Something Special and a Giveaway!

On January 15th, Paper Smooches is releasing their newest set in the Kismet collection called ” Healthy Vibes” and I am here today to help promote this sweet set!  This is the third stamp set from their new “Kismet collection” and this is your first peek of the new images!

I have always loved working with Kim’s sets, and I adore the Kismet collection. I paired several of the elements of this set (the hat and sentiment) with the little bear from Chubby Chum Pals.  You’ll love the images and sentiments in this set for sweet, thinking-of-you-my-sick-friend cards!

Paper Smooches is so generous, I have a brand new “Healthy Vibes” stamp set to give away to one lucky person!  Just leave me a short comment and let me know what you do to cheer up special people in your life when they aren’t feeling 100%. You have until midnight on January 15th to leave me a comment, and I will post the winner here on Monday, January 16th.

For more chances to win…please visit the Paper Smooches Blog and my friend, Jennifer McGuire. Word is that they have Kismet Candy, too! <wink>

Happy Weekend!

163 responses to “Something Special and a Giveaway!

  1. what an adorable card! sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

  2. Marcia Scantlin

    Love this stamp and could have used it many times already. Too cute.

  3. i always try to make a card to cheer someone up….cute cute cute card!

  4. Hey Lori! What a darling card! I would love to get my hands on the latest set in the Kismet collection. . .thanks for the opportunity 😀

  5. I just love this cute cute card! I’m a sucker for polka dots! I think sending a card to let someone know that you are thinking of them and sending healing thoughts is a great way to cheer up a loved one when they are not feeling 100%. Who wouldn’t feel better getting a card like this one?

  6. Such a cute set – adorable card! I work at a hospital and would use this set a lot! thanks!

  7. this is such a sweet image…and your card is beautiful! i must have this set 🙂

  8. I love the nurses hat, so cute!! I like to cuddle with the little ones when they are sick. Unfortunatly for me they are getting older:(

  9. Very cute card! I think a handmade card is a nice way to cheer someone up.

  10. Cute stamps and I love the way you used them. I like to send a sweet care package to my poorly friends and family, along with a card of course!
    Ali x

  11. What a cute card. It would help brighten the recipient’s day. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Other than making a card 🙂 I like to just be with that person 100% with no distractions, give time and focus soley on them.
    I live your card, so cute and the colors are fantastic!

  13. Oh this is just an adorable card. When my friends or family members are down I like to bring out an old school board game, ie; Clue or Scrabble and get their mind off the illness and bring in positive vibes.

  14. awww, what a sweet little nurse! Your coloring is beautiful and so is your card 🙂

  15. This card made me smile!

  16. Oh my goodness, a Nurse’s hat! I can’t wait to see the rest of this set. Adorable!

  17. Such a sweet card! Cheering up kind of depends on the person in our house. For the girls it’s lots of snuggles, maybe some extra book reading, or a short movie together. For the hubby it’s putting together a comforting meal, and making sure he can get a little peace and quiet. For my far away friends and family, sending a little something in the mail. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Dropping off homemade chicken soup. It always cheers me up a bit and of course a sweet homemade card with a tea bag in it to go with!!!

  19. cute stamps, cute card.
    when friends, family are sick – try to make them smile, a card, some handmade, some soup, etc. thanks for the chance!

  20. What a cute card –and what a good eye you have! Mind if I put you in my “Faves” list and visit regularly?? Thanks for a chance to win such a sweet set.

    • And home-made chicken noodle soup is my applied therapy of choice. 🙂 Imagine if it were to be accompanied by a sweet home-made card!?!?

  21. Cute image – beautiful card!
    When someone in my family is sick, I try to make some homemade chicken soup. Or, if they are feeling a little stressed/down, I bake some yummy chocolate chip cookies (the Toll House recipe is so delicious.) That always puts a big smile on my daughter’s face. 🙂

  22. Paper Smooches stamp sets are soooo cute aren’t they? I am sure this set is no exception. To cheer someone up you asked? Well a dear friend had some pregnancy issues. She ended up have her baby early and only weighing in at 1lb 14 oz and in the NICU. This weekend, I am baking dinner for her and her family, and watching her other three children for a few hours in order for her and her husband to go visit the baby. I only wish I could do more for them. They have a long road ahead of them. Your card is really adorable and these kind of cards really let them know that someone is thinking of them. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  23. Such a cute card!
    I say anything home made is a winner to make people feel good. I either send a hand made card or bring home made cookies or soup!

  24. I make them a handmade get well card.

  25. barbara lassiter

    I make a card for them or depending on the circumstances, cook a meal or bake something yummy for them!

