2015 Copic Classes


I really can’t believe the first month of 2015 is basically behind us.  Between CHA and an out of state move for my family, there hasn’t been any free time to dwell on the winter days. And, with a packed up studio, there wasn’t much space to create, but lucky for me, markers are pretty portable.


Super excited that we rolled out all of the 2015 Copic Certification and Workshop classes at CHA in Anaheim, California a few weeks ago. What a great reception! Though I wasn’t teaching, I was fortunate to sit in on the classes which I always enjoy because I ALWAYS learn something new when I get to watch anyone on our teaching team in action. You will, too! I promise!

I’ll be teaching each of the different papercrafting classes for Copic this year, starting in Houston on February 21! I have a few locations to teach the Standard and Intermediate Certification classes, and I have several cities to visit with our new Workshop Series curriculum that include More Faces and Hair, Vintage Values and Monotones and, my personal favorite with the adorable little girl and her pooches image above, Clothing and Accessories.

You can always find the current class schedule in one, easy to read format on the right column of my blog (HERE) or on the Copic Marker site. I hope one of our upcoming locations will work for you as you continue your quest to conquer Copic!


5 responses to “2015 Copic Classes

  1. Hi Lori, Hope the move went well and that you and the family are getting settled. I always love to see your coloring.

  2. Hi Lori. Will you be teaching the Copic standard and intermediate certification classes anywhere near the Charleston, WV area this year (2015). Thanks.
    Sprinkles of Blessings!
    Penny Sue

  3. Penny Sue – We have a three sets of certification on the east coast this year. The three locations are Hanover, MD (DC area), Philadelphia and Charlotte, NC. I hope one of those will fit your schedule! 🙂

  4. Aah, now I understand. When I left a comment on your SCS gallery I noticed there were no posts for 2015. Moving can really wear you out. It’s the weekend, take a break (she smiles). Great pieces of artwork too. I’d love to see a Airbrush course here in Virginia.

    Susie ~

  5. Such wonderful coloring, Lori. Who makes the image with the dachshunds. I think I may need it.

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