Meet Mr. Walker – Coloring Dogs with Copic

Copic Dogs Lori Craig Full Card

Coloring four-legged fur-babies with Copic Marker today and sending a thank you card to my sweet neighbors who watch my dog like a hawk when I run errands or am out of town!

craig dog


This is Mr. Walker. He is 10 years old. He loves to romp in the tall grass, hunt ducks and retrieve his plastic throw dummy. He also likes it when you rub under his chin or right between his huge floppy ears.



Copic Dogs Lori Craig

This stamped image from Whipper Snapper was one of the very first stamps that I ever colored with Copic Marker years ago (you can see that card here), and while many stamps are re-gifted or thrifted over time around here, this one so sweet for lab lovers like us that I’ve never been able to purge it from my collection.  The stamped is called Harry the Dog, but it looks like he is retired.

Coloring our pets can be a challenge, but it’s easier with the Coloring Cats and Dogs with Copic – written by Marianne Walker. The book is great for beginner or intermediate artist who want to improve their Copic techniques. It will teach you how to smoothly color, blend, add texture, and create fur in a variety of lengths.

Copic Dogs Lori Craig Full Card

To color Walker on this card, I was able to use a recommended blending trio right from the book – E50 for the base and shading with E42, YR21 and YR23.

Tip: The Copic Coloring Number system with a graduation of saturation (gray) and value (light and dark) doesn’t apply number-by-number in the earthtone markers. You may find yourself using colors from a wider series of numbers – don’t let that alarm or worry you.

Here, I used the E50 for a creamy undertone and E42 for light shading, then brought in more of Walker’s golden/red coloring with YR21 and YR23 sparingly.

The Coloring Cats and Dogs with Copic Marker book is a nice resource with a great variety of popular pet breeds represented with step out photos and suggested color combinations. There are also line art pages that you can practice coloring step-by-step with the book.

Speaking of Walker, he needs brunch, so I better run! I’ll be back tomorrow with something fun!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Awe!!! He’s adorable! I love that you pulled something old from your stash of stamps and used it. I NEEEEED to do more of that!! And I love how you added the sentiment… I’m filing that away to use later too. 🙂 Miss you!!!! <3

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