Refilling Copic for an “Earth Day” Blog Hop

Earth Day, April 22, marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.  To celebrate, the Copic team is sharing tips and tricks on our refillable markers and recyclable ink packaging.

Last summer, I had a student in one of my classes teach me something cool regarding refilling of my Copic markers. It’s so simple, but it’s made a big impact on the speed and efficiency of my marker refilling process. He described refilling at his home using… weights and measures! Ding! Ding! Ding… the flashing lights went off and the bells started ringing for me!

I purchased a small scale for $7.99, and it arrived one day later. It came with batteries and was easy to use, right out of the box. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! You can use any scale that measures to 1/10th gram weight. I had a small scale, but nothing that would weigh to the 1/10th gram.

The scale I have is now out of stock. This scale is very, very similar and should work well.

My first concern was weight of a brand new Sketch marker, and I concluded that a new Copic Sketch weighs 14.6 grams. This weight becomes my benchmark.

Now, instead of drip, drip, drip and test, I can have a feel before I start refilling how much ink I need to add, and then test for accuracy by weight. After several months of practice on classroom markers, I found that I’m actually going through the refill process less because I’m doing a better job by refilling completely by weight. Color me happy!

When I refill I remove the caps from each end of the marker. This helps the ink flow into the barrel as you pour, rather than bottle-necking in the top opening. Second, I remove the chisel nib and start to drip into the marker. A full marker without caps and a chisel nib will weigh about 9.3 grams.

So, drip…drip… from the Various Ink refill bottle

Check weight and done. The best part about this process… with exact weights, I can have someone else in my house help with the chores!  (When I’m refilling classroom sets, I clean up the ends at the same time I am refilling.)

Here the weights I find most helpful:

  • new, unopened Sketch marker weighs 14.6 grams
  • full Sketch marker with both end caps and chisel nib removed weighs 9.3-9.5ish grams

Before using the weighing process, I would refill a marker and hope to fill enough without dripping ink out the bottom of my marker caused by overfilling. Now I have much less mess to contend with.

In celebration of Earth Day the Copic team has gotten together for a blog hop.  Visit each person’s blog to learn personal tips and tricks for refilling and caring for your markers… and possibly some pretty eye candy along the way.

Be sure to head on over to the Copic blog at the end and sign up to be entered in the Earth Week Giveaway!  5 lucky winners will each receive a 3-piece Blending Trio or Color Fusion set, one Various Ink refill, and a 5×7 sketchbook.


36 responses to “Refilling Copic for an “Earth Day” Blog Hop

  1. Great tip, Lori. I know you spoke about this in a class this year in Orlando but didn’t have the weights. Any chance you could tell us what brand of machine you use to weigh the markers?

  2. The next time I need to refill, the marker gets weighed. Genius.

  3. WONDERFUL information. THANK YOU. And I ,too, would love to have the info Bunny asked for.

  4. What a great idea! Thank you!

  5. Fabulous!! And I have a jewelry scale! Woot!! I was just refilling this weekend and found that I didn’t refill enough in one of them… Of course I was questioning how much I should fill before I overflow. Thank you for sharing!! I’m inoffensive to pull my scale out!

  6. Awesome information Lori! You Rock!

  7. Wow, using the jewelry scale was a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for the info and for the great tutorial.

  8. Brilliant!

  9. I am learning so much about Copic Markers during
    this blog hop…Your scale idea is fabulous!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  10. Great idea — I just might have to try that! But then I’m sure I’d be refilling markers for quite some time (ugh)! 🙂

  11. Oh my, what a fantastic way to fill the markers. I just had to pin this. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Best thing I eve read! I think measuring by weight to refil properly is a GREAT!!!! idea! Thank you thank you!

  13. Denise Gebalski

    Never would have thought to weigh my Copics! Thanks for the tip….tee Hee.

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  15. What a fantastic tip. I haven’t gotten to the point where I need to refill but this is great information and a more exact way to determine how much ink to drop in. Printing this out and putting it in my Copic Book.

    Thank you!

  16. Thanks so much for the info.

  17. For those of us who think in terms of detail, precision and repetition, this is a GREAT idea. Thanks so much.

  18. Hi! I took a course with you a few years back and loved every minute of it! What a great tip!

  19. patricia kosko

    thanks for the tip. I’m always looking to improve the way I do things.

  20. Marilyn in E~Town

    Great blog today! Thanks for the helpful hints!

  21. Thank you for sharing this information….will make my life soooooooo much easier when I refill my markers!!!!!!

  22. Seriously?? Brilliant!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!
    God’s blessings on your night,
    Sarah 🙂

  23. Thanks Lori. I did not know about weighing them. Great tip.

  24. Wow, Lori, this is fabulous! Thank you SO much for all these wonderful ideas, and I’m going to get one of these scales! You are all so amazing! Thanks!

  25. Brilliant! Love this tip. Thanks, Lori.

  26. Thanks for sharing the tips on refilling copic markers so helpful

  27. Hi thanks for the great site ,would you know(or know where I could get )the weight of Copic wide markers?
    ,thanks again Jacques

  28. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much! I pinned it to two pinterest boards and am now on my way to get the scale <3

  29. Thank you for sharing the tip on filling copics, I have read those instructions before, it could have been on you site, but I didn’t save it. Now it’s on my favorites. Loved your cards. And I loved the hair tips also

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  32. Thank you so much! You just savnede me so much work! I just learned I have been filling my markers with only a small amount of ink, so they empty fast. now I can refill fully and not nearly as often! Thank you! Great tip! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  33. This is the best information ever! I have struggled with filling my markers … how much ink is enough, or two much? I saw your post last week and immediately ordered the little scale. I’ve spent a few hours today weighing each marker and filling the ones for which I have refill ink. And now I know which additional refills I needs to order. This has helped me tremendously! Thank you for sharing!!

  34. Fabulous tip! Jealous of your Canada trip. Have a blast, and keep posting those gorgeous pics!

  35. Brilliant!! 💙💙💙

  36. Thanks for the tutorial!

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