  26. Super cute card. I love the new stamps. Those Chubby Chum Pals are sooo cute. I make super cute cards for friends and family who are under the weather. And just for fun. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  27. LOVE this! Super cute!

  28. This card would make me feel better, for sure! I love to send cards when someone is ill or in the hospital. Plus Chicken Soup…it feels everything!! 🙂

  29. I love this little bear (?) smooch stamp,

  30. Such a sweet card. I usually send a homemade card to cheer people up.

  31. What a daring card. So fun to sent cut get well cards.

  32. This card is so adorable and would make the perfect little tag to go on a care package of tea and tissues for my sick friends. As cold season approaches, I think I could find a lot of uses for this set. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. That is so cute I love the little nurse, I would love to use the stamp set when my grandma gets home from her chemo treatments 😉

  34. AWWW…cute! Could be used for any age….great card!!

  35. Sandra Verrengia

    Such a sweet card. Most of my friends are mommies, so I usually have their kids over for a play date so that my friends can get some good, quite rest:)

  36. Such an adorable card! When I want to cheer up someone, I typically send them a hand-made card with a personal note…usually with a funny or cute twist to it.

  37. What a cutie! This card is certain to make the recipient feel better!

  38. very sweet!
    Sandra ltb

  39. Such a cute stamp. Love the card. When someone I love is sick I try really hard to be there for them in any way …sometimes that just means cuddles and snuggling on the couch or a warm yummy soup. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. I love to send cards when someone isn’t feeling well, or drop by with a small pick-me-up gift or meal if they live close by! Your card is just adorable!!

  41. Love this card! I like to send a little note when folks aren’t feeling their best, but sometimes it’s hard to create a light-hearted card with the stamps I have. These would be perfect for sending a happy get well. Thanks for a chance to win.

  42. Get well cards are always a nice way to cheer someone up who is under the weather and this stamp set is so cheery and whimsical it would make anyone smile. Along with a card made with love, a crock pot of yummy chicken tortilla soup is my favorite way to show someone I care.

  43. What an adorable card! I like to make people a special “food” item when they are under the weather–from fresh made cookies, hot tea or chicken soup. I also like to provide hot packs (if appropriate) or even a handmade card of encouragement if it’s a long term issue.

  44. What a cute card! Kim’s stamps are my favorites!

    My husband is chronically ill and has been for 10+ years, so I’m constantly around someone who doesn’t feel well. (I can’t imagine feeling sick for that long!) Anyway, I try to be upbeat and positive for him as much as I can. I ask him positive questions like “What was your favorite part of _____?” to get him to think positively too.

  45. Julie in Edmonds

    This would definitely cheer somebody up! So cute.

  46. I will try to turn the bad feeling or incident to something good. For instance, perhaps a downgrade of job title means you have less stress and concern where you can use that extra time to focus on personal interest.

  47. I give them a call or send a card. Either way I know it brightens their day.

  48. So sweet–love the colors!

  49. and nothing beats a hug and I’m sorry you’re sick when the kids are ill.

  50. Beautiful card. Give a hug and warm kisses is the good thing to do.

  51. What a cute card – love the stitching. A phone call to check on them and ask if they need anything. Also a visit if they’re up to it.

  52. Oh, wauw, cool card! Love that nurses cap on this cute one here! Perfect idea!!! What I do to send some love and cheer people up? I send a card! 😀
    That usually makes people smile and smiling is THE best way to feel better soon!
    Hugs, Wendy

  53. Giving a homemade card that was designed just for them to show how special they are is a great pick me up….plus some sweet goodies.

  54. Aww, such a cute card. I try to give a little extra time, attention and tenderness.

  55. This little cutie would definitely make me feel better!

  56. So cute! I think it’s the little things that count, so I try to do something small that I know they’ll appreciate.. Like a card~

  57. Oh dear, I can’t wait for that one. I’m so in love with Paper Smooches, I just can’t get enough of them. They have so many possibilities! Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. I would love to have that little nurse bear take care of me! Such a cute card!

  59. Well, isn’t this just a cute card!

    I just try to get my family what they need like drinks, toast, and chicken noodle soup when they aren’t feeling so great. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Hi Lori, this is a very cute card. I realized when looking at it that I don’t use purple very often. I guess I should pull some out and have a go of it. You always provide me with such inspiration.
    As far as cheering up sickies, I cook. Baked goods, scrambled eggs, whatever they want. If the problem is stomach related, I will do chores that the person is unable to do at that time. Have a lovely weekend.

