Pocket Full of Posies: Copic Tutorial


HIP HOP! I had a chance to get crafty with my Unity Stamps earlier this week!

Angela posted a sweet story on her blog today about our ‘meeting’ almost 3 years ago. It’s funny that my mind never goes back to that particular story. My mind goes back to meeting Angela and Chris at a Cupcake Reception the Splitcoast Team had hosted at the Winter 2008 CHA show. Unity was launching at that show, and I remember being WOW’d by how warm they were, the vision for Unity – in the earliest days and of course, their love of laughter. Good, good times.


When Maren asked me to create a project for this week, she said, ‘just do something you do’. LOL! Well, as of lately, that would be all about Copic. This card features texture with Copic Blender solution, and after several failed video attempts, a second video camera and 17 colored pockets later, I created a tutorial for the fabulous HIP HOP crew. It’s featured onย  the Unity blog today. How cool is that?

Here’s a picture of Angela and I at CHA a few weeks ago:


I love this girl!!

and, here’s my video:

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you find a chance to put some HIP HOP in your day. It’ll make you smile. I promise. Just say it to yourself right now, ‘HIP HOP!’ See, you are smiling! I know it! Thanks to the Unity team for making me smile a LOT these last few years!

See you tomorrow!

10 responses to “Pocket Full of Posies: Copic Tutorial

  1. Two beautiful ladies – inside *and* out. I remember, too. Seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it? Good stuff! <3 you both!

    Great video, my sweet friend!

  2. Fab toot, Lori! I love watching the colorers color!

  3. What a darling little pocket you’ve created, Lori!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!! I love that pic of you and Angela!! SWEET!!

  4. Well you didn’t tell me THAT’S what you were making the video for! It came out great — very cute card, too, you hippity hoppity girl!

  5. Love the card. That pocket is great. Thanks for taking the time to do the tutorial. I was surprised to hear your children are already back to school. Our schools don’t start back until after Labor Day.

  6. So fun! I have my little fabric scraps riding around with my markers these days. I need to find a denim one, hmmmmm…who is going to donate their jeans to art?

  7. Great tutorial Lori. I am so going to steal this idea for one of my classes!! With your permission,of course.

  8. Lori, your video tutorial is AWESOME! Love your card and the darling photo with Angela.
    Hugs and smiles

  9. Love your card Lori and it was so good to hear your sweet voice again on the video and see your smiling face in the photo!!! What a wonderful tutorial – you know I love your work!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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