Sassy Glass Work


I have been wanting to try soldering for a long time and got this kit a month or so ago. I love the collage type stained glass charms that the really artsy people make. So, I packed up all the stuff, headed off to Wes’ work bench in the basement, and this is the result of my first try…well actually, my third try. I discovered that to work down there in the man-cave, I need 3 more hands and an OTT light. I sure hope that lead solder will flake off of his big ole manly man work vise.

This image is, perhaps, my favorite Thomas Kinkaid stamp in the CHF collection, The Forest Chapel. Here I have stamped it in Brilliance Pearlescent Beige and then accented with swirls from the Beautiful stamp set in Pearlescent Chocolate. The ‘divine’ and ‘design’ are BOTH from the Sassy Petites stamp set (released today along with Christmas Expressions). Isn’t that cool? DIVINE DESIGN!! I’m going to try to make a few of these charms, and hopefully improve my solder skills along the way.

I’ll see you tomorrow! Have a great, fabulous day!

8 responses to “Sassy Glass Work

  1. Lori,

    Love the solder. I think that would be fun to try. I especially enjoyed your Divine Design. I, too, was neededing to hear the message again–hope, love, joy! Have a great day!

  2. Lovely pendant! Looks like you’ve picked up soldering pretty quickly. I have thought about trying it but have not made the plunge yet. Yours looks beautiful.

  3. Lori Lori Lori. Do NOT tempt me with one more tool!
    Ok. I’m over it. Tempt away! I love your beautiful creation and want to see MORE!

  4. This is beautiful Lori!!!

  5. This is awe inspiring. I love the subtlety (sp?) of how you used the paler color to stamp the image. I have absolutely refused to start learning how to solder. I don’t need something else to become addicted to, my stamps definitely are enough. Plus I am clutzy enough with knives and other sharp instruments. I can’t see myself using molten lead without losing a few layers of skin or an appendage.

  6. Oh I love it! Nice job! That is something I want to try doing too and you may have just given me the inspiration that I needed! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This turned out beautifully, Lori!! Great job with your soldering, and I love the image you’ve used!!

  8. Oh Lori this is so pretty – what a great job you did! And how awesome that you havethe words divine design! Cool!

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