  61. Handmade get well card is what works best for me.

  62. Marilyn C. Lojek

    Chocolate – what else?

  63. What a cute get well card! Just love the new set! I always give lots of hugs and cuddles because its usually my kiddos!

  64. I usually bring food(dinner) and help out with some chore that needs doing( dishes, landry vacuuming etc.) Love that nurse hat. I’m afraid I can remember when they used to wear them! I guess that is an era that’s gone by! Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. I LOVE love love that bear…I usually make someone a card if they aren’t 100%. Sadly I have to make way too many of those…

  66. Since I live 1000 miles from most of my family my favorite way to keep in touch and cheer them up is to make and send them cards….of course!

  67. Lori, this is adorable! What could possibly be cuter than a chubby bear nurse?

  68. What a cheerful card! It would certainly cheer me up to win this great set! When my guys are feeling under the weather . . . we dig out the Hercules cup that came in a Happy Meal YEARS ago . . . beverages from this cup always seems to get them back on their way to good health 🙂

  69. These stamps are so adorable, perfect for a get well card!
    Usually if someone is down, I will make them they’re favorite sweet treat. I love baking and how sugar always puts a smile on someones face!

  70. This is so cute! I love how happy this little guy is! Thanks so very much!

  71. Need to make more get well cards. These would be very helpful

  72. I love to raise spirits by making some special treat for those under the weather. Of course , for me , scraping supplies would do the trick 🙂

  73. Great card! This would sure make me feel better! Thanks for a chance at a give away!

  74. Very nice card. I need to go shopping for more stamps. TFS

  75. Darling card! I would love to win this giveaway.

  76. These are the sweetest get well stamps. I am lovin’ the band aids. Thanks for the chance to win. I would love this set.

  77. AWK!!! This little nurse bear is so cute I would almost get sick just to get a Get Well card with this image on it!!! SPeaking of which, my favorite thing to do to cheer sick people up is to make a handmade card and maybe little gift for them. People always feel better when they know others are thinking of them!

  78. I love your work. This is my first time visiting. I give a friend a hug if they need cheering up and sometimes a card. 🙂

  79. homemade cookies seem to be the cure to almost anything in our house.

    — dalis

  80. Very cute and looks like lots of fun to work with.. Love the ideas.

  81. What an adorable card – who would feel better after receiving your card. I am going to look up more of these stamps – absolutely love the font style. Thank you for sharing this cute card with us.

  82. Love your card! Super cute! When someone is not feeling well I usuually do different things depending upon the person…send a card, give hugs, make food, whatever I think will help.Like this card would surely help!

  83. super cute card! I love to stop by with treats or mail them a card to let them know I am thinking of them.

  84. Love these stamps and would love to have a set so I could make cards for my daughter to give to others as she is a Physician Assistant!

  85. I usually give them a call… If I have premade get well cards I send them… But it’s rare… Lol. I think I’m going to use all this inspiration to make some!

  86. I love this set – it’s a sad thing that we need something like this, but when it’s so cute you wouldn’t feel too down using it! When my friend had to have her dog put down, I went over with some chocolate truffles which helped cheer her up a little.

  87. Super cute card..this made me burst out giggling! This card would be a winner of a get well care for certain. When friends or family are not feeling well, I find that a call to let them know I’m thinking of then, and offering to help out with a meal or even a cup of tea goes a long way!
    Thanks for the chance to win this darling stamp set!

  88. Your card is too cute–the bear is adorable. I like to make cards for people who are ill so that they know that I am thinking of them and that I care.

  89. This is an awesomse set Lori. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  90. Ack – so adorable! You can make anything into a nurse with that cute little hat!

  91. Chris R. from Iowa

    A handmade card or a home baked goodie is always a picker upper. Or, a good ol’ hug is appropriate. This would be such a great card for someone chronically ill even just to say you are thinking of them. I could see a group project from a church or scout group making this card and putting one on people’s food trays at a hospital, nursing home, hospice, etc. I think I will just have to try that – we have been considering a card ministry and this may be our first project! Can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks for the inspiration to get our group going!

  92. Homemade soup, a quilt to cuddle under and a good movie on DVD are the things I use to cheer up loved ones when they’re under the weather. I love your cute card, Lori – thanks so much for the chance to win one of these awesome stamp sets.

