Just For Fun: Neighborhood of Simplicity


It’s Just For Fun today! A little challenge with my gal pals, Alli, Carole, Julie, Michele and our special guest this month, Sharon. We’re giving a little love to Unity today. I had fun selecting this stamp is called Neighborhood of Simplicity, from the Pixie Lane stamp set. Love this little row of cottages. You know there’s one in every neighborhood, right? The one who bucks the system and ignores the home owner’s association guidelines? They paint their house some wild, wild color while everyone else follows the rule with beige, beige or beige.  Michele picked the paper, Eye Candy from Bloom and Grow Collection, My Mind’s Eye. Loved how these worked together.

I’m hanging with Sharon and Jenn today. Good stampin’ friends…who don’t mind that my house stands out. Love my Splitcoast girlfriends.

13 responses to “Just For Fun: Neighborhood of Simplicity

  1. Oh we have someone in our neighborhood who has three shades of pink (and who paints it EVERY year)–it is an eyesore compared to the earthy looking homes *lol* Great use of the images tho, I like how you repeated them. Also great image choice.

  2. Super cute, Lori! I just love that your house is pink! 😉 (I really like the two house extending past the edges too!)

  3. GMTA — I colored the same house pink! I was thinking of John Cougar Mellencamp’s ‘Little Pink Houses’ when I did that… I love that you enlarged the neighborhood! Say “Whass up???!!!” to Jenn & Sharon for me!!!

  4. He he he! I LOVE your extended row of houses! And… I love the ‘rebel’ house!!! So clever! 🙂

  5. SO cute, friend! Love the cottages. Gonna have to check out Unity stamps. 🙂

  6. Really, really cute!!! I love that you added the extra houses! 🙂

  7. Christina Franco

    boy oh boy is this cute! I love the extra houses to the side…such a great card.

  8. this is super cute, lori!! i love that paper (have it!)! have fun down here in texas!! wave at me when you pass fort worth!!! sus

  9. Love how you extended your houses – great way to think “outside the box”!!! Awesome card – thanks for sharing!

  10. So adorable! I’d live in your pink house!

    Hope you gals are having an awesome time together! Try not to miss me too much and I’ll try not to pout! LOL!

  11. I didn’t notice you totally re-colored (again!). This turned out wonderful — love that stand-alone pink house and add-ons you built! Great layout, too! Thanks for inviting me to play along this month!

  12. I love that image, and your coloring totally ROCKS, Lori!! Super card!!

    Sounds like such fun for all of you to hang out together!!

  13. Add me in as another who immeditaely thought of John Cougar when I saw that lovely pink house! remember when they gave one away on MTV allllllll those years ago? okay, I probably just reallllllly dated myself here, but we thought it was rad cool back in the college days. with my love for all things pink, (pink cell phone, pink Starbucks hat & Starbucks thermos), I would live in a pink house if my 4 men would let me. nah – don’t see that happenin’, but I’d move onto that street in a heartbeat. so precious!!!! 🙂

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