Well, I made it through alive…


I made it through my first cardio workout in a while… I’m still here. 🙂 Of course, I made that 12 week commitment, so I guess I’ll go to the gym again today.

My card this morning uses the same layout as my Elvis card from Monday, but the stamps and embellishments change the ‘feel’. I am always short on masculine cards, and honestly, they are harder for me. I’ll add this one to my stash.

The Thomas Kinkaid image (The Good Life) is monochromatic with Lettuce ink. I stamp and use these TK images monochromatic about 84.2% of the time. I *could* color them, but why? I’ll leave the coloring to Sherrie! 😉 Magic Mesh, Prima Flowers and a Copper Krylon Pen complete this quick card. Here’s a hint for the Krylon pen: I use a piece of paper to mask off the inside of the image layer (so just the 1/8″ – 1/4″ border shows). Then take your leafing pen and mark the edge in one swift swoop without stopping or lifting your pen. You will have a very smooth, polished edge to frame your image without the need to add another layer.

  • Cardstock: Cryogen White, Spring Willow Medium, Paypaya Puree Dark and Suede Dark Brown – all Prism

12 responses to “Well, I made it through alive…

  1. I love the copper metalics…I also like the mesh example I have some that was given to me and haven’t known what to do with it. Such a simple card yet beautiful
    HEY congrats on the whole cardio thing…….I know you can do it and your just “tidying up” that temple God gave you so you can keep ministering for many more years to come……I did mine last year and still goin strong…trust me you’ll live to tell about it
    “BREATHE” ON SIS IN THE LORD!!!!Breathe in the Spirit and the fresh air…….

  2. You are too funny! I just posted a color free Kinkade today!!!! Yours is so pretty, I would love to escape in that painting and go fishing too!

  3. Phyllis Strickland

    Love your card, and love that it does not need to be colored! I bought some used TK stamps from Asela, so this goes in my folder to CASE!! You are so talented -I enjoy your blog so much.

  4. Hi Lori,

    beautiful card and love the copper accent. Good for you getting through your workout. Keep with it because it doen’t get any easier as you get older…ask me how I know! Love your work.


  5. what a fantastic card.. Simplicity is beauty. And this is as beautiful as it gets. No coloring needed. thanks so much for sharing…MaryAnn

  6. This is sooo gorgeous!! I love your colors, beautiful layout, and pretty flower!!

    Good luck with your cardio!! I need to be doing that myself!

  7. Love these colors, Lori — that magic mesh is perfect here (I never know how to use that stuff). Love the flower and sentiment, too!

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  9. Oh, man! 12 weeks?! I really need to get my bum in gear. I’m so inconsistent…maybe if you keep us posted how you’re doing, I’ll be more likely to remember to do my workout…NAH! LOL
    Go, Lori, go!! You can do it!!

  10. What a beautiful card! Good for you on the workout front! I keep starting and stopping…and stopping…can I exercise vicariously through you??? 😉

  11. Jennifer Bradley

    WHat a wonderful card – I love it!

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