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notebook stack lori craig

One of the things on my to-do list before I left for my retreat was make a little giftie for all the people attending… I had only met two of the ladies before, so I definitely wanted to show them a little love, and as a list maker… I knew that these kinds of events inspire a lot of lists of things you want to remember, make, see, do or buy. So I created a little journal for all of my new friends.


I am in love with these little SenseBooks that Imagination International started carrying last year. This is the 4″ x 6″ pocket size, and the pages are available ruled, grid or blank. I really like that they have a table of contents and that the pages are numbered (the 4×6 version has 135 pages). You can write or sketch your own little chapters, and they are cheap enough that I can have multiples going at the same time.

You can purchase the notebooks with or without covers, and I wanted something simple and unique, so I created my own covers with a thin, kraft paper. I used a roll of kraft wrapping paper, and ripped each sheet to size using a straight edge – I liked the raw, ripped look. I keep a roll of this on-hand because it’s great for quick gift wrapping, table covering for parties or events and random projects.  You could also use sheets of brown paper bag paper. I don’t recommend traditional cardstock weight for this because you want the jacket to wrap easily around the notebook and lay fairly flat.


For my little gift notebooks, I thought a cute cover would be fun, so I created a jacket template in Photoshop. I used the height of the notebook and allowed width to span the front, back and spin with almost 2″ on each side for an inside flap. On the above picture, I show a pink mock-up of the space where the front cover will end up resting on my jacket so I know where to position my text. I just deleted the pink layers before printing.

I printed my book jackets on the Epson SureColor P600 – which I like because it handles many different media types, thicknesses and paper sizes – it will print directly from rolled paper or canvas. So fun!


notebook stack lori craigI created the Kansas state outline by tracing a free google image in Photoshop. Next, I layered my text over the Kansas image. The text on the cover reads:

My little book of big, big ideas from Stamping Away Kansas. Stamps I need, tools to make my life easier, recipes I want to try, books I want to read, things I want to do. Important stuff to remember. lists of all the pretty, hip, tasty, cool and awesome things.

notebook with pen lori craig

You can see other photos from the weekend here, and I think everyone came home with lists of fun things, a lot of finished cards and projects and memories too numerous for this little book of big ideas.

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5 responses to “Stamping Away Notebooks

  1. And we loved, loved, love them! So fabulous Lori! Thank you…mine is in use in my purse right now. xx

    • Aww Lynn … I loved meeting you! And, thank you for braving the streets with me! Sorry I was wimpy from being sick! I did get out yesterday afternoon and ran a slow 4 miles without stopping. I’ll be thinking of you and your half-training! Kill it, girlfriend! ~ xoxo

  2. How very sweet of you. I am sure everyone was in love with them. I think they are a great gift.

  3. Lori, I did not realize these came from you!! I love mine! Thank you so much!

  4. Very cool! And so thoughtful. 🙂

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