  93. Love to cheer people up with a handmade card personally delivered!

  94. Cute card! I always try to cheer up someone not feeling well by baking them cookies! Everyone loves cookies 🙂

  95. One of my favourite things to do is to collect little verses on the web,and then to send it to someone who seems to be down,I did this recently to one of the ladies I get email updates from.
    Beautiful Pictures
    are developed from negatives in a dark room.
    So if you see darkness in your life,be reassured
    that a beautiful picture is being prepared.
    I can’t remember where I found this,It gives time for deep thought.

  96. Thanks for the chance to win. My way of cheering up one of my friends is to make them a sweet card and a basket of their favorite treats.

  97. Your card is precious! When my friends are not up to par, I usually go to Panera’s and bring them a hot beverage and a yummy bagel. I also try to get cards made to take with it.

  98. I’m always looking for new ideas. the stamp set you’re talking about must be awesome, since your feel better card exudes the AWWWW-DORABLE factor! Thanks for sharing and offering a chance to win these stamps!

  99. oh how adorable! I am thinking this is a must have set too! Jen and Paper Smootches sent me over.. .I am a NP, so I give many a card to folks under the weather…no matter what kind of weather :(… if it is someone in my family however, I usually just take their kids til they are feeling better…if the kids are sick…Im the nite owl so that’s my shift…and with kids…u do what they want to do lol!

  100. that chubby bear sure cheered me up and I’m not sick….
    Love it….

  101. Thanks so much for the chance to win! When my kids are sick, I always make them hot tea. And my son always wants “magic soup”, which is just Lipton extra noodle soup. He just turned 16 and he still calls it “magic soup”!

  102. I like to bake/feed people when they are not feeling well. I love your little nursing bear, and the machine stitching on your card. Maybe it was a childhood spent making paper dolls and their clothes, but dressing up/mixing stamp images like that is so much fun!

  103. Hugs or phone calls if they don’t live close!

  104. Maureen Chandler

    Very cute cards and stamps! I always send a handmade card when someone is ill and will make soup or treats, etc. Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. What a sweet card! Thanks for the chance to play : )

  106. I tend to either make them something special like their favorite cookies or snack and something goofy like a funny cartoon or card.

  107. Such a sweet card! I think cards are a great way to cheer up friends who are “under the weather”!

  108. so cute! I usually try to make people laugh a little…try to forget about feeling yucky that way. I suppose sending a card would be good…but I’m horrible about doing that!

  109. How cute is “nurse Teddy” so cute thats how much!!!!! I love to make up a little first aid box with cup a soup tissues a card and some dvds to watch!

  110. Always looking for get well ideas. Very cute. Would love to win

  111. I send a card to folks who aren’t feeling OK.

  112. That little bear is just adorable – Great design too.

  113. OMG love the little nurse hat! Cute card!!

  114. Love the color combo and those layered scallops!

  115. I LOVE the card!! THANKS for sharing!! =)
    I like to make soup, and a card or do any little things that I can do, that they aren’t able to do!! Anything to help out!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  116. This new set is adorable! Love the happy font for a get well card. Sending a handmade get well card is like sending a bit of yourself and a whole lot of love. Love your card; it would bring a smile to anyone’s face!

  117. This new set is cute, as usual =)

    Usually when someone is not in good mood, I usually bring him/her for desserts, which can always cheer ppl up!

  118. Your card is adorable. This Kismet set has me intrigued.

    I’ve spent the last 17 years never knowing when DH will need to go to the hospital. I knew we had been spending too much time in the ER this past year when the doctor followed us out saying we had left before he could say good bye! 🙂 DH prefers his illness not be mentioned. For others, I pray and try to send a card. I pray for DH, too.

  119. 2 of my favorite things to take to sick & shut ins- Creamy Chicken Noodle soup or Creamy Broccoli Soup. Comfort food -that’s what I love when I sick too! Thanks for the chance to win! Cause I have to take a homemade card along so they know how much I care.

  120. I become the resident ‘go-fer’ when a loved one is sick. I run errands, grab blankets, get drinks, give up control of the remote, etc. 🙂 I also try to cheer them up by making them laugh.

  121. I’ve been told that I’m a good listener so I always offer to lend a listening ear, because sometimes all people want is for someone to hear them out. This is a lovely set to have to make cards for people who aren’t well, thanks for the chance to win a set!

  122. Homemade chicken noodle soup, a handmade card and help with the laundry if needed!! Would love to win this set! Thanks for the chance.

  123. Sending a card is definitely my no. 1 thing to cheer people up, but sometimes I visit with a bunch of flowers too! thanks for a chance to win this cute set!

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  124. Love your use of colors and dies in this cards. Lovely!

