I threw the box away!

In December, 2009, we had a co-worker of my husband and his wife over for dinner. In a 10-minute discussion with the wife over dessert, she convinced me that I *needed* a Cricut. The Cricuted this! and Cricuted that! I ordered one the next day. It has sat on a shelf in my office, in the box, ever since. Correction: in February, 2010, I removed it from said box cut out two little elements that I slapped on little mailboxes for my girls’ Valentines. Cricut went back into the box. It just felt like I needed a class to operate it, kind of like my camera. That’s another story.

This week, our Product Focus review team at Splitcoaststampers reviewed a great product called Cricut for Beginners DVD. I’m not a part of the official review team, but I did preview the product, and WOW! Cricut made easy. I quickly cut a stack of these ‘thank you’ images for some long overdue thank you notes that I need to send, and finished 6 cards with pre-printed a•muse notecards and polka dot ribbon in nothing flat. LOVED the DVD.

You can read the full SCS Product Focus review here. Great feedback from some ladies you respect and some pretty projects to gaze at.

Oh, our trash runs on Wednesday. This morning, I threw the Cricut box away!

4 responses to “I threw the box away!

  1. Very pretty cards. I had to laugh because my Cricut is the original model that I purchased as soon as they were available. I also have 12-15 cartridges for it. I can count on one hand how many times I have used it. As a card maker, it seems like more trouble than it is worth. Your cards are making me rethink my position. I may have to check out that DVD. Thanks for the inspiration and tip.

  2. Okay, I’ll get the DVD. I’ve used my Cricut probably 4-5 times, have several cartridges for it, and it sits on the floor of my craft room. I do dust it occassionally, if that counts! I’ll get the DVD. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Joan VanCourt

    Lori, your card is pretty. Thanks for the inspiration. I use my Cricut more now to make flourishes, leaves, etc to go on all my cards and scrapbook pages. With all the Stickles, glitters, distressing inks, etc, you can add any kind of embellishment to all the things you cut from your cricut. Have fun.

    But, I am really of in need for some Thank you cards, so I am off to make a few like you have here. Thanks, again.

  4. I am excited to see all that you have been up to!~ I get the crazy June thing 😛

    Glad your Circut is out of the box.

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