WSC83: Happy Home


Happy Weekend! I’ve got an easy sketch for you today. It’s gonna be a pretty, pretty weekend, and I wanted this to be quick and easy for you. <wink> You can scroll down one post for the official sketch. 🙂

I used today’s sketch with the May Unity Kit-of-the-Month. I had fun coloring the other night while I watched George Strait’s Artist of the Decade Tribute. Did anyone else get a chance to watch? I have always loved George Straight. I used to be way into the country music thing, so it was fun to flash back to my 20s and think about all the rodeo and dance hall concerts back in the day.

I thought all of the performers did a great job. They each picked a favored George Strait song and sang.  My favorite artist presentation was probably Taylor Swift, suprisingly, but she sang ‘Run’ — and I love that song. Of course, Garth Brooks summed it up perfectly at the end of the night when he said, ‘no one sings George Strait, like George Strait’. George closed the show with Troubador.

YouTube Preview Image

Just double-click. And, you are welcome. 🙂


Copic Markers YR16, R11, R43 , E79 and a crocheted chocolate blossom make quick work of this one. Patterned paper is from Stampin’ Up!

Hubby is off today, and we’re shopping for bathroom fixtures as we get ready for a bathroom remodel. I’m super excited about the remodel, but wonder if we’ll still be on speaking terms when it’s all said and done.  Thanks for stopping by! Have a super weekend!

17 responses to “WSC83: Happy Home

  1. a happy home is where george is crooning in the background. Oh, I needed that pick me up. Maybe I should drive out to the Dominion and take that hot cowboy out to lunch? Too stalker-y you say? SHUCKS!

    Card is ADORABLE – love the colors and the sweet crocheted flower!

  2. PS, does he not get better lookin’ as he gets older?

  3. AWESOME Lori! LOVE the card! Love the sketch! Have a great weekend my friend!

  4. Dang! I missed that George Straight show!

    Love the card and the layout!

  5. THis is absolutely adorable Lori! Love the brown, orange and pink combo! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love your card, Lori!! Great sketch too!!

    I took my Mom to see George a few years back, and she was swooning the whole time. (Cute)

    Best of luck with the bathroom remod…and happy weekend!! (See you in the Prod. Rev. Forum..uh ummm).

  7. This is fabulous, Lori! Love the happy colors!

  8. Great card and sketch!! I adore George Strait and enjoyed the show very much. I don’t there is a song of his that I don’t like.

  9. Oooh, love this Lori! Fabulous colors and stamp combinations!!!

  10. I love this Lori! A great sense of dimension and I love the colors! + that great flower!

  11. That’s a great stamp, Lori — love it! You are taunting me with those pretty crocheted flowers … and now chocolate? 😀 Thanks for the easy & fun sketch!

  12. This is adorable!! I love the paper, the stamp, and that fab flower! Great work!

  13. Very cute! Love the image and coloring!
    Great work! TFS :*)

  14. Forgot to say that I loved Taylor’s song, too — perfect for her, I thought. Tell Jami I have it DVR’d, so she can watch it when she comes to visit next time (unfortunately, not on the big screen)! 😉

  15. Such a lot of Love packed into that card. Love the way you combined the two stamps to make one image. Colors are smashing too!

  16. Very cute and so sweet card. Love the colors. As far as the remodel is concerned, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Just remember that men are all about how much work the job will require and women are all about pretties and I know it sounds impossible honey but you can do it.

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