A Colorful Copic Welcome Hop

stamping desk


Still in a sea of boxes in our new home, slowly making the way to what will be the paper crafting studio. What a job!  


I’m really missing the space and the built-in desk that we added to my last studio office! And, I need to start looking for a desk that will serve a similar purpose, I loved the side drawers and overhead nooks and crannies of this space. Not sure I want to go the built-in route again. I loved it, but if we are ever relocated again, I have to leave it behind. What organizational features would you incorporate if you had a blank slate for your crafting space? 


Special news today to kick off the weekend! The Copic family is excited to welcome accomplished Copic artist and popular instructor Jennifer Dove to the Copic Fine Art Teaching Team!
Jennifer has been using Copics since 2010 and is a well known instructor who teaches Copic Boot Camp retreats, manages her own DoveArt Designs stamp line, and designs in mixed media, jewelry making, card making and altered arts.

jennifer dove


Copic inks appeal to artist in many areas of study, and similar in some ways to our Papercrafting Teaching Team, the Fine Art Teaching Team is comprised of select professional artists and instructors who conduct demos and provide instruction at fine art stores and art schools. Jennifer will be a great fit to this team!




In celebration of Jennifer’s joining Copic, each of our Papercrafting Team instructors is giving away a Copic T-Shirt to one lucky winner this weekend. Just leave me a comment and let me know “what organizational features would you incorporate if you had a blank slate for your crafting space?”   I’ll pick a winner on Sunday night and announce on Monday morning.  
Everyone has prizes to visit the blogs below for your chance to win & make sure to stop by Jennifer’s Blog and give her a colorful welcome!
Lori Craig <– that’s me!
Jennifer Dove <– the lady of the day!


I’d be remiss to not remind you that we’ve got quite a few great locations lined up for papercrafting classes this spring – both certifications and workshops for all skill levels! I’m going to Houston in two weeks, and I’d love to see you there!

The full Copic Class schedule and registration information can be found HERE. Happy Weekend! 


48 responses to “A Colorful Copic Welcome Hop

  1. What a great question. I really need to keep my paper organized, but in full view. I like to pull out paper colors (both solids and patterns) and consider various combinations. So for me, the key to keeping organized is to have a great paper storage system with all papers out in full view. I was at a crafting ladies house last Saturday. She had a brand new craft room and her husband built her custom shelves for her Ikea book shelf that perfectly fit 12*12 papers. I was green with envy!

  2. I would love to have a wall of nothing but open shelves that I could fill with baskets and jars full of crafty goodies. My Copics are totally under control already!

    • I think you are on to something! I am one of those people who won’t use what she can’t see, so open shelving for display and visual reference would be GREAT!

  3. Sharon Shulsky

    Congratulations to Jennifer Dove! She is a great instructor and will be a great asset.

  4. Hi Lori, When you said you were moving, the first thing I thought of was that you would have to leave that gorgeous built in behind. I don’t know if these are considered organizational at all, but I must have a desk area to sit at and a higher counter for standing. I always stand to put things together and sit to color. Also, for me, great lighting is so, so important. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck.

    • Karen… You are so on to me! I am right this minute looking at some different organization desk type of units, and I think I must have something counter height. That was so comfortable for me in the other space. I’ve got a lot of work to do throughout this house, so it may take a while to get the office under control. I can’t wait to see what I come up with either! LOL! Hope you are well, sweet friend!

  5. charlotte Bullock

    I think tops on my list would be a confident colic marker storage! The boxes that they come in are cool for travel but they are not very everyday useful. Also, I love love love the T shirt!!!!!!!!

  6. Well that is a very impressive desk in the picture and I would of never left that behind. Congratulation on obtaining Jennifer. You are going to love having her on your team. She is a extremely talented lady and an awesome teacher.

  7. whoo hoo! So excited to see Jenn Dove joining this amazing team of talent!

