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In the last 6 months, I have started using much more unmounted, red rubber (or acrylic) stamps, with the switch came a functional storage issue. Finally last week, I found a way to store my unmounted stamps and sets that I think will work well for me. It’s from Store More Stamps. This is the Starter Set and half of one set of sleeves and inserts. Stamps cling to a sheet that slides in and out of the clear sleeves. There are currently 9 sleeves stored in this starter box, and it is full. The box dimensions are 9″ wide x 5″ tall x 3.5″ deep. 


These sheets are 8×8 square, and (to give you a size idea) this photo shows 2 full $14.99 sets from the Rummage Bin line on one 8×8 sheet. Some of the Rummage Bin sets are $24.99 and those fit on one 8×8 sheet leaving spare room for single, unmounted stamps. I slip the index sheets in the back for easy viewing of what is included on each sheet. Because all of my unmounted stamps are backed with foam-mount, I only put one sheet in each sleeve. If you were storing un-clinged red rubber or acrylic, you could put 2 sheets in each sleeve, back to back, doubling your storage space. Extra sheets are available for purchase.


This is a CD storage box that I store my smaller Kim Hughes sets and Backgrounders in. This box is about 11″ long and will hold about 25 sets and/or backgrounders. I wouldn’t put much more in there or the ability to flip through would be hindered. It’s a great size to sit on the shelf right about my work desk. Very handy to flip through and pull out what I need.


Last but certainly not least is my unmounted Lizzie Anne. I love that Lizzie Anne comes to me in a CD case with pretty labels and indexes. This stackable tote from Wal-Mart holds approximately 20 sets, right at my finger tips with little space taken way from my work desk.

 So that’s how I do it. Hope that this helps some of you with storage issues. It has been a real drain thinking about the best way to organize my stuff, but I feel much better now that it’s done. It should be a lot easier to sit down to my work desk and actually stamp something. 

I’ll see you in the morning!

4 responses to “Unmounted Storage Solutions

  1. I love the way the Lizzie Ann sets come! Thanks for sharing your storage solutions! Deb

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  3. I recently bought a home in Ontario, Canada and this post has really got me thinking about proper storage solutions and shelving to keep everything organized and easy to access. These are some great ideas, and they’re all surprisingly inexpensive!

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