Allow me….

I wanted to share with you an outstanding customer service experience that I had this week.

It’s no secret that I *LOVE* Curious Iridescent Cryogen White and Poison Ivory cardstocks. The white is an exact match for SU! Shimmery White, and I love that I can get them both at the same place. I phoned Cindy at on Monday to ask her about folded A1 notecards (3 5/8″ x 5″). I already had Cryogen White envelopes that size, and they are wonderful for notecard sets. The smaller canvas makes for quick, attractive sets, and they are large enough to meet USPS mailing regulations.  I seem to make a ton of these sets at Christmas.

Yesterday, not 2 full days later, I get an email from Cindy that they are cut, scored and in stock. WOO-HOO! So, check it out. You want A1 Envelopes and Notecards (2 seperate items) in Cryogen White. You can also select your shipping method for the best pricing and delivery timing. Placed my order at about 9:20 this morning and they shipped about an hour later. LOVE CINDY and DARRELL at!

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