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Craig House activities last week were 2 girls at summer camp, hubby in Pennsylvania for meetings and myself at CHA in Chicago. I think I definitely got the best end of that schedule. 🙂 Of course, I’m still paying for it with laundry piles that won’t go away. If I am diligent for the rest of the day, I might see the floor by midnight.

New Copic Products

This little treat box and tag was a project of mine that the fabulous Miss Kim featured back in June. I had given a sneak peak of it here on the blog back then, but wanted to give you the full view. It’s one of the first things that I made with the new Xpress-It Blending Card. The new cardstock was released in North America last week at CHA. Little Loveasaurus (currently out of stock) is colored with Copic Markers and then dabbed with a rag dipped in Blender Solution. The little box of Aussie candies was put together using a thick acetate and the Xpress-It High Tack double sided adhesive. It’s been sitting here for over a month now (because I forgot to take it to my nephew and it was too hot outside to mail chocolate candies 🙁 ) and so far, it’s holding up just fine. 🙂

Marianne and I had the opportunity to try the new Blending Card when we were in Australia in May. I was ecstatic when she confirmed that we’d carry it here in the US. It is heavenly paper for Copic blending. If you’ve liked using Neenah (which I have, very much), you’ll love this paper. It’s super smooth, bright white and holds color without the slight bleeding that you can get with Neenah. Sherrie did a great tutorial this morning. You can see it here.


Another goodie that came home from CHA and that will be available through your favorite Copic retailers…a wallet sized color chart.  You can read Marianne’s write up, but I love having something that’s easy to carry around. Only thing is when I filled it out this morning, I realized I’m missing a few colors. Oh the horror! I’ll have to fix that right away. <wink>

Advanced Certification

Also in Copic news is Certification Class information. Copic will be offering an Advanced Certification option beginning in October.  I encourage to read Marianne’s announcement  and stay tuned. More info will be coming very soon. 🙂 I’m excited about this class because we’re going to be able to build off of the current certification class and go beyond product knowledge to artistic expression. Oh yeah!

Upcoming Certification Classes:

(Updated August 3, 2010)

Aug 7th – Lincoln, NE by Lori Craig – Open to the public
Aug 21st – Green Bay, WI by Debbie Olson – Open to the public
Aug 23rd – Atlanta, GA by Colleen Schaan – Open to stores & designers
Aug 29th – Albuquerque, NM by Jennie Black – Open to stores & designers
Sept 3rd – Branson MO, by Lori Craig – Open to stores & designers
Sept 6th – Pittsburg, PA by Colleen Schaan – Open to stores & designers
Sept 11 – Oakland, CA by Jennie Black – Open to stores & designers
Sept 15th – Covington, LA by Jenn Balcer – Open to stores & designers
Sept 16th – Minneapolis, MN Debbie Olson & Lori Craig – Open to stores & designers
Sep 25th – Salt Lake City, UT Jennie Black – Open to stores & designers
Sep 26th – Calgary, AB Sherrie Siemens – Open to stores & designers
Oct 2nd – Buena Park, CA Jennie Black – Open to stores & designers

If you would like the details and application forms for these events click on THIS LINK.

Applications have NOT gone out yet for the following locations. Applications go out 60 days from the date of the class. Please do not send us an email about locations that are not open yet:


Oct 8th – Jacksonville, FL by Colleen Schaan – Opens next week
Nov 8th – Richmond, VA by Colleen Schaan –
Nov 14th – Halifax, NS  by Sherrie Siemens –
Nov 20th – El Paso, TX by Jenn Balcer –

I think that’s it for today! I’ll be back in the morning with a card…maybe some of my favorite photos from CHA. Have a great night!

5 responses to “Copic Catch Up!

  1. I have been reading about this paper and think I will need to get me some! : ) It was so nice to meet you in person! : )

  2. WOW – look at all this info!!! Firstly – I just adore that cute dino image (note to self: raid Edna’s stamp stash and borrow that one!). Secondly – how FAB is that new colour chart!!!! LOVE IT!!! And Thirdly – exciting news about advanced Certification – I’ll be waiting to hear ALL about it!!! 😉 {hugs}

  3. Thanks for the mention Lori! I am over here this morning looking for a sketch card girlie…..are you too busy running? If so, I forgive you….chuckle. Missin’ you TONS…looking forward to October! Totally sweet dino too….and I am in TOTAL LOVE with this new paper! You were not kidding….

  4. K, he’s just adorable! Awesome technique coloring Lori. Sounds like a very busy family!

    And that color chart looks awesome 🙂 Only it will just make me see what I’m missing! LOL

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