  125. Thanks for the chance to win!!! this looks like a lovely set!


  126. Lots of pampering and TLC for those under the weather! Love the card- so cute!

  127. Wonderful stamps. The card is beautyful.



  128. My daughter just reminded me that this is what I say after my teenagers don’t follow my suggestions to make themselves feel better “If you’re not going to try to feel better, then you must not actually feel that bad!” That doesn’t make me sound very caring, does it? If I won the stamp set, I bet I could seem more understanding!

  129. Adorable card! I would say I usually make them something to eat, bread, cookies, maybe even dinner. I might help them clean, I just like to do something. 🙂

  130. What a super cute card! love your color combo and the lace.
    I give them ICE CREAM!

  131. Such a sweet card!! This set looks great – I love it. For my dear friends who are not feeling 100%, I guess a phone call or a card and a pot plant or flowers would cheer them up always. Thanks for the chance. 😉

  132. Your card is so cute!! And to cheer up sick friends I do several things… make a handmade card, fix them food of their liking and give them time which could be just spending time with them or offering to give time to help them or do something for them like run an errand or whatever they need.

  133. I send them a card to surprise them in the mail & let them know I am thinking of them, and sometimes add in bookmarks or warm socks – whatever is appropriate. Luv your wonderful card, you are very creative.

  134. What an adorable card! I can see I Need this set! Right now I could probably make 3 or 4 cards for people going through things right now! To cheer people up I would make a card, bring flowers (usually a little rose plant), bring a meal, sit with them, or just give them a call, I have also run errands for them, as well as brought them yo doctor vidits and waited gor them… The older we get the more chances we will have to be there for others…we are not in this game called life to go it alone!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Plus sharing your creativity!

  135. That is such a cute card! Love the nurses-hat on the bear =) TFS!

  136. How could you NOT feel better when someone gives you this card? It’s adorable.

  137. This card would definitely make someone feel better! Love it!

  138. Adorable card…I’d love to win this stamp set! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  139. I’m not lucky enough to own any of the Paper Smooches stamps yet, and it would be so much fun to win one. I love the card you made, Lori…it is sooo cute!

  140. Hi Lori, love your cute card. Fun to see you using Paper Smooches stamps, i am used to seeing your copics talent on your blog. to help other feel better, i will plump the pillows and sing or massage their head (kids). For others i will make some home made chicken soup or mail a card with tea and dry soup packets tucked in.

  141. great card and one thing my loved ones “enjoy” when they are under the weather is a gentle neck or foot massage.

  142. Adorable stamps. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  143. very cute! I need to broaden my stamp collection – I have a lot of florishes, and scrolls.

    when people are not 100% I try to ask them what they need – some people just want to be left along and others will take you up on offers to help

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  145. Ivette Echanique

    That card is sooo cute!. My kids are my special people, so whe they are sick they get to stay in their sooms, can have their meals in bed, with their special trays, get to relax a lot and get a lot of TLC.

  146. i pamper them by waiting on them. I cater to their every wish and then some, thats when they are too sick to want anything, I know just what they need without being asked. Great stamp set. Thanks.

  147. nice cards and fun set of stamps! nothing like a cool cloth on a hot forehead and a comfy robe!

  148. oh Lori, this is beyond adorable!!!

  149. What a cute card! When my friends are under the weather, I try to send them a nice, homemade card to let them know they’re thought of, and I always make the offer of helping them do anything. Thanks for the chance to win!


  150. I aim for a hug and maybe some chocolate – cause chocolate makes anything better!

  151. such a cute card! lots of hugs and kisses always make every thing better.

  152. Oh Gosh- depends on what they’ve got;) If its contageous, I stay away til they are better and then a nice coffee date is in order;) I like to take a meal over if I can- I know as a busy mom, that is much appreciated! and cards are nice too!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    p.s. as an RN, I love the little bear with the nurses cap!! Super cute card:)

  153. I think a get well card needs to be fun and bring a smile – like yours! And I don’t have any get well stamps…Need these! Thanks for the adorable card
    and chance to win!

  154. Cute, cute card and stamp set – thanks for sharing !

  155. I love bringing over some fresh muffins and a card. Thanks for the chance to win these stamps.

  156. Love these Paper Smooches! Pray for them and make them Chicken and Dumplings! Sometimes a card, too 🙂

  157. Sweet stamp designs! Love the card!
    I’ve made chicken soup, especially for my daughter. When she moved away, I took the makings of the soup to her apartment and put some on to simmer. Stopped by the grocery store and got some good French bread to go along with it.

  158. I love this adorable image, it’s so adorable! I love just bringing round a smile or two, plus of course some yummy brownies always go do go down well! x

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