Sweet & Sassy in Seattle

Looking through my pictures, working on getting back on track with Project Life, and I realize I have this Sweet n Sassy card to share with you. I had colored the Coneflowers and Butterfly image and made this card back in April when I met Miss Sherrie in Seattle for a weekend of Copic classes.

I taught the Standard certification one day, and Sherrie taught the Intermediate class the second day. We had some GREAT students in Seattle. While Sherrie gave them the razzle-dazzle on day 2, I took notes, colored and had the most amazing green tea/lemonade drink – recommended by one of the students. *IF* by chance you took that class, and you know what you told me to order that morning at Tully’s, please let me know. That lemonade/green tea thing was AWESOME!

Here is Sherrie getting one-on-one with the class participants. Since Sherrie does all of our Canada classes, this was a rare treat to see her state-side. She’s such an awesome teacher, and I am very fortunate that I got to work with her on this trip. Love that girl!

I have a few touristy shots to share with you. This was such a great short trip. Mount Ranier in the morning from our hotel room. What a majestic beauty!

The first afternoon, we met at the hotel and then headed straight for Public Market Center. The plan was to walk around and take pretty pictures because I’m secretly stalking Sherrie’s photography prowess.

Beautiful fruits at the Public Market.

Remember this was April – tulips and daffodils galore. Such vibrant color. It was beautiful in there.

One of my favorite bouquets. All fresh flowers. I think this bouquet was $8 or $9. Steal!

Because I had my priorities in line, a trip to the Mother Ship where I found a new pair of running shoes and some pressed powder.

We spent all day near the Public Market, and for dinner, my friend Susan Holton from Tsukineko met us on the water. On a recommendation from Sherrie’s brother-in-law, we ate at Elliott’s. Sherrie and I both ordered cheek meat and risotto. Delicious. Fabulous meal.

When we met Susan for dinner, the new Memento Dew Drops had just arrived, and she was so sweet to bring Sherrie and a little care package. Love the new colors!

Here’s one more sight from our dinner view. Being the good midwestern girl that I am, this one mesmerized me. It seems like manufacturers are always talking about their goods being ‘in the container … on the ship’ or in the case of the Memento Dew Drops – they’ve just arrived. I knew the containers were basically pods that held the product. What I didn’t realize was the size and the amount on each ship. The containers are each about the size of a railroad car. And, on this ship, you can see them stacked 5 and 6 high just on the deck. This ship was loaded and headed out, and it will go all the way across the ocean with that cargo stacked like that. The sheer volume of goods on that one ship amazed me.

Here’s Sherrie and I after dinner..final shot of the night before the sunset.

{love} Seattle.


7 responses to “Sweet & Sassy in Seattle

  1. Lovely card, Lori. You used one of my most favorite paper pads. It looks like you had a great time in Seattle. I love walking thru the market. Wish we had one that big in Portland. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card. So super cute! And of course I enjoyed seeing the photos of Seattle. We haven’t made it to Pike Place Market this trip. Such a cool place to go. I think the mountain is Mt. Rainier, though. Mt. Hood is down by Portland. Glad you enjoyed yourself and helped the economy. :0) Nordies is a great place to buy shoes. And a multitude of other wonderful things.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Seattle! What a way to make the most of a short trip. Your photography is great, too! I LOVE your card! Your coloring is amazing (as usual) and the colors are so pretty. Just makes me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Look at you two gorgeous girls! What great pics! LOVE your card…those flowers are AMAZING!
    OMG…I can’t even wait to see you…less than two months!! WAHOO!!

  5. You explored the highlights of Seattle! Pikes Place Market, Coffee from Tully’s (and maybe Starbucks), Mt, Rainer, Elliott’s and of course Nordstom (I had a 20 year career at the “mother ship”). So happy that you and Sherrie enjoyed the Pacific Northwest!
    Also, the students in your Copic Class I know had a great time learning!

  6. Hi Lori! What a delicious post! What a soft and pretty card…a vision in pink! Totally loved your Seattle pix….especially that last one of you and Sherrie – you guys look happy and beautiful! XOXO

  7. Love your card! Beautifully colored! Looks like you had a great time! Great photos!

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