farewell, sweet friend….


The Copic teaching team is sharing about a huge fringe-benefit to papercrafting today.

If I’m honest, it’s not just the cutting paper and the scraps that keep me crafting. It’s the kindred connection with other papercrafters that inspires me: peers, students, bloggers, blog readers. I set out thinking I’ll learn all of these new tricks to the trade, and what I end up learning is about far more than paper.

That is especially true about my friend, Sherrie Siemens.

(above photo – Sherrie and I in Seattle, 2012)



Sherrie, a  long-time Splitcoaststampers Dirty Girl, fellow Copic instructor, friend, recently announced some changes in her paper crafting career, which means incredible opportunity for her and her family, and a mixture of joy and sadness for almost anyone who’s ever worked with her.

(above photo – Copic training event in Chicago 2011 – Sherrie, MandiLee Klinger, myself and Sharon Harnist)


Aside from all things Copic and beautiful paper design, Sherrie has helped me become a better friend and mom. She’s thoughtful and insightful, a beautiful combo.

One of the tangible gifts of our friendship is that she helped me get going with my photography hobby. She’s self-taught in photography, and it’s a irreplaceable gift that we both share with our friends and families when the opportunity allows. I’m grateful for that.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to take a class or meet Sherrie at a Copic event, she’s fun, light-hearted and an excellent teacher. She was the first Copic certification instructor that Copic selected when Marianne Walker decided she needed help in Canada. Sherrie was the pioneer to the process of streamlining and standardizing the classes so that we could provide a consistent, professional and enriching classroom experience for Copic enthusiasts in North America!

(above photo: Sherrie doing her not-Copic thing in Chicago)


So, I’m going to leave it at a simple, I’m going to miss you working with you Sherrie.  Your friendship is a treasure.

Thanks for indulging me beyond the normal craft and Copic chatter. I know the other girls on our Copic team have their own memories to share. I hope you’ll visit them today:

Sherrie Siemens – Please make sure to stop by
Sherrie’s blog and leave her a little love!

(above photo: Sherrie and I in Los Angeles – 2012)


Copic classes are still up and open for business. I’m packing my bags and heading to Orlando next week, and there are a host of opportunities around the country coming up soon. See the full schedule here! Registration here. Hope you can join us!

3 responses to “farewell, sweet friend….

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  2. Sherrie Siemens

    Lori…I am so blessed by what you girls have done and said! It is hard to type when my fingers are slippery from wiping my tears (and nose). I am going to miss you, I know I can find you on the internet but it is not quite the same (sniff, sniff). I have learned so many things from you my friend. I love how you care about everyone’s life and remember details about them all, that is something I admire greatly about you. I love your joy! I love how you love your faith and family too. Love you!

  3. Wonderful blog hop and so nice of the team to say farewell and best wishes to Sherrie and will make sure to stop over her blog as well.

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