  8. Jennifer will be an awesome asset to the team and so happy she was chosen to spread her wings! I am redoing my craft room and have four walls to think of what to do! Today, I am going to a second hand thrift store and see if I can find some mason jars to put my buttons in. It would be cheaper than buying anything at the craft stores. I have TONS of ribbon since I live near a ribbon outlet. The problem is they are all different sizes from very large to very small rolls. I am going to buy some plastic grids – I will remove the prongs (the squares) from top and bottom for the width of the ribbon and rewrap the ribbon onto it. Best way to describe it is I’ll be making them to look like a H with two bars inside. That way all my ribbon will be placed on the same size receptacle and will be easier to stack or hang. After I am done I could send you a photo. If it works!!!

  9. A desk like that would be amazing! Welcome Jennifer! Great picture of you by the way!

  10. Welcome Jennifer!! You’re in with the right team!!

  11. Yea, Jennifer. You Rock at teaching copic coloring. Glad you are my friend.
    Lori, I need a paper control place too. I have a cupboard with doors but I have too much stuff to fit in them. I’d like some kind of system for my punches. I just bought the Zutter system for magnetic dies and stamps. I am in love with it. I also need GREAT lighting and an area for working, putting my electronic die cutting machine, and computer. Never ceases to amaze me that once I get a shelf it is nearly full right away. I swear that paper propagates like rabbits and often overnight. 🙂

  12. If I could organize one thing, it would be to have my Copic markers right in front of me at all times, just like the picture you show above. That way, I am always ready to color! 🙂

  13. Having made our move and downsizing my space, organizing is key.. I have an ever-changing room as I have not found the perfect one yet. My key labeling what is in that drawer.. I use my brother touch and crack off only the top half of the contact paper. That way if I am switching it around I can Still use the label.. These are mediums, and stencilsand all the other color stuff I have., paper is in a literature box from office depot. Many spaces fits cardstock perfectly and is sitting on a shelf in the former closet with the sliding doors off ) I also put my punches in a shoe over the door holder.. Its on the wall in back of my door.. On the back of the door will be sheet magnet , bto hold all my wafer dies. Easy to see and use.. Congrats to having Jenn Dove on your team. She is an awesome teacher and artist.. Amazing to enjoy her classes and boot camp. Whoohoo Jenn….

    • GREAT ideas here, and only peeling 1/2 of the contact paper is revolutionary to me! This is why I stick with paper crafting! Beautiful people with great ideas! 😉

  14. If I had a clean slate and was able to do my room over, I’d buy a scrapbox http://www.theoriginalscrapbox.com/ because no matter how much room I thought I had, it ran out and now everything is exposed, cramped, and not eye pleasing. I would love to have things where I know where they are and able to get them when I need them but out of sight/the way when I am not using them.

  15. Maria Patrick

    Big congrats to Jennifer on joining the Copic Team! If I had the room and money, I would add lots of shelves to my craft room for storage!:-)

  16. Would love to wear this t-shirt. Thank you.

  17. Well, you’ve been in my stamp room. I feel one of the best things I’ve done is buying the two portable kitchen islands – one for my paper cutters and one for my die cutting station. Having them counter height is awesome. I even bought one for the church office copy room, so we could have a counter height cutting station there. And that one has tons of storage space. Check JC Penney online and Costco too. My other favorite thing is my 3 drawer file cabinet from Ballard Designs where all my card stock and cs scraps are stored in hanging files. I don’t like cs out in the open because the edges get faded by sunlight.

    • I had that beautiful kitchen island in my office in Marshall, do you remember seeing pictures of that? We moved it with us, but it won’t fit through the doors of this house to bring it inside and NO WAY it would go though the doors to my office. I’m so sad about that! It’s just sitting out in the garage waiting for me to come to terms with the idea that I have to find a new home for it. Maybe I’ll look for a smaller one! I love the counter height workspace.

  18. The copic team is amazing. I have a 16 year old granddaughter whose art and coloring skills may in the near future reach this level. I would love to win the shirt to give to her to encourage her continued efforts with copics. My skills are not exceptional but I keep trying.

  19. Fabulous news. Good luck with your space. I want to redo mine, it’s just not flowing right and it’s messing with my woosar!

