Coloring My Monthly Hero

MMH-300x359I’ve had this fun image from the  printed image pack included in the Hero Arts March My Monthly Hero kit colored on my desk for several days. The images in the kit come pre-printed on XPress It Blending Card. Marianne’ Flower stamps, pre-prints, dies and a beautiful Copic friendly ink are also included.  This has been such a great kit to work with!

I actually wanted to share this card last week, but I was stumped for color choices of this snail. Snails aren’t in my normal arsenal of images to color, but this one is cute, and I loved the flowers!

FullSizeRender (1) So I pulled a trick from my image coloring playbook and did a quick google search for “snail images“. This cute blue and green snail popped up about half way down the page, and I knew it would be a great color blend with the brightly colored florals and leaves I had already finished!

Don’t be afraid to search images for things that you are coloring! The hints that pop up for colors, shades, shadows, etc. can all be very helpful!


Notice on the blues and greens, I didn’t concern myself with perfect, smooth blends – they weren’t perfectly smooth on my reference photo, either! I laid the blue and green of the shell color together keeping the edges wet. The dotted blues were added after the base layers dried. The dots and spots when added to the dry layer will retain their circle shape.


The colors I used here are a combination of:

  • orange flower: YR12/YR14/YR18/R27
  • pink flower: RV62/RV66
  • daisies: Y32/Y35
  • big bright leaves: YG01/YG03/YG07
  • tall thin stems: YG61/YG63
  • snail: YG01/YG03/BG53/BG57/YG61
  • misc grays and earthtones for rocks and dirt

We are finishing up our spring break week, and it has been such a beautiful family week! Here’s a picture for you! image


Thanks for stopping by! Have a a great week!

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