t come home dad just took me with him. Mum had been trying to call us all day and when we finally got home late that night I swear the neighbours would have heard her through the phone when she said ‘You took my baby shooting????’ lol
    I had a great time and can still remember standing still and quiet with my hands over my ears while dad took the shot – quite a feat for a 3 yr old lol


    I have done the deerblind thing, and I wish I’d thought about the whole furniture/stamp angle. Why do men always do things that require silence (golf, hunting) and freezing your buns off? You don’t have to get up early, be cold or quiet to stamp!! 🙂

    TFS those pics – the flip flops crack me up!!


  21. All I can do is shake my head in wonderment. You’re a better woman than me. 🙂

  22. Even though I shouldn’t, I’m going to send this to Lou. He will LOVE it! I’ll admit, though I am a great wife, I have not done this yet. You’re the best. However, I didn’t see a post from Wes telling you (and us) how great you are to have done this. Step it up big guy! Can’t wait til my boys are big enough to go!


    Every girl needs to visit the duck blind once in while, you have to see what you have missing all those years!

    Nice work! You are a good women.

  24. wow!! glad you girls love it, my kids would love it as well! I am not hip to the 5:30 or the waders part though!! He knows how lucky he is I am sure!! 😉

  25. Yes, she is a great wife! However you gals are missing the mark when you say she deserves a shopping spree!!! This is partial payback for me tripping over the stamp supplies everyday, and especially at 5:00 am when I am headed to the great outdoors. I love it that all my girls are not affraid to get out there. Ashley is a definate hunting and fishing buddy, we have always been concerned that Courtenay would not be quite enough, but she passed (Mouth full of crackers), and Lori….. well she was a trooper, and do not let her kid you, her eyes were lighting up when she was looking trough the grass at 10’s of thousands of birds!!!! PS – I do stamp…just won’t be seeing it in publication anytime soon!

  26. Dad has to come to Lori’s rescue again. I am glad that my son, my son-in-law, and my grand children love to hunt. But I ask you: should any good wife HAVE TO endure the goose blind, his old leaky waders, frigid weather, and drag her beautiful daughters out to sit with a bunch of guys that haven’t showered, haven’t shaved for three days, and their smelly old dogs just to think she can go shopping? What a price to pay for being “worlds’s best wife AND OH!
    By the Wes, slight misprint on Courtenay. Just for the record I’m sure “quite” should have been “quiet”.
    It’s one great, unusual LOVING family.

  27. Lori, Hi girl. Bryce and Reece loved your pictures and narration. You’ve got me beat…. never been on a duck hunt nor goose hunt. I’ve only rolled out of bed before day break or 5am to deer hunt and turkey hunt, or depart on vacation!!! My lasting memory will be pink Barbie flip flops in the goose blind! Love it!!

  28. CherylQuilts at SCS

    What fun! I enjoyed the trip diary…as well as the comments…especially those from Wes and Dad! Wow…a different life than ours in South Florida! But fun! Love visiting your blog…your work is wonderful! TFS!

  29. Barb Steinseifer

    Lori…have been enjoying your site now for a month or so and love the things you make…it’s nice to learn about your family and the things you enjoy together!!! Take care and may God bless all of you…Love, Barb xox

  30. I just found your site today! I love it. My husband and boys are hunters, my daughter and I not so much…LOL I have promised my dh that I will spend some time deer hunting with him this year. You did a great job of capturing this experience. Thanks for sharing.

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  32. You are a trooper!! My husband hunts geese, deer, antelope, elk, pheasants,mountain lion, and I’m sure I’m missing something on this list. He would LOVE if I would go with him, but I’m not the awesome wife you are!! I just can’t let him see this blog, or he’d say, “See, she went with her husband!” Great photos!!

  33. Jo Anna Grimsley

    LOVE it. In my case, however, I am out there with a gun with my husband!
    (don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!) There are times though when I wish I could take a cardmaking magazine with me in the blind, but it would be frowned on-haha.

  34. What a charming story! What a brave girl you are! Cute family, thanks so much for sharing 🙂


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  38. Just saw this post & had to laugh! I’ve been there several times. The worst was in a floating blind with water slapping the sides all day long, me in waders & 2 coats & having to pee all day long. Soooo hard to get all those clothes down, lean out over water & try not to fall in. Thank goodness it was only the 2 of us! I love my goose hunter too & we’re on our 47th year together. Have fun while you can!

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