  20. Janice Lupardus

    Definitely more space for paper and lots of horizontal work space!

  21. Having Jenn on y’all’s team is no surprise.

    I wish I had a bigger desk with more leg room and lighting that can be manipulated from any side that you want. Something built from above that you can pull down and possibly bend.

  22. Wow! Jennifer Dove! An already terrific team has grown and got even better! Congratulations Jennifer. Hmmm, if I had a blank slate or chance for a “do-over”… COUNTERS with cupboard above and below and a couple of spots within those counter areas that would be “desk height” to sit comfortably to colour or surf the web for more ideas and digis and… checking copic class schedules ;-).

  23. More space on my desk!!!

  24. Looking forward to class on Saturday in Tukwila. You can deliver my t shirt then😊

  25. I would of course love more room, I think what I would like to organize better are all my stamps…I now have them in plastic bins…one for animals, people, flowers, misc, and words…maybe I should just stop buying stamps lol

  26. Congrats to Copics for bringing Jennifer onto the Copic team. A very talented lady and looking forward to what she has for us.
    My desires change almost daily what I would like/want/need according to what I’m working on at the time. But at the top of the list would be ‘a whole house (beside the house I live in) with rooms for each ‘craft’ I love, and not having to share them with anything or anyone else. Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate desire?

  27. You moved?!? Are not in KC anymore? That built in looks great, I bet it was hard to leave!!

  28. Debbie McKelvey

    I am happy to hear Jennifer is joining the team. She is awesome at coloring. My organizational would be a better way to store my 12 x 12 papers.

  29. that built in is stunning!!!! I don’t have ANY solutions as I have such a mix match of things and no pretty set up or solutions AT ALL. I’m tempted to get a scrap box one of these days though!

  30. Sharon Salerno

    If I had a new space for my crafting I think I would go to Ikea. It seems like you can adjust the pieces to fit your space.

    Welcome to Jennifer Dove

  31. Lynn Gauthier - Michigan

    I’m new to copic coloring. I’ve watched a few video’s on the internet. I’m so envious of your supply of copic’s and how you store them. Awesome!
    If I could start over, I would not install the cupboards that I have on every wall. I would get book shelves and the store my items in the open on shelves and label them. There is more room for storage.
    Would love to win a Copic shirt. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  33. Such a joy to welcome Jennifer and see such talent.

  34. Great question… I would love to have a huge desk under windows!

  35. Welcome to Jennifer, and LOVE the t-shirt.

  36. Congrats to Jennifer!
    My sweet hubby bought me a large craft table from Costco and then added laminate to the top (I’m so blessed!). It has great storage compartments and its’ large table top area has enough room in front of me for my inks and copics in their OrganizeMore homes (although I’ve run out of ink slots and need to expand). The perfect room would have a cutting area close, but separate from my craft table itself and I’m trying to arrange the room to make that dream come true! I’m almost there…. Cute t-shirt!

  37. Welcome Jennifer!
    I need some kind of organization for my paper! I have some in plastic carry-alls, some in cardboard shelves, some on wire racks… Maybe the REAL problem is I have TOO much paper! (Is that even possible??)

  38. I would incorporate paper storage into my space if I were able to plan ahead. Lots and lots of 12 x 12 slots. 🙂


  39. I would incorporate individual paper storage shelves so I wouldn’t have to dig!!!

  40. Welcome Jennifer. I would have a huge desk with lots of drawers with adjustable dividers….in my dreams! Congrats on your new home.

  41. My table always seems to have little bits of projects on it.
    I’d love to have a “In Progress” area

    Looking forward to seeing Jennifer’s work!

  42. Make sure your desk/tabletop is big enough to hold the things you need frequently along with a work space. My desk is so cluttered I have to take what I’m working on to the kitchen island, then haul it all back. Congratulations on your new place!

  43. I’m so excited to see that Jenn is joining the Copic family…she is AWESOME! How exciting for you to have a blank slate to create with. I’m a little OCD so there is NO WAY I could pick just one thing…lol. Have fun creating your new space. 🙂