Glory to the Newborn King

Welcome to Day 2 of ideas to celebrate new Masking Stencils from Taylored Expressions! I love that Taylor was able to work with my dear friend, Laurie to bring this idea to life!  While these stencils quickly became a favorite tool for me, I’ve really been inspired by all of the projects I saw shared yesterday! Loved all of the ideas!

As the calendar shifts closer to November, of course my card-making brain starts thinking about Christmas cards – pretty but mass-produceable Christmas cards. That’s what I feel like I am sharing today.

In years past, I would never have attempted a design like this for mass-production because of the time-consuming tape off for the clean square background. So really, this year, Taylor has brought two awesome products to simplify and speed up this technique: Masking Stencils and Blender Brushes.

Glory to the Newborn King features a stenciled backdrop with the Masking Stencil Squares and a feature of Gumball, Plum Punch, Blueberry and Jelly Donut Taylored Expressions Premium Ink. I’ve brushed the background with my Blender Brushes.en I like to use Taylor’s Sugar Cube cardstock or Bristol smooth for this blending method >>> like butter.

Then with the mask still in place, I’ve gently splattered Jelly Donut ink – allow a minute for the drops to dry. Simply smoosh a bit of the ink on to your craft mat, stamp packaging, piece acetate, desk top, lol.. anything slick and non-porous. Then tap, tap, tap…  Your splatters might travel, so my advice is to clear your space – especially if you are a messy crafter like me.

Repeat that step with the Sugar Cube ink – smoosh, swish, tap, love.

So easy and fast with the Masking Stencils!

Once both the Jelly Donut and the Sugar Cube splatters are dry, I covered the panel with a simple white scene cut from the Nativity Border die.

The die is wider than my card base here, so I’ve trimmed it down to fit across my backdrop of night sky. The palm trees were left untouched, so I trimmed the bases of the tree away and anchored the left side of my sky.

The sentiment is stamped in Oreo ink from the beautiful sentiment set, Sing of the King. I like the finished look of a white layer matted on a white card base, so that is what I’ve done here – both are Sugar Cube cardstock from Taylored Expressions. Finally finished off with a bit of silver cording!

As a reminder, the Masking Stencils are available with a gift-with-purchase through the 27th. I do use the Purple Tape. It’s the perfect width for stamping needs. I feel like there’s less waste that way.

I know the team has great inspiration waiting for you again today. I feel very fortunate to be stamping with these special ladies for this special release.

Quick links for the products I’ve used today:

I’ve got three more projects to share with you tomorrow! So stop back by, if you can. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. George-a-mus!! Those stencils look really cool and your sky turned out amazing! <3

  2. WOW – this card is gorgeous! I love that sky!

  3. Perfect!

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